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 Fear Itself

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a. schuyler
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PostSubject: Fear Itself    Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:00 pm

Hello, Isn't it nice to meet you. I'm Faith Lehane, or too a select few [Pfft. The Whole Site] Vina. My hobby is to make characters. Literally. I love them. I'm also the resident Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel nerd. Ask me any question at all, and I can tell you the answer. Maybe that would explain to you my characters names, my topic's name, and my banner. Also, my Face Claims.
Now please, sit down on the pretty blue bean bag, and relax as we show the slideshow of characters. Eat some popcorn, drink some Coke, put your feet up. The bathroom is down that corridor, and the kitchen that one to your left. The Character's Bedrooms are upstairs, two/three to a floor. Anya and Buffy live on the top floor, and I warn you, they don't really take kindly to visitors who don't ring the doorbell too your right.
I am not held responsible for how my darlings treat you. They do love pranks, and Skyla especially loves messing with people. Any personal possessions should be left in my office's safe, so as not to be lost.
The elevator recently broke down, and I have taken the liberty to install a pretty roller-coaster car through-out the entire hotel. Please keep hands and legs inside the vehicle at all times.
So yes, dear visitor. Enjoy your exclusive visit to my Character Hotel. Meet the people who I call my children, meet their animals, and find out the latest news with them.

Buffy: Hi! Hey, over here! OVER HERE! Why don't we start with "Hi, I'm Buffy"? I recommened you ignore Afro and Charlie. Maybe Anya and Auburn too. Cole is a no no. Skyla doesn't like new people. Ronnie is too shy. Oh look at that, I'm the only one left. Lucky for you-
Auburn: Why would I be ignored? I'm nice. Just... I don't like people poking around my History and stuff. I mean, they get to see our Fatal Flaw and all our little secrets... Oh Hi! I'm Auburn Spallin, Iris. I'm dating Taylor! He's really sweet. In fact, I have a date... so... bye!
Anya: There goes the most annoying person ever to walk this earth. And I also have to ask, B, why should I be ignored? I'm so un-ignorable. I'm Anyanka, but for the love of Zeus, who happens to be my Dad, call me Anya. No one can even pronounce Anyanka right. Move on!
Charlie: Hey. I'm Charlie. Hunter. And I'm not to bothered by the fact Buffy's going crazy and saying you should avoid me. See ya.
Aphrodite: Buffy Anne Summers, you're getting on my damn last nerve with your whole "Afro" business. Do I look like I have an Afro? Afro's are for people trying to look cool, and the majorly unattractive. I'm neither. One, I am cool. And two, I am the most attractive person here. Just, for the love of the Gods, shut the hell up. Before I murder you and hide your body in the woods. Anyways. Hi. I'm Aphrodite De LaMarco. Daughter of Hemera-
Cole: Shut it Aph. I'm Cole Notte. Daughter of Nyx. I grew up in an Orphanage. And no, I wasn't left with emotional scarring. Seriously, some kid came up to me today and asked had I been left with problems. Stupid Hermes kid. I very nearly punched him. But I didn't! Which shows you just how non-violent I am! And how I wasn't scarred!
Skyla: Hahahaha Seriously? That actually happened? Hermes Kids crack me up. Names Skyla Stars. Daughter of Hecate. My talents are numerous, because you know, I am a very talented persona.
Ronnie: Em... Hi. I'm Veronica Lyric, Apollo. Everyone calls me... Ronnie though. I had some problems recently... and a four month absence... but I'm here now. Back. And yeah... em hi.

QKdu86 on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs


Buffy Summers | Daughter of Khione | Aged 15

Charlie Grandge | Daughter of Iris | Hunter of Artemis | Aged 17 [Immortal]

Anyanka Harris | Daughter of Zeus | Aged 14

Auburn Spallin | Daughter of Iris | Aged 16

Aphrodite De LaMarco | Daughter of Hemera | Aged 16

Cole Notte | Daughter of Nyx | Aged 16

Skyla Alex Stars-SilverFox | Daughter of Hecate | Aged 15

Veronica "Ronnie" Lyric | Daughter of Apollo | Aged 16


Kendra Lehane | Daughter of Hecate | Aged 14

Kegan Lehane | Daughter of Nemesis | Aged 15

Grace Moon | Daughter of Aphrodite | Aged 16

Constance Newman | Daughter of Athena | Aged 14

Chastity McKenna | Daughter of Nyx | Aged 15 [Immortal]

