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 see that under my foot? thats you, you pathetic post button.

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PostSubject: see that under my foot? thats you, you pathetic post button.   Fri Apr 26, 2013 7:16 am

harlow there,

i'm just popping in to say that i'm going on a hiatus till after my exams or probably till my holidays in june. hopefully i'll be back by the end of may though. i might be able to come in for a few minutes a week to accept charries etc but i can't spend much time posting. and since my posts generally take more than half an hour or so..

and eurgh i'm sorry guys, Twin & Div, because the bloody post button decided not to enter my post for the labyrinth and i only found out about it like yesterday night. i can't possibly re-type it all now since my first written paper starts on monday. whelp.

and i sincerely apologise to those whom i owe a post to /shot
school's been a bloody effing bish adfasd;lfkjlsa;sfd T_T

anyway seeya all and chb in a month or so.
ily guys <3
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see that under my foot? thats you, you pathetic post button.
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