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 Kerfuffle's characters

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PostSubject: Kerfuffle's characters   Mon Apr 08, 2013 2:23 pm

“I want to continue being crazy; living my life the way I dream it, and not the way the other people want it to be.”

Name: Socks Adam Putridz; he sometimes goes by Adam when he doesnt want to reveal his first name.
Age/Birthday: Socks is 16 years old. He was born on April 24th, (I'm omitting the year because I dont want him to age) though he doesnt usually keep track of things like dates and prefers to celebrate his birthday whenever it fancies him.

Gender: Male.

God Parent: "She is mounted on her chariot, the queen of sorrow and sighing, and is goading on her steeds, as if for outrage, the Gorgon child of Night, with a hundred hissing serpent-heads, Madness of the flashing eyes."
Socks is the son of Mania. Mania is the personification of madness, though in a more placid form, when in a fit of rabid rage she is better known as Lyssa. Mania is often represented as a primeval being whose existence began long before there were men on earth. They did not invent her but she invented the madman, a most common character who fully owes the turmoil of his soul to her. As "a spirit" she is less distinct than a god and obeys the designs of more powerful deities, being rather the actual manifestation of their will.

Claimed: Yes. Socks was claimed at 14, at which point it became harder to live outside camp.
Mortal Family: Sock's only mortal family is his father, Dave Putridz. He's completely bonkers, but not the harmful kind and not enough to be locked up in an asylum. If a wicked sense of humour was prosecuted by law, Dave would be serving a life sentence. Evidence of this may be seen in his only son's first name. He often told Socks that he named him thus, "just to spite him".
Years in Camp: Just over a few months.
Brief History: Before camp, Socks and his dad were homeless and lived in New York. His dad sold street art sometimes and did other odd jobs to earn money, like played the guitar in parks and things like that. Although they never lived in anything close to luxury, Socks never went hungry and had as he would put it "an interesting childhood that gave me the colours in my life". Yeah, well he's crazy. He sometimes attended public school but wasnt regular about it, the teachers learnt to accept his absence and not question his presence. He enjoyed learning at times but would learn for no other reason than enjoyment itself, which as you can imagine seriously limited his academic prospects. Being a child of a minor goddess, he was able to more or less live on the streets after he was claimed, fending off the occassional monster. He knew about his mother, though with his madness is an unsure thing how much he knew, it may be fairer to say he had heard of her. His dad often spoke about her in passing as though they could expect to see her any minute and she had just gone to buy or something. When he was around 16 years old he was found by a satyr, who was pretending to be homeless to get to kids like Socks. He told him all about camp and Socks simply shrugged, said bye to his dad, who dint ask a single question and left for camp, as always ready for lifes next great adventure.
Physical Appearance: At 5ft 10 inches, Socks is rather tall and gangly. Rather skinny but not disproportionately so. He's rather reminiscent of a tall leaning tree swaying in the wind. He has a heart shaped face white, not just pale but white and clear skin that often often flushes with colour when he is experiencing anger or rage at which point he turns an astonishing red. His eyes are wide and set a little too close together, they are a startlingly bright green though sometimes a shadow passes over them when he is overcome by his fits of madness at which times it seems to reflect a number of eerie colours. This is just a trick of the light though, his eyes dont actually change colour. His hair is black when he's not dying it weird colours. It's naturally straight and cut in a weird uneven way. Its not very long and yet stands like bristles on his head. It looks as though he grabbed a pair of rusty kitchen shears and gave himself a haircut, which he probably did. Socks' dressing style is eccentric and unpredictable. He could wear anything from jeans to a kilt on any given day. Generally though, he is seen around camp is artfully ripped black jeans and a heavily graffiti-ed camp tshirt, that looks like it has had paint thrown over it and a hat. Socks loves hats.
Personality: "We're all mad here, havn't you noticed?"