Chantarelle Browne | Daughter of Aeolus | Aged 15

Kaida Lin Vargas | Daughter of Ouranos | Aged 15

Adara Lorelie | Daughter of Pontus & A Water Nymph | Aged 16

Aislin LaVarrny | Daughter of Melinoe | Aged 16

Willow Hale | Daughter of Aglaia | Nymph | Aged 15

Thomas De la Cruz | Son of Dinlas | Aged 19

Serenity Arrington | Daughter of Macaria | Aged 16

Thalia Jenkins | Daughter of Thanatos | Aged 16

Curiosity "Zee" Dean Temperance | Daughter of Aphrodite | Aged 16

Adopted Character's:

Riley Jae Williams | Daughter of Hermes | Hunter of Artemis | Aged 14 [Immortal]

Mikayla "Ace" Littner | Daughter of Eris | Aged 14

Vivien Emma Elizabeth | Daughter of Amphitrite | Aged 17

Thomas De la Cruz | Son of Dinlas | Aged 19

Charlie Grandge | Daughter of Iris | Hunter of Artemis | Aged 17 [Immortal]


Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, Maiden Girls, the Wilderness, Wild Beasts, Maiden Dances and Songs, Archery, Chastity, Childbirth, Plague and the Moon

Calypso, Daughter of Atlas, And a Sweet Minor Goddess

Work In Progress:

Winifred Burkle | The Legacy of Athena & Hephaestus | Aged 15

Leena Alice Hale | Unclaimed Daughter of Chronos | Aged 16



Buffy Summers | Single

Charlie Grandge | Forever Single

Veronica "Ronnie" Lyric | Crushing On Jonathan Wyatt Adams [Sapphire]

Auburn Spallin | Dating Taylor Stevenson, Son of Khione [Camcam9999]

Cole Notte | Dibbed For Chase Whitebirch, Son of Lyssa [Shan]

Anyanka Harris | Single

Skyla Alex Stars-SilverFox | Complicated [?]

Aphrodite De LaMarco | Mostly Single

---InActives Relationships---

Constance Newman | Crushing On Cameron Ragland [Camcam9999]


Theme Songs:

Buffy Summers | Full of Grace, Sarah McLachlan

Charlie Grandge | Chasing the Sun, The Wanted

Aphrodite De LaMarco | Shut Up And Drive, Rhianna

Auburn Spallin | Lucky, Bif Naked

Veronica "Ronnie" Lyric | Goodbye to You, Michelle Branch

Anyanka Harris | Run Away, Halo Friendlies

Skyla Alex Stars-SilverFox | Fly, Rhianna & Nicki Minaj

Cole Notte | Pain, Four Star Mary



Buffy Summers | Plain old Cyan

Charlie Grandge | A pretty MediumSeaGreen

Aphrodite De LaMarco | She's got a lot of Gold

Auburn Spallin | Just like Pokemon, Goldenrod City

Cole Notte | Her fave color is Teal today

Anyanka Harris | The traditional color of lightning, Yellow

Skyla Alex Stars-SilverFox | Don't be stung by the Thistle!

Veronica "Ronnie" Lyric | Did you see the top she was wearing? It was MediumPurple


Buffy Summers: Most of the shadows in this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.

Charlie Grandge: A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work

Aphrodite De LaMarco: If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.

Auburn Spallin: Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high, there's a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby.

Cole Notte: In three words I can sum up everything I have learned about life; It Goes On

Anyanka Harris: It's like a song. Now, I can hold a note for a long time. - Actually, I can hold a note forever. - But eventually, that's just noise. It's the change we're listening for. The note coming after and the one after that. That's what makes it music.

Skyla Alex Stars-SilverFox: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

Veronica "Ronnie" Lyric: Fairytales are more than real. Not because they tell us dragons are real, but because they tell us dragons can be slain.


