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 Target Practice

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PostSubject: Target Practice   Sun Feb 03, 2013 6:54 pm

Kyle Boulton

Kyle still wasn't good with a sword. No matter how much weapons training he did, he wasn't going to be ready for a fight with any monster! He was however, doing particularly well with a bow. He stood in the arena, a target a yard or two away from him. Taking a practice bow in hand, he looked through the types of arrows he was provided with. Exploding Arrows.. Singing Arrows... Stink Arrows? The options were so odd! He decided to go with the plain old pointy kind! Knocking the arrow onto the draw string, he pulled back and took aim at the target.

It was a bulls-eye!

Normally this would of excited Kyle, but after the twentieth one that day he decided to try and split the arrows from here! He took a break, going into his back pack. He had a quick snack of Goldfish and an apple juice, refreshing himself between shootings. He was tired from that day, But e wasn't going to give up on splitting and arrow in half!
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Target Practice
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