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 twisting and turning [incomplete]

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PostSubject: twisting and turning [incomplete]   Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:28 pm

twisting and turning

Everything was fine in the beginning. It was, really, I promise. However something happened and after that I was never the same. Or was I never normal to begin with? Was it all my father's fault? Was it Perses who made me who I am or was I born like this? Was I naturally cruel? My mother was passionate and loving, or so I was told, so why am I not her? So many questions that all have no answers. All of those answers I wish to find.

history can't be hidden forever

Sundays were Azrael's favourite day. That was the day that the lovely plump, Grecian Adrasteia. After her mother died giving birth to Azrael, Perses had taken her to Adrasteia. There she was to live and grow up for now. Azrael bounded down the stairs her wave of golden hair flowing behind her as she shouted to Adrasteia, "Mummy! Are we going to go shopping today?" it was the 5-year-old's favourite thing to do. Shop. She had a wardrobe full of clothing that she rarely wore because she had to much stuff but it was her favourite. Adrasteia chuckled, "Come here you, lets brush your hair and get you dressed then!" Adrasteia spoke in rapid Greek and Azrael easily followed. English, because she'd lived with Adrasteia since the day she was born, was her second language.

Azrael plopped down onto the couch in front of Adrasteia and brushed her long, golden mane back for Adrasteia to brush through. With a smile Adrasteia began to sing as she brushed Azrael's hair, who closed her eyes as she listened to the gentle hum and rhythm of the song. After 5 minutes Adrasteia finished her song and her brushing. She told Azrael to stay where she was whilst she got a few clips to push her hair out of her eyes. Adrasteia was back within a few seconds with a clip that had a tiny pink bow on it. She put it in Azrael's hair to push away the hair that was falling into her eyes, "Go to your room and pick out some clothes," she said with a smile before wondering off to her own room to get dressed and shower quickly in the ten minutes she gained from making Azrael choose her own dress.

Within 10 minutes Azrael stood in Adrasteia's room, who was still dressing herself, in a pristine snow white Armani Kids dress with a white leather jacket over it from the same shop. She was wearing pretty, simple and clean navy blue ballet flats and small heart earrings she'd gotten when she was five. After she was born Adrasteia had her ears pierced which was pretty normal for her. Her hair brushed back with the clip and a bright smile on her face, Azrael waited whilst Adrasteia hoisted herself in a dress from the new Marc by Marc Jacobs collection, grabbed her new Michael Kors handbag, jamming her feet into modest Jimmy Choos, put in her earrings and grabbed her car keys, "Mummy? When can I have a bag like that one?" Azrael asked pointing at the Michael Kors bag. Adrasteia laughed and shook her head, "Later sweetie, later," before herding Azrael out of the penthouse into the elevators which doors closed swiftly.


The day of Azrael's 10th birthday was quickly closing in. Adrasteia was running around preparing the big party that Azrael was throwing. Little did they both know the only person who wouldn't be at that party was Azrael herself. The day of her birthday Azrael got up early. Adrasteia was very feminine and in her mind still lived in the 1950s so Azrael was always dressed very girly with makeup and dresses. With her hair curled into golden ringlets with a beautiful flower printed dress and made-up eyes and pale lilac lip she walked down the stairs in their two-floor penthouse, "Mum, I am ready," she beamed brightly.
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twisting and turning [incomplete]
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