Buffy Summers | Sarah Michelle Gellar

Anyanka Harris | Anastasia Horne

Aphrodite De LaMarco | Berit Birkeland

Cole Notte | Jacqueline Jossa

Veronica "Ronnie" Lyric | Michelle Trachtenberg

Skyla Alex Stars-SilverFox | Lucy Hale | Shared


Kendra Lehane | Alyson Hannigan

Kegan Lehane | Bianca Lawson

Constance Newman | Gemma Ward

Chastity McKenna | Julia Lee

Chantarelle Browne | Felicia Day

Kaida Lin Vargas | Lalaine Ann Vergara-Paras

Adara Lorelie | Rachel Bilson

Aislin LaVarrny | Ara Celi

Willow Hale | Amber Tamblyn

Serenity Arrington | Ashley Olsen

Thalia Jenkins | Mary-Kate Olsen

Jai Harris | Charisma Carpenter

Rook Harris | Nicholas Brendon

Morgana Coppella | Cassie Sue

---Unused Face Claim's / Waiting For A Character---

Karen Gillan | Shared


Mia Talerico | Used for Tayburn's Baby. May be shared if so asked.


Katie McGrath Shared


Buffy Summers;

Anyanka Harris;

Aphrodite De LaMarco;

Cole Notte;

Skyla Alex Stars-SilverFox;

Auburn Spallin;

Charlie Grandge;

Veronica "Ronnie" Lyric;



Total RP's:

luctor et emergo

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a. schuyler
Vampire Slayer

Posts : 2284
Join date : 2012-06-06
Age : 19
Location : hell

PostSubject: Re: Fear Itself    Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:01 pm

Buffy Anne Summers, Daughter of Khione And Natural Rebel

Name: Buffy Anne Summers
Age/Birthday: 15 / 19th of Januery
Gender: Female
God Parent: Daughter of Chione, and the legacy of Nyx
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Her Father, Hank Summers | Her Sister, Dawn Summer's | Her Step-Mother, Joyce Summers
Years in Camp: 4 years
Brief History: When Buffy was 10, she was told that her sister wasn't related to her fully. She always attracted monsters, especially when she knew that. Once, when she was in math's class, she was attacked by a hellhound. She managed to get away, and her father brought her straight to camp. She was didn't get to say good-bye to Willow, and hasn't seen her since.
Physical Appearance: She is blond. Her hair is cut quite short, and she has a thin fringe. Her eye's are light green. Buffy's style is light colour's, and she choose's for style and comfort. She wears a silver cross necklace, and a claddagh ring.
Personality: She is bubbly, and funny. She comes out with the most random things sometimes. She loved fashion in her old life, but she really just loves making friends. Sometimes, she says stuff and it gets taken the wrong way, or it offends someone.
Fatal Flaw: She is too loyal. She would die for her friends or family, and she would never leave them to fight on their own.
Pets: She has a puppy called Keno. He is a wolf hybrid. It was a gift from her mother, and she adores him.
Talents: Her abilities include;
- She can slightly freeze someone, but it requires concentration, which being ADHD she doesn't have much of.
- She can make something grow colder and colder until it feels like it's burning.
- When she is angry, an icy wind whips her hair around.
- Something very similar to charmspeak. But with Buffy, it's more like confirming their worst fears.
- She can sense fire.
- She can freeze water, and can create snow. These are her most powerful talents, and she doesn't require much concentration to do it.
Weapons: She has a crossbow. Mostly, she uses her sword though. It comes from her claddagh ring when she drops her body temperature. It is a deadly blade, which can conduct ice through it.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-rounder
Other: Buffy's color is Cyan. Like Anya, I am terribly disappointed with Buffy. At some point, she will be revamped [Ironic way of putting it], And will get better.

luctor et emergo

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a. schuyler
Vampire Slayer

Posts : 2284
Join date : 2012-06-06
Age : 19
Location : hell

PostSubject: Re: Fear Itself    Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:02 pm

Skyla Alex Stars-SilverFox, Daughter of Hecate And Stubborn Comedic

Skyla Alex Stars-SilverFox [Silver-Fox is rarely used. Explained later...]
Name Meaning:
The Sky
Sky, Alex [Is an Option]
17th of December
Em, Male with a little fem in there. [In normal terms, Female]
God Parent:
Hecate, Goddess of Magic, Ghosts, Necromancy and Crossroads. The Legacy of Aphrodite, Zeus, Dionysus, Bellona and Phoebe among others.
Not exactly. She knows her Godly Parent, but she hasn't been claimed with the light and symbol...
Mortal Family:

