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 Lillis's Characters

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PostSubject: Lillis's Characters   Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:56 pm

* birth certificate

    Name: Lillis Jessica Malvrom
    Age: 15, September 8
    Godly Parent: Athena
    Mortal Family: Her father, Jared Albert Malvrom, is a caring man. He loves his daughter dearly and would give his life to save her if he needed to. She comes first in his life.

* camp life

    Years at Camp: New
    Lillis grew up in the countryside. She lived in a mountainous area of southern British Columbia, Canada. Her little, pretty white house was on a lake side and a few kilometers from the nearest town. It was quiet and peaceful, the perfect place for Jared's studies. He home schooled Lillis, so she grew up with out many friends. Her sole companion, aside from her father, was her dog, Fruff. Her father always took her to town whenever she wanted. On her eleventh birthday they were in a park when a monster attacked. Fruff tried to defend Lillis but died in the attempt. Jared quickly got his daughter out of the park and drove her home. The attacks continued though and finally, Lillis was told she should go to camp by her father. He told her the truth but she refused to leave him. He managed to convince her though and ended up driving her to camp. It was a long, tearful good bye but here she is.

* the psyche

    Personality: Lillis is kind and caring. She is also very inexperienced in the making of friends, and being friends division. Growing up on her own with only a dog and her father had a major effect on her social abilities and she quite often is a bumble of words and questions. She loves to learn and is very curious. She has a love for finding out new things. She is majorly independent and is rather scared of meeting new people. However, she doesn't want people to know so she tries to appear confident at all times.
    Fatal Flaw: She doesn't like to ask help and refuses to allow others to help her.
    She hides her true feelings and will say she can handle things even if she can't.

* the appearance

    Physical Description: Lillis has long brown hair that she keeps pulled back. It's either in a pony tail or a long braid. She wears no make up because, growing up so far from town, it never was really a big thing to her. She is tall and fit. Her clothes are usually whatever she happens to pull out first, jeans and a t-shirt more often than not.

* the defensive system

    Demigod Talents: Lillis is a strong runner and a good thinker. She's gotten fairly good at fighting with a dagger but isn't great.
    Weapons: A short dagger and a longer knife.

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PostSubject: Re: Lillis's Characters   Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:49 am

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Lillis's Characters
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