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 xyzzy23's characters

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PostSubject: xyzzy23's characters   Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:31 pm

Alright, here goes my first character:

Name: Cecil Rhodes
Nickname: none; mostly, his friends just call him Rhodes.
Age: 14
Birthdate: Jan. 12
Gender: Male
Godly Parent: Hermes
Claimed: No
Mortal Family: His mother died of an illness at 11; no living relatives
Years in Camp: 0 (first year)
Backstory: Up until his mother's death, Cecil Rhodes led a relatively normal life. When his mother had died, he was devastated, as she was his only family that he had ever met. With no relatives to care for him, Cecil was put in an orphanage, from which he had promptly escaped, as he began to find that some of the other students were a little more than aggressive (there were some rather angry cyclopses). He began to live on his own from whatever he could get. It wasn't long before Cecil learned that being a thief came naturally to him, and he managed to avoid capture by law enforcement. Eventually, his roaming ways led him to stumble upon Camp Half-Blood, where he has remained since his arrival. Although Cecil hasn't yet been claimed, many assume that he is in fact a son of Hermes because of his obvious connection with the god's ideals and also his way of life.
Appearance: Cecil is around average height. He's thin, nearly to the point of being scrawny. He has relatively short dark brown hair, which is nearly always a minor mess, but he keeps its messiness well concealed under a somewhat weathered grey fedora, which makes him look vaguely like a 1920's mobster. Cecil has relatively plain hazel eyes, which seem to help radiate his subtle mischievousness. He prefers to wear simple collared shirts and black jeans, and he dislikes having to wear the bright orange T-shirt the camp provides, but he still does so, albeit reluctantly.
Personality: Cecil is lively, quick-witted, and high spirited, but he can have a tendency to be a little too stubborn and opinionated about certain subjects, occasionally to the point of being argumentative and childish. He fully appreciates attention the majority of the time. Whenever his past is brought up in conversation, he becomes quiet and rather anti-social for a while. That said, he will tell stories about one part of his past. He has a nearly endless amount of tales from his days of roaming, each one being a bit exaggerated , and he will gladly tell any of them whenever anyone is around to listen.
Fatal flaw: Aside from his occasional stubbornness, Cecil has some deeper psychological issues. He constantly avoids talking about his early life, instead trying to live in the present or planning for the future. Also, Cecil is quite kleptomaniacal as a result of his few years of wandering. That said, he often returns what he steals, but it leads to frequent distrust among those who don't know him well.
Pet: A rather small raven, which was presumably stolen from a previous owner. It has taken a considerable liking to Cecil, however, if that is the case.
Talents: Cecil is an excellent thief. He can be quite stealthy, and he is considerably observant. He is helped by his significant speed and agility as well, though he lacks much of any muscular strength Also, he is experienced in navigation and travel, but only from what he has taught himself. In truth, he has no formal training.
Weapons: Cecil prefers to use an elegant (celestial bronze & silver) alloyed sabre (disguised as a ring), which was gifted to him by someone who had introduced themselves as a "dear friend of his mother". This person's identity has remained unknown to this day. Also, Cecil wields a balanced celestial bronze dagger, which he can use both as a defensive weapon or as a deadly projectile when the need arises.
Summer only/All year long: Cecil has decided that he's going to remain in Camp on a year round basis.

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PostSubject: Re: xyzzy23's characters   Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:51 pm

Cecil is accepted!
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xyzzy23's characters
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