• Wayne Stars-SilverFox (Father): Wealthy business man, budding eccentric and loving family man. Wayne had it all, his Mother a Daughter of Aphrodite and his Father being a Son of Zeus. Pretty much a given for stormy good looks and a natural ability for making people feel safe and trust him. He even spent eight years going to Camp Half-Blood on and off. Girls loved him, he loved them. Every summer a new relationship that never lasted, and every summer a new enemy. But he was always caring, not meaning to hurt people, not meaning being how he was. So when he left into the real world at age 21, it was to his surprise to find a love in Hecate. Course he knew who she was. His Family had been in relationships with Gods for so many generations at this point. It just surprised Wayne that Hecate had chosen to fall in love with HIM. Despite his heritage, he had pretty low value of his looks, and his persona. And she stayed for months, even though he knew she would have to leave. Nine Months on, and their beautiful Baby Girl was born. Soon she was gone, leaving nothing but a small envelope she said Skyla herself needed to open. Wayne was heartbroken of course, but his attention soon came around to the pretty cafe worker RJ. And they both fell in love despite her own kids and her previous failed marriage.

    'My Dad? Oh he's awesome. And I mean that. You hear about these rich people, who have kids but don't like... connecting with them. But he's more than a business man. He's our Dad. All of our Dad's. Course he's so annoying sometimes. Over-Protective and stuff. But he's nice and don't tell him, but he's also something I couldn't live without. I love my Dad!'

• Step-Mother (RJ Brooks Stars-SilverFox): On the poorer side of life, RJ was always taught by her Spanish Papa to appreciate and care for everything that came into her life. So she came to believe most of the Men that told her she was beautiful, and became somewhat weak. A flurry of Spanish Maiden and Americanized Youth, she made her own way in the world at age nineteen. Boston was her last stop, a cafe that paid pretty well and even helped her buy a small apartment just around the corner. So a normal life for a year, bringing up herself and finding love in the form of Bruce Earl. With him she had a child, little Lewis. But he abused her, cheated, and soon ran with a new woman, to where she never knew. Of course another man came into her life. Bill Gold. He felt that she was a Girl who shouldn't be wasted in the cafe where she loved and worked in. And their Daughter, Tinker-Bell Gold was loved by both her Parents. They married, but it failed soon because of her own duties. So it was to her dismay that Wayne fell for her, and she fell for him, as she felt she would hurt him like Bill. How wrong she was when she found he had a Baby Girl, only Four Months old. Her own Children loved this new girl in their lives, finding her strange and new, something they could mind. And so when a year later Wayne and herself married, the small Family was happy. And even happier with the news of their first child. Charlee Stars-SilverFox was born that summer, a Baby with attitude. So the Family kept the large mansion that Wayne and his own Family owned, and they told RJ everything about their heritage. She didn't freak out. She wasn't scared. Instead she found she loved them even more because they trusted her with the secret. And that was it...

    'Oh RJ is cool. Like, the awesome Mother who turns up to collect you from school in old Band T-Shirts and sometimes Pajamas. I don't think she was approved of at first, but I don't really remember when I was like, two. Wait. I was one? Not even?! Well then I certainly won't remember them days. But yeah. She's so... different to the rest of the Family. She's just so natural. And plus, her and the others accepted the whole Half-Blood thing without screaming. Or maybe they did scream, but I wouldn't remember.'

• Step-Brother (Lewis Earl): Twenty Years old, living in New York City. He was always slightly wary of Wayne, after seeing his Mother fall foul in two relationships. But he grew to love him, calling him Dad at times, and his little Step-Sister becoming a follower of him. She loved to follow and to play with the "Boys" and he was only too happy to oblige. Left to Private School when he was 13, and the Family didn't like him being gone. But they dealt, and so did he. So much so that when he turned 18, Lewis got a job in the Marines, and has been training and working since.

    'Lewis is freaking awesome! He's like, the big Brother that I wished I had and got. Right now, he's living in New York, a high-end apartment that Dad bought when he was like, eighteen. He's like, never there though, cause he's always working. So a waste of an apartment in my eyes, not that I would want his apartment. I was given one of the spare keys for reasons I can't like work out, and when we were in New York I went there. It’s like, horrible, all boyish and stuff, but at the end of the day, whatever floats your boat. I said that once to Lewis and he laughed, cause you know, Marines.'

• Step-Sister (Tinker-Bell Gold): 18, living with her Family still, and pretty much the punk/Goth rebel. Her clothes’ scare everyone, apart from the Family, who see a softer side whenever behind closed doors. She tried to lose the dorky name given to her, Tinker-Bell, by calling herself Victoria and Vic for short. Her look changed so many times from age 3 to 17 that she was given four rooms of the house just for her clothes. Almost a surprise when you find that she loves her Family, that she takes off the dark stuff at night, and that she still very much likes reading and singing. Tinker-Bell hates her own Father, both for his leaving and for things said at a party for her Half-Sister Hilary. She parties pretty much a lot of her spare time, but Tinker-Bell tries to stick to weekends.