Socks is ditzy and kind of head-in-the-clouds. Though he is more observant than he is given credit for, he often says really intelligent things and makes pointed statements under cover of his madness. He is slightly crazy but not enough to be labelled insane, as his primary school teacher sometimes said he is "not all there". He has periods of normality but generally he's just pretty much mad. He is sometimes overcome by fits of madness in which he becomes violent and angry and loses all reason and control. His general madness is generally harmless. However he can be brutally honest to the point of rudeness and often says things for the sake of it. He doesnt care at all what effect his words or action have on people and doesnt see why anyone does. His intense mood swings and fits of madness can be violent and even dangerous. Due to his ditzy nature, he takes nothing seriously and seems to consider life itself a lesson in philosophy. Socks often recites impromptu poetry and then denies any knowledge of the same. He is very honest in his compliments and not afraid to say what he thinks. He can at time help people feel comfortable with him simple because they dont not take him seriously because of his madness. His madness enables him to say/do things that people ordinarily dont. He often helps people feel better about themselves though this is usually completely unintentional. He has a strong intuition though he doesnt often know what he's saying and this fails to help even other people because.he's just crazy and rambling. Also, he is quite well read and often spends his free time reading, though he deveops his own extraordinary take on most things. He loves Alice in Wonderland.
Fatal Flaw: His Devil-may-care attitude and lack of concern about anything real. Apart from making him unreliable and irresponsible, this trait of his is potentially extremely dangerous as one fine day he may simple allow himself to be impaled upon a sword because he wonders what it feels like.
Pets: Socks adopted a fat ginger tabby cat named "Cheshire" and brought it to camp with him.
Talents: Socks is very creative and good at art and music, usually though he'd just break the instrument and smear the paint all over himself. He is well read and knowledgeable about many things and can sometimes be charming. He is eccentric enough that he is interesting to people and this along his air of mystery makes him stand out in crowds, though that may also be because he likes to yell in crowded places.
Weapons: He has a pair of twin CB daggers called loucura and demencia. They each have their name carved just beneath the hilt. When not in weapon mode, they take the form of a silver ring with a cracked and faded looking emerald in the centre that he always wears on the middle finger of his left hand. Socks sometimes claims to see shadows in this ring but usually he vehemently refuses to talk about it.
Year-Round or Summer: Summer.
Powers: Socks can cure madness very occasionally, once a month at max. He can temporarily remove madness for about 2 hours at time, he can do this once a day. He can cause someone to temporarily experience madness for not more than 15 mins and he can do this 3 times a day, however this can resisted with intense focus of the other person, or if the person breaks eye when with Socks while he is trying to influence them. Everytime he uses a power. it weakens him slightly but When he uses his powers too limit, he gets massive headaches and becomes very weak. He needs to rest immediately, depending on how much of his powers he used and he could even collapse if he overextends himself.They also push him close to his fits of insanity.
RP example: Socks walked into camp, distractedly. A butterfly floated past him as though in a trance, I wonder whether it like the pattern of its wings, he thought musingly and then shrugged, shaking his head slightly as he completed his thought, I wonder whether I like mine. He raised his eyebrows at the towering white building facing him, rather like a tomb, he thought chuckling slightly to himself as he wondered if the people inside would be dead. Chiding himself for his own foolishness, Socks corrected his thoughts, there was no saying it was people there could very well be animals in there. Perhaps it would be a forest. Stepping over the threshold, Socks noticed a pot bellied man with rather bloodshot eyes and a man in a wheelchair sitting at a table, engaged in a card game. Without a second thought to it, Socks pulled up a chair and joined them, picking up a couple of cards at random even as they stared at him bewildered. He looked around at his two companions and smiling said, "Well hello, this is a rather strange forest isnt it? I do think I like it like this." and ignoring the very expectant silence that ensued, Socks proceeded to deal them all a new round of cards, humming absentmindedly as he did.

