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 stop changing

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PostSubject: stop changing   Wed Apr 17, 2013 10:10 pm

seriously i sound like a baby in my head but i can't get over how fast people change. i remember caring so much about someone one day, and it seems like the simply blaze of a rumor, or what someone said can change a person and their outlook on everything. what. slow down people, seriously wait for me. i hate that. it might just be the circumstances of the person, and what ground i stand with them but i hate watching people change, and not doing anything.

now i'm going to direct this at someone, so don't think you reading this is the 'you'.

but, if i did something, i know you would look at me in that stupid look like i'm an alien from planet loser, which i am, but still. you aren't the person i knew. i wish i could just tell you how stupid it is not to be able to put my books away at my own locker, because she's sitting there. next to you, almost like she's guarding her territory. 'oh, i just get in your way of everything, don't i?' i could've killed her. it's everyday too, not just once or twice, every day. and you wait for her, every class, and you lean against her locker with that smile, and you don't see that i'm standing right there. maybe you do, or maybe you don't care. maybe you never did.

i remember the person that made stupid remarks in class, but quietly, almost like it was a secret reserved for those who could hear you, because it's that funny. now you yell out answers and swear, not caring about anything, just like her. what. maybe you don't see it, or maybe i'm overreacting about someone who can't even high five me in phy ed class. it's phy ed. seriously. did she convince you that i'm that terrible?

obsessive. crazy. cry baby. immature.

you believed her huh?
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stop changing
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