    'Ha, Tink. She's the coolest of the whole Family, plus she's the one with the most clothes. Its cause she changes her style so often. Her style now is... well its kinda like, both Punk and Gothic, lots of black and stuff. Don't let her know I told you, but despite that she still has pink pajamas, for "An Emergency". Although, why you would have pink pajamas for an emergency, I don't know. She is cool though, cause whenever she actually gets up at the weekends, she drives me and Charlee in her old ugly car to get Ice-Cream.'

• Half-Sister (Charlee Stars-SilverFox): Born to Wayne and RJ, she was their first born child. Attitude came naturally to her when she was able to talk, and even as an eleven year old, she's cheekier than others. She's almost worse than her Sister Tinker-Bell! At Boarding School for a lot of the year, Charlee is the popular girl in her class. The pretty one too, cause her long hair coupled with her wide eyes make her insanely good-looking. She's like a younger version than Skyla. The dote of her Grandpa, she sucks up to most adults when she can, but the Family love her like they love any other member.

    'Charlee is okay. Spoilt rotten, pretty, popular. She's the most like Grandma Elizabeth when she was younger according to Grandpa Rupert. Course I wish I had seen Grandma when she was younger, cause even now she's insanely good looking. Dad doesn't like to talk about his great looking Mom, cause she's like, really old. At the very least 50 and she looks almost better than RJ. Course we would NEVER say that to RJ. But back to Charlee, she's fine. I keep getting told she's like me when I was her age, but I don't get how. She's cheeky, whereas I was... well.... cheeky.'

• Half-Sister (Chelsea Mia Stars-SilverFox): The Baby of the Family, Chelsea was born just under ten months ago. The only blonde of the Family, everyone loves her. She can't even speak yet, but she's the most persuasive. Skyla cares for Chelsea most of all in her Family, because she's the only one she's actually been able to care for as a Baby. Not that much to say about her, apart from she's spoilt rotten and by far the cutest of all.

    'Chelsea! She's the greatest of all my Sisters. And I have... three. Including her. But yeah. She's really cute and stuff. I wish that I had seen Charlee when she was a Baby; cause I want to know is she anything like her. But I did see her, and again I have to say I don't remember. Alas, my memory is kinda blurry from them months of my life. Maybe Charlee had something to do with it. But yeah, Chelsea is great. Apart from when she cries, cause it makes your heart break. Not literally, cause that would suck.'

• Grandma (Elizabeth Marie Stars-SilverFox Williams): Elizabeth Stars-SilverFox, Daughter of Aphrodite, and the general airhead. Caring, Loving, but not a thought lasts in her head for more than ten minutes. She loves her Grandchildren unconditionally, would do anything for them, and the same for her Son and Daughter in Law. Originally, Elizabeth didn't approve of RJ, thinking her a little TOO common for their Family. But after a funny story involving an Espouse and the Houses Library, she agreed with everything her Son had saw in RJ. Their like... the Best Friends of strangeness.

    'Grandma Elizabeth is really pretty. And she's convincing when Dad wants us to clean our rooms. That's cause she can "Charmspeak" apparently, but that's something I don't know much about. I think she uses it to convince people to let her win at Bingo and stuff in her spare time. She really didn't approve of RJ from what I've been told. But I suppose she must now, cause she like, sits with her and talks and everything, which is scary when the two of them are discussing your report card. The only thing I don't like about Grandma is that she smells funny. Like socks and perfume.'

• Grandpa (Rupert Quinton Williams): Rupert fell for Elizabeth at a dance the two were attending with their dates, and actually spent a lot of time running to get her. Their relationship was only sealed when it was found out her was a Son of Zeus, and the two were wed. The Family accepted him straight away, Elizabeth's parents giving them the Family Home in Boston. Here they raised their only two children, Lillian and Wayne. One of them Sleepy Grandpa's, Rupert likes to play with his Grandchildren when he's awake.

    'Hm, I suppose Grandpa is as cool as Grandma. He sleeps most of them time. But he's cool when he has some red chardonnay in him. Which sounds horrible, but he's much funner drunk. But he knows lots of cool stuff as well. Like about... wars. And... Fish. Yeah, not really cool, coming to think about it.'