“You are someone who is different, but who wants to be the same as everyone else. And that in my view is a serious illness."

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PostSubject: Re: Kerfuffle's characters   Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:08 pm

Socks is accepted.
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PostSubject: Kunal Vergara    Sun Apr 28, 2013 9:06 am

Name: Kunal Diven Vergara. Kunal got his first name from his mother's grandfather or his great grandfather. The name "Kunal" has various meanings, essentially an Indian name, it has roots in Arabic, spanish and sanskrit. Variations of his name are Kunala or Kunāl. The name Kunal in Hindi, Arabic, and Spanish means "Eagle" or "Protector of the Skies", thus it meaning 'Kunal' symbolises the Eagle. Its meaning in modern hindi is simple "that which is pure or holy". His middle name "Diven" means "wine" in haitian creole and is a reference to his parentage, although Kunal doesnt realise this until much later. His last name "Vergara" is of Spanish origin suggesting that his ancestors may have come from Spain however this too far back to be reflected on his family tree.

Nicknames: Kunal's name is simple and hard to shorten. Also he doesnt much like nicknames preferring to be called by his first name or his middle name.
Age: Kunal is 17 years old and was born on 12th december.

Gender: Kunal is biologically male, he also identifies with the male gender. However Kunal is not the stereotypical alpha male and has various attributes that may be considered "feminine" such as he gives a lot of importance to grooming and has a deep fondness for the arts, he particularly enjoys opera.

God/dess Parent: Kunal's Godly parent is none other then all around well loved and popular (haha) camp director, Mr. D also known as Dionysus and sometimes referred to as the "wine dude". Dionysus is the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy in Greek mythology. the last god to be accepted into Mt. Olympus. He was the youngest and the only one to have a mortal mother. A son of Zeus, he is also the Lord of all satyrs and God of Epiphany though these are some of his lesser known traits. Leopards are sacred to him and he enjoys turning people into dolphins. He is usually found in the big house playing card games with Chiron. His preffered clothing is hawaii-esque floral print shirts and his favoured drink is diet coke, (since he isnt allowed wine anymore). Dionysus chased after an out-of-bounds nymph and as punished was banished to camp half blood to serve as camp director for a hundred year, he uses his powers on the plants such as strawberries which helps with Camp Half Blood's expenses as their cover name is Delphi Strawberry Service.. He spends most of his time cursing his punishment, mispronouncing/ deliberately refusing to remember demigod's names, trying to beat Chiron at card games and terrorizing satyrs.

Powers: He can make vines appear out of the ground, these vines are about 4 to 5 feet long and about an inch thick, they are very strong and could be used to bind people where they stand but not strangle or suffocate them. He can make them appear 4 times a day. He can do two types of charms, the first one is a cheering charm where he can make people have more fun, its more like an aura really that accompanies him when he enters a party or a public gathering, people instantly become more cheerful and lively. The second is one where he can intoxicate someone with his influence, he makes them weak and disillusioned and can also make them hallucinate vividly for about 2-3 minutes and they will know that they are having a hallucination. While the first charm can be performed to a number of people at once, the second will apply to single individual at a time. He can do both charms a total of 6 times a day. They will both last about 15 minutes before gradually fading away. Also, while he cant cure insanity, he can soothe madness and calm the mad person down or take away their madness for about 5 minutes. He can do this 3 times a week or lesser if he has already used some of his other powers in that day.

Hometown: Kunal was born in Brentwood, in the state of California in Los Angeles, United States of America. He is thus an American by birth and holds an American passport. However Kunal is orginally from South India and belongs to the Dravidian Race. However, he doesnt feel very connected to his origins as he spent barely a couple of years in India before his mother began taking him along with her on his travels all year long. He eventually stopped identifying with a particular country and considers himself a global citizen. Kunal has a neutral accent although his speech shows the influence of many languages. Owing to his travels, he speaks many languages fluently and can converse adequately in many others as well. His conversations are peppered with foreign words although he speaks English perfectly.

Year rounder or summer camper: Kunal is a year round camper, but dont take this to mean he stays in camp all the time. Nope, he takes off quite often and returns a couple of weeks later, just that his excursions arnt only limited to any particular time of the year.

Mortal Parent(s): Kunal's mortal parent is Rita Vergara. Rita was from an aristocratic Indian family, having been cared for by nannies and attendants all her life and having received her education at first from a private tutor and then from exclusive boarding schools Rita never felt particularly connected with her family. To some extent it is this alienation that she has passed on to Kunal who never felt a sense of belonging to any place or person before he reached camp half blood. At the age of 16 she was sent to a finishing school in Mussoorie, which is a hill station in northern India. After finishing her course there, over a couple of years she returned to Delhi which is where her family lived. As heiress of the Vergara family's massive fortune, she did not have to bother herself with work or anything of that sort and instead busied herself as a socialite and opened a number of art galleries around the country. She soon became a fashion icon and a popular figure on the social front. Young, beautiful and charming, Rita had no troubles in steadily adding to the Vergara fortune. However privileged, her closeted existence began to bore her and at the age of 19 she left Delhi, in what many saw as bold move. Despite her fame and money, Rita experience had been very limited and she had little or no knowledge of the world outside India and of the international arena, quickly picking it all up Rita quickly rose to be one of the most prominent figures on the international social scene. When she's not in L.A, she's in Milan, or London or Paris.. you get the point. So basically unless you've been living on a cave at the edge of civilization, you've probably heard of her. She's now an international fashion icon, socialite and all round party animal. For mom standards she's also extremely young, since she had Kunal when she was only 22. For this reason Kunal seems to regard her more as an older sister in her wild phase rather than as a mom, he is a bit put off by the idea that she's his mother although at most social gatherings he was identified as her son.

