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 Red Light- A Tale of Philosophy (And the idiocy of humanity, but whatev)

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PostSubject: Red Light- A Tale of Philosophy (And the idiocy of humanity, but whatev)   Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:01 pm

The car speeds down the highway like a streak of black.

They could not conceive, could not comprehend the events which would transpire.

All thanks to the stain of human stupidity, born and reared throughout the ages.

All they felt was the wind on their faces, the joy of the summer and the freedom of being without social imprisonment.

They could have been whoever they wanted to be.

The girls in the back seat wanted to be a zoologist and a surgeon.

The boys wanted more masculine professions, Engineer and Golfer.

Woe is they, they who, at the moment in which they decided their own fate, unknowingly, unwillingly.

They sped past speed camera after speed camera.

Speed: 40.

Speed: 50.

Speed: 60, and then 70, 80 and 90.

They did not notice the sign above their heads, the sign which would heed a single warning.


The mistake which cost them their lives. Their joyful, oblivious lives.

They sped on.

Suddenly, the sun was blocked by an incoming accummulation of storm clouds.

This disturbance ripped the pack from their joyful ignorance for just long enough to notice their speed increasing, but the traffic stopping.

He pressed the break.

No reaction.

He pressed it harder.

No reaction.

He pulled the handbrake.

His attempts were futile.

They sped so fast, when they hit the incoming car they were almost obliterated.

If only they they had paid attention.

If only they had noticed.

If only the had noticed...

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Red Light- A Tale of Philosophy (And the idiocy of humanity, but whatev)
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