    'My history was the best! I mean, from my time anyways. Some of our Family, or more accurately my Great-Great-Grandfather Wesley like, disappeared. But it was good. RJ was always there for us. Dad was always there for us. Lewis used to play with me the whole time, Tink used to be like, the greatest Sister ever, and everyone else was just awesome. Coming to think about it, most of them still are awesome, the only thing that's changed is looks and living places. My Mom being like, non-exsistant didn't really bother me or anyone else, cause I had Dad and RJ. They were like Super-Hero's.'

Brief History:
Let’s start with her very first Demi-God ancestor. Or maybe her 21st? The Gods had a habit of falling for the Stars-SilverFox's, around two in every Generation. Easier cause their Family is massive. But it was still slightly odd. The Family was attractive though, looks and personality fitting in perfectly in every person. But let’s start her History on an Ending.
Wesley SilverFox was 22, a budding eccentric just like Wayne. His place was pretty much cemented in place to take over all the Family Business's. Odd things always seemed to gravitate away from the Family though. Not much ever really happened apart from what was set. Nothing strange anyways.
Apart from the fact some of them were Half-Bloods. So not that strange.
Only Wesley. The first Roman Half-Blood, his Father took that secret to his grave. Ashamed of what his Son was. Wesley was trained though, in school and fighting. He was loved, for the most part. But unlike all his Family, he was never claimed. Or that was the story. Of course, Bellona was... a little annoyed that her Son was never allowed to honor her as his Mother. And she most likely had a part to play in his life and curse.
Wesley grew darker. He became resentful. So much so that his 22nd Birthday saw him run from the Family Estate in Iowa, and keep going to Canada. Here he worked as a fisher for weeks, poor and lost in the World. Until Gaia whispered to him. Told him her plans, ones that could involve him. She told him that he could get revenge on the Greeks. He could be greater than any other Half-Blood, and all he had to do was help her raise some of her more... violent Children. In a moment of madness, Wesley signed over his soul for power, and joined Gaia. Months passed. He worked hard, trying to help bring forth one of her Children from the earth. Only one thing ever stopped him.
Gaia let slip about how he would turn out different from a Girl who had killed herself and her Mother, who had each been working with her. That remark made him stop and think, really think about what he was doing. And this saw him fleeing in the wee hours of the next morning, running to the home he had left, scared that Gaia would stop him. Unfortunate for him the Gods had known what he had been doing, and that was what saved him from her wrath. When he crossed into America, poor Wesley was captured and brought before the Gods, where an Audience was held that changed the Family's life.
The Gods, disgusted by Wesley and his plans, changed the Family. A new name, Stars, was given. He was told that the Family would be forever shamed, and forever thought as traitors for what he had done. The Gods would think twice before delving into relationships with them. Most of all, his punishment.
Wesley would never remember. Everything about his life, his home, and his own choices would be erased. The only thing he would remember was his name, and nothing else. And so it was.
Everything changed, the Family name, the Family History. People would know nothing about their ancestor Wesley, apart for that he disappeared, and the name with him.
And when he woke up in Central Park, the Gods punishment was true. Wes knew nothing about himself or his past Family.
In his own time, he married, had Children, and died, forever out of sorts, not knowing why he was so different.
And the Family left found these Children, after searching for the lost Wesley for so long. They never knew exactly if they were Wesley's own Kids, but they trusted certificates, and that brought the Children to their real home.
Fast Forward a few decades, some happy times and sad, and a break of that whole "Think Twice" thing, and Wayne and Hecate bore a Baby Daughter who was christened Skyla for Wayne's Father's, Father Zeus, Lord of the Sky's.
And only a Month after little Skyla was born, Hecate left in the Night, leaving a small silver envelope with the instructions that when Skyla turned 16 she was to open it, and until then no-one else. A beautiful black scarf, a midnight blue teddy and a silver bracelet were also left, with no instructions. Wayne, heartbroken knew to follow them, and hid the envelope, placing it deep in the attic with the other items.
Wayne of course knew he couldn't be too sad, because of his Daughter, and soon got into a routine of going to a local Coffee Shop to watch the Half-Spanish girl working so hard.
And low and behold, the two fell deeply in love; marrying and moving in together so as their Children could grow up in a spacious home.
Many encounters followed them happy days, Hell-hounds, Emposai and a Manticore, but in all honesty, it could have been worse.
So when Skyla turned 13, found the items in the Attic and a Satyr came to the door, it was pretty much the strangest moment of all in their lives. RJ was the one to open to door to Oak, the slightly irrational Satyr charged with finding Skyla and bringing her to Camp Half-Blood.
It was all a whirl of small fights and strange eating, but soon Sky stood on the large doorstep, a bag in her hand and three more behind her, waiting for her Dad to come and say goodbye.
And he did. With a final sentence. "Whatever you do, say nothing about SilverFox. I love you Skyla, never forget that.'
So with one of her names restricted for use, she got into a limo Wayne had ordered to drive them to Camp, and tearfully left her home.
Camp was amazing to her. Weapons, Campers, and so many other things that she found astonishing. Most of all, the Hecate Cabin, where she felt a sense of belonging more than she had ever felt before.
And Chiron told her that she lived there. Her stuff brought in, her Siblings introduced.
Two short years later and the Girl who had never been too popular was well... popular. Not one of the MOST popular, but people knew her because of her Mortal Family who made a killing in the stock market. Not too many friends though, because her ADHD and Dyslexia made it difficult for her to actually concentrate and talk to people. Instead Skyla had developed an interest in her Family, and especially the mystery of Wesley...

