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 Eva Baron - Half Blood

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PostSubject: Eva Baron - Half Blood   Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:17 pm

Name: Eva Baron
Age/Birthday: 15; April 17th
Gender: Female
God Parent: Thanatos
Claimed: No
Mortal Family: Johanna Baron is Eva’s mother. Strict, and even a bit cold, Eva learned not to rely on her while she was growing up. Johanna had met Eva’s father not knowing who he really was, and when she found out she was horrified. It took all her willpower and sympathy not to abandon Eva on a doorstep. She rarely shows compassion to her daughter, a mother’s love tainted with Thanatos’s blood. After Eva left her home she hasn’t seen Johanna again.

David Baron is Eva’s stepfather. He doesn’t care for Eva as much as he does his own children, but he seems to care for her more than Johanna does. Despite this, he always takes Johanna’s side in conflicts and this has also tainted his relationship with Eva.

Charlotte Baron is Eva’s half-sister. Five years younger than her and born to David and Johanna, she doesn’t seem to understand why Johanna dislikes Eva so much. She tries to form a relationship with Eva but Eva’s the one who brushes her off.

Marie Baron is Eva’s stepsister. She is two years older than Eva, and was born of David’s last wife. She has nothing but scorn for Eva and Charlotte because of her biological mother, whom she hasn’t seen in months.
Years in Camp: This is her first year
Brief History: When Johanna first met Thanatos, she had no idea that he was the God of Death, and if she did then Eva would never have been born. Thanatos had fallen in love with her and pretended to be a mortal man, and because of this Eva knew her father for the first week of her life. After that Thanatos revealed himself to Johanna and Johanna fled, taking Eva with her. After that Eva has never seen her father, and he has never bothered to claim her.

Her mother married David when Eva was three, and later had her younger sister. Eva disliked being around her family. Her mother and Marie ignored her, Charlotte annoyed her, and she just plain didn’t like David. She found her escape through her elementary and middle schools. Around her friends there she was quite cheerful and energetic, and around them she felt she could enjoy herself more.

When Eva was 15 her mother revealed to her the truth of her father, unable to bear the secret any longer. Horrified with the idea that she was related to a god of death, Eva became more pessimistic and antisocial. Her friends noticed these changes, and slowly began to avoid her. Eventually her grades starting slipping, and Johanna and David confronted her. In a fit of rage Eva packed her backpack with a couple pieces of clothing, and left home with only her cat - Forrest – following her look curious. She lived on the street with Forrest for two months before the first monster found her. By chance she found herself fleeing towards Camp Half-Blood, and found herself there.
Physical Appearance:

Eva is tall – 5’9” – and skinny – 115 lbs. She used to weigh more before she ditched her family, and while on the streets she lost a considerable amount of weight. Right now her frame is rather bony, and her skin is almost pallid in color. Her hair, short and blonde, goes down to about her neck and is carefully styled. Her eyes are bright pink, a small mutation in her genes.

Eva typically wears black skirts or jeans. She owns a variety of tank-tops in various shades of greys and pinks, and she still wears the shirt that she ran away in: White and loose with a pink cat face on it, though it’s gotten a bit ragged in the past few months. Her shoes are an old faded pair of grey converse. Eva – like most girls her age – wears makeup: Light eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and black lipstick.
Personality: Eva used to keep a cheerful, optimistic view on life but in time her view has slowly become tainted by experience and bad events. She’s a lot more serious and quiet than she used to be, but this doesn’t mean that she’s completely serious. Most of the time she walks around with a smile on her face and a cheerful disposition, but she can definitely “sober up” easilier than she used to.

Eva is surprisingly charismatic, with a lot of potential in this area. She can make decisions quickly, and has a great tactical mind despite not being the strongest fighter. Despite this she prefers to follow people, not completely comfortable with the idea of making decisions for groups of people or taking that much responsibility on. She can – however – become quite capable if she is put in this role.

Eva prefers not to talk about her past, as it quickly depresses her. She avoids that subject like the plague, not even discussing it with her closest friends. The only two ways somebody can get it out of her are either 1) get her really drunk or 2) be in a life-threatening situation and she needs to confess it to somebody. If somebody does ask her she’ll either change the subject or just flat out walk away.
Fatal Flaw: While on the streets Eva developed something of a drinking problem. It was a way to escape the reality of her situation and of the revelation of her parentage. Drinking keeps her cheerful, and so she enjoys binge drinking when she can. After coming to camp Eva hasn’t been allowed to drink, which irks her to no end, but she is still an alcoholic to a certain extent, and when alcohol is offered to her she barely even hesitates to accept it.
Pets: Eva has a cat named Forrest. He is male and has jet black fur, except for two small white dots above his eyes. He’s stuck with her since she first left her home, and hadn’t left her side at all. She considers him her best friend. He’s very curious and friendly, but also protective of Eva – though it’s usually in vain since he’s rather small.
Talents: Ethereal Scythe: Eva can form a scythe out of various ethereal energies, to use as a weapon. She can only keep it formed for a short while, but while it’s there it functions like a normal weapon. She is very adept in using it, and considers it her “ultimate weapon”.
Weapons: Eva’s main weapon is a spear made of celestial bronze. She uses it mostly, preferring to keep her distance in a fight and because of that a spear is perfect. For close-combat she has a backup dagger, also celestial bronze, which she keeps in her belt. Finally, Eva can summon a scythe to use in battle, which functions just like celestial bronze to monsters, and normal steel on mortals. It is a great backup in an ambush, when her weapons have been taken, or on the slight chance that celestial bronze is useless against an enemy.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

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PostSubject: Re: Eva Baron - Half Blood   Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:57 pm

Eva is accepted!
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Eva Baron - Half Blood
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