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 Hunter Of Artemis Recruitment... [OPEN TO ALL ASPIRING HUNTERS]

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PostSubject: Hunter Of Artemis Recruitment... [OPEN TO ALL ASPIRING HUNTERS]   Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:39 pm

Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Maiden Girls and Moon

Night Came On,
And A Full Moon Rose High Over The Trees,
Lighting The Land Till It Lay Bathed In Ghostly Day.
And The Strain Of The Primitive Remained Alive And Active,
Faithfulness And Devotion,
Things Born Of Fire And Roof Were His,
Yet He Retained His Wildness And Wiliness,
And From The Depths Of The Forest,
A Call Still Sounded.

looked around the silver Hunter Cabin, smiling faintly as the Hunter's who had accompanied me piled in, sitting on the empty bunks. Of course, there were bunks. When the Hunter's chose to stay at Camp, they could call the Artemis Cabin their home.
Once they were in, the door was propped open with a stool, and I smiled.
We were here for one purpose. It had been a long time since I myself had last stepped foot in the Cabin given my name, but now that I was here, there was a reason. We were Recruiting.
Those that wanted to join the Hunter's of Artemis would simply have to recite the eons old words;

I Pledge Myself To The Goddess Artemis
I Turn My Back On The Company Of Men,
Accept Eternal Maidenhood,
And Join The Hunt.

With me here, I would accept their pledge. And they would become a Hunter, too either the Warrior Group, the Gatherer Group, or the Healer Group.
I watched the door of the Cabin, smiling slightly at the conversations going on around me, as my Hunter's discussed the new recruits we would hopefully be leaving with today.

OOC: This is the official Recruitment topic for the Hunter's of Artemis. It will remain open for just over a week, and until then you may post with your female character, to become a Hunter. Welcome to the sisterhood :D
Clothes: No Set
Theme: Call Of The Wild
RP Partner/s: Open

throw ( roses ) into the abyss and say:
here is my thanks to the monster
who DIDN'T succeed in swallowing me alive.

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Hunter Of Artemis Recruitment... [OPEN TO ALL ASPIRING HUNTERS]
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