    'Well I am pretty. No point saying I ain't cause like, why pretend to be something you're not? I love my hair! Yeah, I do. Its awesome, and frankly I would hate to have like, short hair. Then I love my eyes too, despite that weird color change thing they do. You could like, look at me to find out the rest though, cause I don't really love talking about my appearance.'

Physical Appearance:
Pale and with dark features, Skyla is one of the prettiest of her Family. Her Father and Grandmother have even said she was the one to inherit the heritage of Aphrodite. Maybe she did, and that's why her features work with each other, but maybe their wrong, and the reason she's so pretty is because of her own beauty.
Her hair is generally long, falling below her shoulder's. Large natural curls shape it, making it shorter than it really is. Straight, its not nearly as pretty and she comments when people ask her to change her style. Two bangs frame her face, curly and thick, which constantly fall into her face and annoy her. While she hates the way her hair annoys her, she also would never tie it up without reason, because she doesn't like the pull of her hair when its tied. Skyla's Grandmother used to spend hours sitting by the fire with her little Granddaughter, brushing the curls with a soft bristled brush, and singing in her sweet voice old lullaby's that Skyla's remembers to this day. Then even more hours would be spent, because Lewis or Tink would help mess it up again, and she would have to fix it.
Eyes as dark as Onyx, they shift and change for some reason in different lights, and with different feelings. Never very noticeable because she's able to control the emotions she feels, Skyla's eyes are either black as night or barely brown. Their slightly too large for her face, giving her the wide eyed innocent look that she wouldn't have without them, but sparkle prettily in her face. Framed with thick eyelashes, her eyes are always outlined with a thick layer of black, and her eyelashes always coated with mascara. Eye-shadow isn't a regular item in her make-up bag, but she does wear it.
Her eyebrows are thick, but also curved slightly so as to make them seem neat when their not.
Skyla's nose isn't exactly perfect, but definitely not horrible. It is slightly on the larger side, but whether she just doesn't care about that flaw, or whether she's never actually noticed it [Which would be a surprise cause she always has a mirror near her], is a question that people often wonder.
Her lips light pink, one slightly less full than the other. Their usually covered in a layer of lipstick or lip-gloss, that make them either darker or more shiny.
Pale, she tans easily and also loses that tan pretty quick. While Skyla likes nothing better than to relax on the Beach or by the Lake in the heat and sunlight, she hates the sunburn she needs to get before her tan can appear.
Of average height, she's nearly always shorter than boys that she's friends with or goes out with. It bother's here because she needs to get a chair or something else to stand on when she needs to reach something high, but she won't complain because she knows heels make her taller.
Skyla's style is random, something different every day. She probably learnt that from Tinker-Bell, because of her style changes. She wears plaid, she wears solid blacks, she wears anything, not one for a specific style. With her Dad's money, she's able to buy designer items if she wants, but chooses the cheaper shops, only splashing cash on Converse. And in her wardrobe, she has like every color and design of Converse ever made. Jewelery isn't something she wears, although Skyla adores different earrings. Dresses are like the only thing she won't wear, hating them with every fiber of her being.
Most of her clothes are covered in dirt, blood, the occasional marker doodle because that's just how she is.

