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 Ethan's Charries of Sweet Delight

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PostSubject: Ethan's Charries of Sweet Delight   Sat Feb 09, 2013 4:17 pm


Ethan Parskov

Age of 17, he was born on the same day as his father, May 23.


God Parent:
Mania, the greek goddess of Madness and Insanity.

Yes, Ethan was claimed at the age of 14, when they built cabins for minor gods and goddesses, liks his mother, Mania.

Mortal Family: Josef Parskov is his abusive father, Rachel Deckler is his Golddigger of a mother, and Brett Deckler is his annoying 11 year old stepbrother.

Years in Camp:
He has been in camp since he was 13, so it has been 5 years

Brief History:
Ever since Ethan was born, people have been thinking that something was wrong with this Child. There was..but people didnt know it yet. Ethan was born with 2 serious mental disorders that he discovers as he grows up. But lets start with his life. He had an peaceful life until his father meet the evil witch Rachel Deckler and her rude, annoying son Brett Deckler. When His father, Josef Parkov, started dating this wicken, his father gained a reputation for drinking. Every night when Josef and Rachel came home, Rachel would have her arms gripped around Josef, with Josef holding a empty beer bottle. When he asked Ethan to get another bottle and to give it to him, and when Ethan refused, Josef beat him vigorously, as Rachel sat there and laughed. Soon Ethan's world became a living hell when they married. After the many years of torture, He ran away from home and stumbled apon a Saytr, who lead him to Camp half Blood.

Now how was this poor child born into this world. Well its a strange story. Josef was born as a special child. He was able to see those of the creatures and gods of the mythological realm. Mania had caught onto that and Josef's strange habits. Josef had a rough child hood, he lived in poverty and hated the world. He was always angry at it until he meet Mania. She had the same feelings as Josef and soon they dated. After one night in the club, and a returning to Josef's apartment in New York, Mania became pregant. After 9 months, Ethan was born.

Physical Appearance:
Ethan has a strong frame from being beaten so much. He has the body of a skater but has muscles and a six pack from all the training. He has strong legs from all his skating. He has a roundish head with round chin. He has gray-blue eyes that change to a light green in the summer. He has longish dark brown hair that goes to his upper neck and bangs as long as is normal layers of hair so he brushes it to the side, giving it look to where it covers his eye brows them moves over one eye to the side of his head. He keeps messy and always under a beanie.

Ethan is sadly a sick child. With his two mental disorders, its hard for him to really focus on anything and be normal. Besides the ADHD and the dyslexia, he was born with MPD (Multiple Personailty Disorder) and Dementia. This causes him to be very scared and secretive. He has 3 diffrent states of his MPD. His normal state of how he acts, Nice and shy, then there is his insanity stage, Which he can either be murderous or just like he snorted 10,000 pixie sticks. Then there is his depressed stage, where he denies everything about life and hates it to no ends. What MPD is, is that its a mental disorder that spilts your brains mind into diffrent halves. These halves can take over your coniousness, causing him to completely change the way he acts, talks and thinks. His Dementia is were he thinks that something from his past is scarier than it really is, and manifests infront of him. Like say he saw a dog die, that dog could manifest and a demon dog and he thinks it is attacking him when it really isnt. He is usually that kid that sits alone in the back but people still like him because he is smart and nice. He learned about his MPD when at the age of 5, when he heard voices in his head and they manifested infront of him. He started playing with them. His dad thought he was crazy. Sometimes he let them take over his body. He learned about his Dementia when on a stormy night, He saw scary figures of his dead grandmother as a young women. They climbed on his bed and shouted at him, there faces ripping open as they screamed. It scared him so much and little things like this happened over time.

Fatal Flaw:
His Mental Disorders.


LongBoarding, Parkour, Fighting and Being Nice.

He has a CB scythe with the ingraving "Insane" on the blade. he also carries around a small CB knife that he forged in his spare time.

Year-Round or Summer:
Year-Round, he never wants to return to his old life.


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PostSubject: Re: Ethan's Charries of Sweet Delight   Sat Feb 09, 2013 4:31 pm

Whoa, very dark. I like. Accepted!
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Ethan's Charries of Sweet Delight
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