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 Tenchi's Characters

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Heartless Tenchi Marrow


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PostSubject: Tenchi's Characters   Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:50 am

Hey it's my first try on this so please don't rag that hard on me.

Name:Dustin Jacob Dare


Gender: Male

Godly Parent: Ares

Claimed: Yes(was claimed by both Zeus and Ares)


Years in camp:10 years, year round

Family: Marine Dare: Dustin's mother who had died 3 minutes after his birth. She was a filthy inventor rich who left every thing to Dustin and his sister,Terry.
Terry: Sister of Dustin and daughter of Marine and Cronos god of time.Her location to Dustin is unknown.

Dustin is a reincarnation of another Demi-god named Tenchi Marrow who was a son of Zeus but was killed in action, fighting Ogres that had attacked the camp. For some reason Hades spared his soul and placed it within another baby(Dustin),the son of Ares. Because of this Dustin has flash backs of Tenchi's past and can fly along with summon lightning. Although he didn't take on Tenchi's personality witch is more joyful and fun loving.

Personality: He is aggressive with a never give up attitude.He is loyal and Trust worthy only if you gain his trust first.He is not easily persuaded will argue with something he doesn't like.It takes a long while to gain his trust,but once gained he is completely loyal.He is courageous and is will in to lay down his life for others.

He is mixed(black and white) skin complexion and has black curly hair.He has serious eyes.

He has the power to materialize any thing to aid him in battle. But sustaining the object if it large uses a ton of energy and potentially kill him.The more weight the object has the more energy it drains.Example,if he materialized a sword it would waste much but if he materialized a mountain it would deplete all of his energy

Fire Manipulation:
He can project to fire from his eyes, mouth,and hands.This ability dosent waste as much energy,but it heats his body up.Using this ability his body temperature to 314 degrees making him pass out.This power can very from heat to lava.

This ability wastes a ton of energy but not as much as Materialization.To do this he has to gather enough energy for a moments notice.Then he does a 360 degree leap into the air.While using this he can break the sound barrier in seconds .To go faster that would require all the rest of his energy later making him pass out.

He can summon lightning because of having taken some traits and abilities from Tenchi Marrow, the son of Zeus. In power consumption it takes a little bit more than the fire manipulation. With this ability he can actually teleport. How? a storm cloud comes and and strikes him and/or companions with a bolt of lightning that dematerializes them and sucks that into the cloud that at the speed of light takes them where they want to go. However this drains a ton of energy, but not as much as materialization

Fatal Flaw:
Is his unforgiving personality and his disloyalty. He lacks trust. And he prefers to work alone

He carries a blade(sword) made out of Fire, that mysteriously doesn't burn him at all. It is enchanted that only Dustin can carry it, if any one else try's to pick it up it will either burn them or it shifts its weight to about what a full grown elephant weighs. this blade can cut through any thing,it can also manipulate and shoot fire or lava out of the tip.It can also manifest its self into its own flaming body.

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Tenchi's Characters
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