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 You're amazing Just the Way you Are{Private}

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PostSubject: You're amazing Just the Way you Are{Private}   Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:09 pm

Drew Jana Lila daughter of Athena
I walk across all the cabins to get to the fields. I walk seeing kids training, talking, arguing, and kissing. I look straight and look at my hands. My palms were white, but you never even look. I walk into the fields and see the Satyrs and all the strawberries. I sit down listening to their music they are playing. I look around seeing a lot of them here. I wave as I hear them say "Hey Drew
Hey Drew
Hey Drew."

I smile an waved at all of them. I loved Satyrs, they were nice and beautiful. People sometimes make fun of them because of their legs, but they were amazing just the way they are. I lean on a tree by the fields and see a strawberry growing. I watch it as it becomes bigger. I smile. This is fantastic. I sometimes want to help plant strawberries, but that was up to the Satyrs. I look at the green grass, the red berries and some green ones that were barley growing.
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PostSubject: Re: You're amazing Just the Way you Are{Private}   Sun Apr 28, 2013 6:27 pm

Laying out near some strawberries, Amaranta sighed. It was a lazy day. She'd not been given the all clear to go hero hunting yet, so all she could do was laze about, taking care of the strawberries. Her bronze harp lay on her chest as she plucked at it lazily. The tune was cheerful. "Ohhh, little plants... grow big and strong." she sung lazily, bobbing her goat leg lazily, legs crossed. "And juicy~" she chimed.
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You're amazing Just the Way you Are{Private}
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