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 Ahahaha no.

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PostSubject: Ahahaha no.   Wed Feb 06, 2013 2:02 am

I decide, on this day, to write. Yes, write. Because I am the flower child of a man eating bear who like pancakes more than flesh.

I don't actually know what just happened above. I think it was me trying to tell you that this is just going to be my random thread I will write stuff that I feel like. For example, the reason why I have been inactive as of late would be my returning to school unexpectedly and now that is going to take up my time, followed by the sudden but inevitable parties in the past week dedicated to my friends who are leaving and will be too far to visit without catching an aeroplane, then, finally, my moving into my new old room [after 3 or 4 years of renovations] which has been a hassle because I am a hoarder but that is also a good thing because I found some cool stuff when going through one of the boxes today.
But more on that below.

So, this is going to be me ranting about everything so bear with me and watch out for that spider.
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Ahahaha no.
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