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 Sample Character Bios for Dummies

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PostSubject: Sample Character Bios for Dummies   Mon Jan 14, 2013 8:13 am

Note: The CMs decided to write a few sample bios woo Enjoy! (this also needs to be stickied...)
Name: Felicity 'Fliss' Campbell 

Age/Birthday: 17/June 1st

Gender: Female

God Parent: Aether; Primordial god of the skies

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family: Flora Campbell (mother), Jason Campbell (father)

Years in Camp: 4 years

Brief History: Fliss was born in Chicago to Flora Campbell (née Ryan), a commercial pilot. From a young age, her ADHD was very obvious, and she wouldn't be able to stop moving around and talking. As soon as she entered elementary school, it became obvious that she was dyslexic. Fliss often got frustrated, ending up in the time out corner because she would completely loose control over her emotions. She began to come to terms with the fact that she had dyslexia and wouldn't be able to read after third grade. She didn't have a ton of friends, but Fliss had some. And she was fine with that. Soon after third grade, her mother started dating Jason Campbell. They got married two years later. Jason was very understanding towards Fliss and often helped her read or complete assignments when her mother was working. Life was normal for them until Fliss turned 13, and the day after her birthday, monsters attacked at school. Her mother had been worried for a while about her safety, and the attack was the last straw. Fliss packed her bags and left for Camp Half Blood.

Physical Appearance: Fliss takes after her mother, and barely looks anything like her father. Not that she would care much, anyways. Fliss has black hair and electric blue eyes. She has a round face and large eyes, which often give people the misconception that she's younger than she actually is. Especially because of her height. Fliss is 5'3, and weighs 110lbs. She has a slightly athletic build, but isn't particularly toned or anything because she isn't a big fan of training. She would prefer hanging out with her friends. 

Personality: Fliss is very energetic. She enjoys talking with others and making new friends. She is very outgoing, someone that mist would find easily approachable. However, Fliss lacks confidence and self belief. She relies on support from others and isn't very independent because she feels uncomfortable doing or learning anything new by herself. She tries to hide it, but she is a terrible liar and pretty much anyone can tell that she's lying. 

Fatal Flaw: Fliss' fatal flaw would be her lack of independence. Because she feels that she is powerless without the support of someone else. 

Pets: None. 

Talents: Fliss can breathe in a thin atmosphere due to the fact that her father is the primordial god of the upper atmosphere. She can also gather enough oxygen to help two other people breathe in the upper atmosphere for up to one hour per day. She is also a good volleyball player. 

Weapons: Due to her height, Fliss can't use swords, so she uses daggers and knives. 

Year-Round or Summer: year-round

Other: Her color is slateblue

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Sample Character Bios for Dummies
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