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 Backgrounds for the busy.

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Joesph sol

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PostSubject: Backgrounds for the busy.   Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:11 pm

Ok this is quite simple for a small fee ranging from 5 to 75 drachma in price. So the function of this store is to provide backgrounds for anything from weapons to coherent reasons for power increases. So to put it simply the format for the request is like this.

user requesting:(Your account to deliver background too.)

Things or people it will affect:(Who or what is the background needed for)

Item or situation:( the subject of the background.)

Details of background wanted:(What you absolutely need to be included.)

form of background wanted:( How you want the background to be shown in posts.)

anything extra: (Just what it says. Anything cool you want included.)

Ideal price:(It won't be the exact final price but won't go more than ten over. Unless your trying to Rip me off in which case the next category will be consulted.)

I will provide through pm the background final price and this.

Complicity rating: (This is pretty much the scale I use to decide the final price. It goes from 0 to 15 with zero being just a basic background and fifteen asking me to write it in ancient greek alphabet.)
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Backgrounds for the busy.
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