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 Ever Had A Thought -OPEN-

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PostSubject: Ever Had A Thought -OPEN-   Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:52 pm

Ever Constant
~I'm Just A Little Bit Caught In The Middle~

Her voice echoed on the walls. She sat alone, centre-stage. Everna "Ever" Constant found herself singing the first songs that popped into her strange, strange mind. The girl sat there with her hair loose, wearing a white shirt and some black skinny jeans. She wore a pair of black daps with her ensemble. Why she wasn't wearing the Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, she didn't know- nor did she care, really. She sat alone and singing her songs.

"Now Princess Pat," she sang. "She lived in a tree. She sailed across the seven seas. She sailed across the channel two. And she took with her a ricky-dan-do. A ricky-dan-do? Now what is that? It's a something made by the Princess Pat. It's red and gold and purple, too. That's why it's called a ricky-dan-do!

"Now Captain Jack had a very fine crew. He sailed across the ocean blue. He sailed across the channel two! And he took with him, a ricky-dan-do! A ricky-dan-do? Now what is that? It's a something made by the Princess Pat. It's red and gold and purple too. That's why it's called a ricky-dan-do."

Now this sing had ended, she spent some time scrolling through her mental library trying to find another one. She did and she started to sing again.

"Black socks, they never get dirty, the longer you wear them the stronger they get," she sang. "Sometimes, I think I will wash them but something inside me says no, no, not yet!"

That was when she heard the crash. She stood up and looked around, looking for the source.
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PostSubject: Re: Ever Had A Thought -OPEN-   Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:11 pm

James Leslie (Jamie)

Everything here is stupid and crazy, why did I ever agree to this? James thought bitterly as he drug around his feet. Truth be told he was only in here to get away from these hormonal and hyperactive teenagers that apprently where effing everywhere. Truth be told James would take a mostly empty stage then the creepy ass woods. There are things everywhere lurking at waiting for his branchy self to come stumbling through it. In here though it was pretty open and only a few kids were around including a girl practicing her singing alone. It seemed like the best place by far he had found. And the safest. Placing a hand on his shoulder and rubbing he could feel the knots of stress just like rocks in his collar.

No no he was very content with the place he had found. Only problem was all this stuff, everywhere, like the Apollo cabin had set of a booby trap to make sure no one messed up their stage. He could see that being a real thing, it was obvious they liked attention wouldn't want the spot light broken from random fools. Jamie treaded with more caution not for the above metioned reasons but because the entire function of the building was to amp the sound. Every footstep sounded like a bass drum. It couldn't get much louder to him until he finally got caught in the cords of cabin seven hell. Falling and crashing into a sad heap James let out a angry growl and started fumbling with the cords tied around his ankles. Great now people would see him, maybe laugh at him, kick him in the back. He couldn't fight if he was trapped if had to hurry into a defensive position. Always high alert never fast enough.
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Ever Had A Thought -OPEN-
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