On her twenty-second birthday, Rita threw a huge party the likes of which surpassed the limits of most people's imaginations. Littered with A list movie stars, socialites, Big-wigs of the fashion industry and billionaire friends from all over the world, the party would eventually turn into the stuff of legend. Midway through the night, a young, handsome and slightly inebriated young man offered Rita a glass of her favourite wine, Carbernet Sauvignon. More than slightly inebriated herself, Rita was almost instantly swept away by his charm and spent the rest of the party laughing and chatting with him. Little did she know at the time, that he was Dionysus, the God of wine himself. Two weeks of courtship ensued, at the end of which after a particularly tipsy night, Dionysus explained to Rita all about the God's, who he was and that their future son or daughter would eventually have to leave to go to a place called "Camp half blood". That was the last Rita ever saw of him, though often in years later she would continue to think of him fondly. Naturally she put their conversation down to druken memories and hallucinations, however she never could shake of the uneasy feeling she had about it. Sure enough, their son was born 9 months later and Rita remained terrified of the possibility that her drunken 'dream' was more than just a dream after all.

Although like Rita, her soon too had the benefit of a privileged upbringing, in some ways he's had a childhood that almost at poles with his mothers. While her own childhood was closeted and limited in scope, Rita's son has seen it all and done it all. He's had experiences in his short life so far that most adults can only dream of experiencing. Having travelled around the world with his mother, he and Rita bonded in some measure but Rita although affectionate to her only soon is simple not "mother material" as she likes to say herself. Nevertheless, she ensured the best care for Kunal when he was too young to accompany her on her travels and later a whole host of attendants including a private tutor like she herself had. They maintained a generally good relationship, as Kunal in the meantime was brought up by a whole host of Rita's staff and entourage. As Kunal approached his teens, his relationship with his mother became turbulent as he began rebelling against her and began to question their life and her decisions, often culminating in ugly fights. While she brushed this away as merely a phase, Rita began to feel slightly uneasy knowing that the time was close when she would have to reveal Kunal's true identity to him. When Kunal was 13 after one of his mother's extravagant society parties, incidently where he had his first sip of wine, he was claimed in his sleep. Rita had wandered into his suite for some reason or another and saw the holographic symbol of a wine goblet with a creeper entwined around it floating over the sleeping Kunal's head. She screamed and woke Kunal, who upon hearing of his mother's 'vision', told her she was drunk and to go back to her own suite. For Rita however, the memory was seared in her mind and she never forgot it. She knew now what she had feared for 18 years, that everything Dionysus had told her had been true. She knew the time was not far when Kunal would leave, but in her typical knack of avoiding uncomfortable things Rita ignored the incident in the morning pretending it never happened, causing Kunal to follow suite. When he finally left for camp, Rita told everyone in her social cicrle that he was away at boarding school in England. Kunal has visited his mother once since he came to camp and is yet unsure about how much she knows about his identity, since she never brought up either his disappearance nor his prolonged absence. And where his mother is concerned Kunal has learnt to leave touchy topics alone.
Physical Description:
Skin Tone: Kunal has brown skin as do most people in South India. His mocha coloured skin often makes people assume he has a permanent tan.

Eye Color: Kunal has striking black eyes. They are one of his most expressive features and can almost always tell you what he's thinking. They usually seem to have caught the light and are twinkling in amusement at some private joke. His eyes are almond shaped and quite small, the tend to become narrow slits when he laughs.

Hair Color: Kunal has dark chocolate brown curls. He inherited them from his mother and he often jokes that they're the only thing that proves that they are related.

Hair Length: Kunal's hair is generally long and unruly. It's longer toward the front than the back. His mother has often referred to it as a "mop". His hair covers his ears slightly and most of his forehead, it falls in his eyes frequently and this annoys him so he goes and cuts it off but it grows back within a few weeks. The fact that his hair is curly, shortens its length to a great extent. If it were straight it would probably come down to his shoulders.

Height: Kunal is 6.1 feet tall. He used to be just 5feet until he was 15, when he hit a growth spurt and shot right up. He also took up swimming around that time and this contributed significantly to his growth.

Weight: Kunal weighs 74kgs, which is approximately 163 pounds. He used to be painfully thin, about 69kgs before he started working out and eating healthy. Naturally he metabolism is really high so he doesnt put on weight easily.

