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 Gigi's Characters

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PostSubject: Gigi's Characters    Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:47 pm

Name: Juliet Bernard, but she doesn't mind nicknames.
Age/Birthday: 16 years of age, born April 4th.
Gender: Female
God Parent: Dionysus, God of Wine
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family:
  • Cecile Rodgers (Bernard)
    Cecile is Juliet's mother, who she has a good relationship with, although they have occasional fights. Most of these arguments are over stupid remarks. Juliet and her mother's personalities are extremely alike. They are both only willing to see their own way.
  • Paul Rodgers
    Paul is her Step-Father who she has a great friendship with and who she often looks to for advice. Sometimes she thinks he is even closer to her than either of her biological parents.
  • Jake Rodgers
    Her half-brother Jake is a recent addition to the family, at only three years old. Although it's still strange to think of herself as a big sister, Juliet maintains the typical love-hate relationship with him.

Years in Camp: She came to camp two weeks ago.
Brief History: Juliet was born in the same hospital in which her mother had been born in 23 years prior in Maine. If Cecile, her mother, had been more financially independent at the time she would have never left the small vineyard in Finger Lakes, New York where she had met Juliet's father 9 months before.
The first several years of Juliet's life, her mother continued to dream of moving back to New York, but something was always standing in the way.

When she was six her mother started dating Paul Rogers, who quickly became a fatherly figure to Juliet. A year later Cecile married Paul at a small wedding, and it seemed like their life was finally set in concrete.

Of course, that's never really true when talking about demigod kids, especially ones as adventurous as Juliet. Like most half-bloods, her preteens were spent trying to stay in one school and get halfway decent grades. And her Freshman year in high school her mother only got called to the office 6 times, thank you very much.

The next year she became close friends with a boy in her sophomore class that ended up being a satyr. Whenever the opportunity was given to her to go to Camp Half Blood she jumped on the idea of a new place and new people. The last part of her life up to this point was spent convincing her mom and Paul that going to Camp year long would be the best thing for her. Never one to give up on a cause, she eventually persuaded them.
Physical Appearance: Juliet has mid-toned brown hair that hits five inches below her collar bone and curves in towards her face at the ends -- no matter how hard she tries to keep it straight. She has a heart-shaped face and round eyes. Her button nose is very flat to her face. She has full lips that are almost always smirking.

She's five feet and five inches tall with a pear shaped body, and she works hard to maintain a healthy weight with her love of rich foods. She runs and plays volleyball regularly, giving her an athletic look.

Personality: Juliet is an fun and confident person, and loves to be the center of attention. She has a habit of romanticizing every situation she is in or has heard about. This has often lead to exaggerated, but interesting stories of her life. The trait that defines her the most is her love of adventure and excitement.

Whenever this adventurous side of her comes to be a problem she has defaulted to pushing the blame on her lineage, showing her self preserving nature. The remarks that she makes out of humor are blunt and hurtful to others. When pressed on an issue she becomes hot-headed and aggressive.
Fatal Flaw: Curiosity to the point of complete recklessness. Her sense of curiosity has done everything from giving her broken bones to messing up many of her friendships.
Pets: None.
Talents: Like most Dionysus's children, she has the power to manipulate plants like grapes vines and strawberries. Unfortunately, this requires huge amounts of concentration on her part that she is not often willing to give.

Joining camp so late did not help her fighting skills, however, and she's still trying to figure out how to hold a sword, let alone use it.
Weapons: No special weapons.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-round

I tried to fill out everything as well as I could, but if there's any problems I'd be happy to change them. Thanks for reading!
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PostSubject: Re: Gigi's Characters    Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:57 pm

Accepeted! Nice character! :D
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Gigi's Characters
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