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 Fayth's Characters

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PostSubject: Fayth's Characters   Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:04 pm

Fayth Connell

Name: Fayth Connell
Age/Birthday: 16
Gender: Male
God Parent: Aphrodite
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Fayth has no known family beyond his God-Parent.
Years in Camp: This is his first year, so none yet.
Brief History: Fayth was born in a small coastal town in Australia. Here he lived with his father a semi-wealthy man who died about a month after Fayth was born. Within a months time Fayth was shipped from child services to live an orphanage. It wasn't the best place but he spent mos tof his life here amongst the other orphans. Fayth always seemed to be a kind and outgoing boy who was loyal to those he barely even knew. New children tended to flock under his 'wing' per-se.

Fayths life as a child was quite different from that of an average child. It was discovered at a young age that he was more than above average intelligence and he was allowed to attend a higher education school. It was within this school that he discovered two of his greatest passions. Though this did not come without cost, being in a school for smarter children was tough for him sometimes because he was both Dyslexic and had ADHD which made it hard to focus. But he was dedicated and this was a fact that allowed him to always keep going.

At the age of thirteen Fayth's life was to change forever. He passed out in the middle of his art class and woke up a week later in the hospital. At first he was confused but it was at that point that the doctors explained that he only had about four years to live. He would only live until he was seventeen years old and that was pushing it.

For most other people this would had been the day they gave up and just hoped for a cure. But for Fayth it was a driving factor. Why should he let himself die and not try to make some sort of impact on those around him? Despite being councelled not to he quit his schooling, got a job at the age of fourteen and began to work and give every little bit he earns to either charities or people who needed it. He ran marathons, donated blood every month and more or less dedicated himself to giving to other so that his life might at least mean something after he was gone.

As time went on Fayth continued to try and live a regular life but odd things began to happen around him. One day he was attacked in an alleyway by something he could have sworn only had one eye. This had shaken him up more than a little bit but dedicated as he was he went on pretending it had never happened. Other odd things did happen over the years but like before he continued to push on and pretend they had never happened and that his mind and the tumor were playing tricks on him.

Two days after his sixteenth birthday had passed Fayth was on his weay home from work. A group of people from the cafe he worked at seemed to be following him and he felt like they had something 'weird' about them and he couldn't shake off the fact that they were following him, it wasn't a coincidence. When he got home to the orphanage and went to open the front door the people in question following him came up behind him and their apparent 'leader' spoke to him and as Rikku turned around to answer him something burning hot slammed into his shoulder and made him cry out loudly in pain.

The next thing he knew the people were rushing at him and he was being pulled roughly to his feet by another boy. Kain was his name and he was one of the other children that had been at the orphanage almost as long as Fayth had been. The boy in question explained a bunch of strange things to him as he was dragged, fleeing from the building from the strange people. The boy explained that he was some sort of half-blood and that there was a safe place for him at some camp.

Without much of a choice in the matter Fayth had followed this boy all the way to Camp Half-Blood after they'd managed to escape from the people somehow. He was claimed almost immediately by his mother, Aphrodite. Now, he lives at camp doing everything he can to help others. He is the only person who knows he has less than a year to live and considering who his mother actually was he found it in his heart to spread care and love to those around him.

Physical Appearance: Fayth is a boy who stands at a diminuitive 5' 6" and has beautiful flawless, peach skin. Unlike most boys he posesses very feminine features and could almost be mistaken for a girl at times if you saw him in the right way. He has eyes that are a unique bright pink and his hair, which is normally tied back in a well-kept braid is a beautiful silver. Unlike most 'grey' hair his is lustrous and looks as if the strands have caught the moonlight within them when they are in the light or otherwise.

Having spent alot of his younger years running marathons and all sorts of sports Fayth is built rather thinly but his muscles beneatht he loos clothing he often wears are well toned and in shape along with the rest of his body. Because of his feminine features at a first glance a person might actually think he was a girl but he doesn't really mind because he doesn't often judge people unless he get's made fun of by others, then he tends to take offense.

When it comes to clothing Fayth wears a variety of clothing (Most of the time of his own making.) but he tends to keep it simple and elegant at the same time. His style is much the same and his hair is usually adorned with bits of silver and gold ribbon to highlight it all. He is always wearing a bracelet on his right wrist which is a blue bracelet with several hand-carved beads that resemble butterflies and flowers, this bracelet was a gift given to him from a girl at his orphanage, she'd died but he always kept her close by wearing the bracelet, just as they had been close.

Fayth also always has a gold clip in his hair, it is simple and has carvings of his mother in it and it is usually holding his braid together. It was a gift from Aphrodite to him when he first came to camp and always keeps the scent of vanilla hovering in the air around him.

Personality: Fayth is a very kind and gently boy. He has a habit of brightening up any room he is in and gets along with almost anyone since he is able to empathize with them very easily. He is often found with a smile on his face. Despite his bright demeanor sometimes there does seem to be a deep sadness within him and he tries hard to hide it.

Fayth does tend to talk in his sleep and always has a hard time sleeping so he looks tired quite often. The nightmares he has are usually very vivd and are caused by the tumor in his head. More often than not he chooses not to sleep and instead spends his time doing other, more productive things.

Fayth has a very big heart though and tends to go out of his way to help people, whether it's by putting his lif eon the line for someone or just giving them every bit of money he has to make them smile. He lives to help others and in turn he shows a completely different side of a child of Aphrodite. He is not the side of Lust but the one of love and compassion, the one of caring. He shows the side of Aphrodite that most people don't get to see. Which in his mind, is the reason he feels he was claimed so quickly.

Fatal Flaw: His Compassion is his most fatal flaw, he gives too much and this can potentially be manipulated. He is compassionate to the point that he would sooner throw his life away for someone else rather than let them suffer.
Pets: None.
Talents: Fayth is very intelligent and therefore learns things quicker and easier than most. He also has a talent for Art and can often be found sketching designs of various things including clothing and such.

Fayth also has an affinity for animals. Horses in particular he finds he gets along with better than most people and when he is nowhere else he can often be found in the stables working with them.

Weapons: Two small daggers he chose from the armoury of Camp Half-Blood.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round
Other: None.
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PostSubject: Re: Fayth's Characters   Thu Feb 07, 2013 4:42 am

Excellent first character!
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PostSubject: Re: Fayth's Characters   Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:31 am

Thanks! I'll fire some posts out asap :D
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PostSubject: Re: Fayth's Characters   

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Fayth's Characters
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