Body Type: Kunal has a well toned and muscular body. However he is not a beef cake. He's slim and toned but would not be described as beefy by anyone. He has a broad chest and the powerful shoulders of a swimmer and his torso tapers down toward his waist.
Weapon: Kunal's weapon is a long celestial bronze sword with vines engraved below the hilt. It is about 36 inches, 3 feet in length. The vines are long twisted grape vines, the hilt is silver.
Armor: Kunal doesnt like to wear any armor. He fights offence rather than defense and likes to remain quick and agile. Heavy armor would wiegh him down. However when he needs to be in proper battle gear sometimes, he wears silver armour that consists of a helmet with deep purple plumes, a breastplate and a shield that is engraved with grape vines.

Personality: This Indian-origin demigod is at once both similar and strikingly different from his godly parent. Cheerful and friendly and a social delight, Kunal is the perfect remedy if you're having a bad day. Chivalry comes naturally to him and if you need advice about etiquette or fine dining, he's your man. Careful not to stick around too long however or you may find yourself getting roped into one of his risky schemes that more often than not end in trouble. For someone who seems like he stepped out of the pages of a Victorian classic, Kunal has a prominent affinitity for flouting the law and a dangerous lack of regard for any form of authority.

Talents: Kunal is very sociable and popular, can instantly liven up any party, is very fun and has a knack for making people feel comfortable with him, he is very knowledgeable about wines and fine dining, he is trained in formal etiquette. Kunal can play the piano very well and has recieved formal training in the same. He has also given a couple of piano concerts.

Weaknesses: Kunal is extremely vengeful and holds grudges. Once he develops a vendetta against someone, he is consumed by the need for revenge and this often overcomes his logic as well. Due to this nature, his is often rigid about his beliefs, once he makes up his mind, he is not willing to acknowledge anything to the contrary and very rarely changes his mind. He will go to any extent to get what he wants. He is cynical of people and does not trust easily, thus his world is limited to very few people and he does not like letting more people past his defences. He does not forgive easily. Kunal also has an addictive personality, he may get obsessive about things and then becomes dependent on them this holds true even for people. His personal loyalty is also sometimes a weakness as he puts the people he cares about abopve everything else and this puts him in a very vulnerable position as he feels responsible for the saftely and happiness of the people he loves and would do anything to keep it intact even at his own expense. Also it would be easy for his enemies to control him if they observe him and find out what or whom he cares about.

Fears: Kunal's greatest fear would be losing his loved ones. As he has only very few people he truly cares about and loves, his world revolves around them, losing them or having any harm come to them would completely shatter him especially since he would also feel responsible for the same. Kunal is afraid of fire and doesnt like to be close to it, he feels like he has a vague memory for some bad experience with fire in his childhood but cannot recall it exactly, however the fear has stayed with him.

Fatal flaw: Kunal's fatal flaw is foolhardy attitude. He believes he can get away with anything and is too arrogant to consider that a scheme or plan of his may be flawed.

Time at Camp: Kunal has been at Chb only for a couple of months now, but it's begun to feel like home for him.

Brief History of Before Camp: He jet-setted around the world with his socialite mother. During his travels he deveoped a taste for the finer things in life and believes life is all about pleasure and revelries. Although he traveled with his mother, their lives were largely separate and there wasnt much of a mother-son relationship between them. He frequently took off on his own and returned weeks later. He loved parties and was a complete social pleasure, his mother loved showing him off at her parties as he was intelligent and charming. In many ways he lived the dream life of a child of dionysus, however he was very lonely on the inside as he had no real friends and he knew that his mother wouldnt take care of him if he really needed help. Once when at a party at the plaza in New York, he simply walked out and never looked back. He wandered the streets of New york for a while and quickly ran out of money, he befriended a homeless man who turned out to be a satyr and brought him to camp.

Role-play Example: Kunal smiled at the people around him as he accepted another glass of wine. Empty masks, he thought as his smile turned slightly stale. Taking a sip of his wine, he turned to the elderly gentleman who was standing by his side and made some meaningless comment about how lovely the party was. His eyes glazed over as the man responded something equally meaningless he was sure. Kunal smiled and nodded vacantly, wondering where his mother had gotten to. Probably off somewhere chatting up a wealthy business man no doubt, he thought bitterly. Kunal was surprised at himself, he had loved this life, relished it, was it possible that it now beginning to tire him? Did he need something new to occupy his fancies? These thoughts in mind, Kunal muttered "Excuse me" suddenly to his companion, aware of the shocked expression that crossed the old man's features. He set his glass down and whirled in the opposite direction, heading downstairs and right out the door.
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PostSubject: Re: Kerfuffle's characters   Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:09 am

Kunal is accepted.
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Kerfuffle's characters
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