    'My personality. Hm, I suppose I'm funny. And witty. And all them words. Then of course I'm like, fiery and got a temper too. I don't really know. Cause its like, something I don't think about too much. I mean, why would I want to know my own personality, when I have to find out the person's beside me so I know what their like. If I don't like them, I suppose I say it. And it usually gets me into some insane trouble. I love my Family and stuff too, so that comes into the picture with Personality, right? Wait now. There's that handy few paragraphs down there, so why the hell did you ask me? Just look at the white writing, okay?! Jeez, some people...'

With her way of thinking slightly on the stranger side, and her own personality changing, Skyla is one of them girls who contradicts herself in every possible way. Sarcastic, funny, caring, talkative, each only the tip of the iceberg when it comes down to it. She’s a strong fighter, holding her own and never giving up despite the odds, and also a person who goes for the hurt instead of the kill. Monsters don’t bother her, but she also holds a level of fear and revulsion when people speak of killing them. Especially the more humanoid monsters, as she has a moment of doubt when it comes to them being able to speak, and to have basic human features.
She’s witty, smart and cunning. Her plans fall through usually, and they themselves are usually quite complex. She’s a good thinker even though she has Dyslexia and ADHD, and knows a lot more than she’s given credit for. Skyla thinks every detail through, she analysis everything, every movement and opponent makes, everything that’s said. Conversations from month’s maybe years before are remembered because she knows that they may be needed one day.
Her cunning and wit is unrivaled, seemingly a dumb kid who has more looks than thoughts, but she surprises you. A quick thinker and a good doer, she knows when to stop and when to start with remarks and actions.
Sarcastic, she has something to say about everything and anything, always ready to break your hopes or make them.
Skyla is also quite honestly caring, and loves people with everything she holds. Love isn't a word to her, it’s a physical item, something that is to be handed out carefully and to people chosen equally careful. This makes her slightly nervous around people, and it’s hard for her to trust everyone. Hera, Zeus and Hades children also bring out the part of her that holds no trust unless you prove that she can give it to you.
Saying that though, she can be too trusting after a conversation. Through a few compliments around, maybe some remarks on her hair, and she’s putty in your hands. Her own Siblings, the other Hecate Children would find that, each one trusted by her even though she barely knows them.
The most notable thing about her is her thoughts. She speaks pretty much before she speaks, and often has to apologize later when a fight comes around. Skyla constantly tells people “You know how my foot likes to live in my mouth” because she simply acts and says before the process of actually thinking what’s being done could hurt someone doesn't flit across her brain till afterwards.
Always prepared for a fight, the one thing that people would comment on is that she always has a weapon by her side. She loves the adrenaline, but hates the hurt or kill.
Talkative, she gets into a groove when she warms to you, and absolutely has to speak every few seconds cause it’s like life or death. It’s actually rare for someone to make her speechless, because she’s prepared and has something to say every time you speak.
The biggest thing about her, that others don’t even realize until they see her in battle, is that she holds no fear. None, with no boundaries if you endanger her or her friends and family. Not that she doesn't have ANY fear, she’s just learnt to not show it, to keep it hidden, to bury it and mask it with other emotions. Something that would scare her is the loss of someone she loves or someone she could potentially love, but other than that, no expression of fear will pass on her face. It’s an emotion she has all but lost, and she hides that loss so well. Horror movies, Horror stories, Cheese, none of it scares her.
As Skyla herself admits, she has a horrible temper at times. Things get on her nerves that means she goes on and on and on and on for hours about this problem, or this person, or animal, or whatever, until by the end she's gone so off topic that she doesn't remember the original thing that had her upset. Her eyes show anger and her eyes show every other emotion, and people who really know her can read and judge when they need to stop. She needs to be slapped at times [Not literally], because her feelings become so much that she can't stop herself.
She's shy, loud, rude, formal... all in all, when the day comes to an end, Skyla keeps you guessing on just how she'll act.
Fatal Flaw:

    'Wow. These questions just keep getting weirder don't they. Em, I don't think I'm supposed to know my Fatal Flaw am I? Maybe Trust... or arrogance... something like that? Jeez, again I say, there's that nice little paragraph down there that I've been denied access to. Look. Read. Find stuff out.'

Skyla has so many Flaw's, each worse than the other, but only three would ever be called Fatal.
Personal Loyalty, is her top problem. She would rather give herself up then lose Family or Friends. They mean the world to her, even if she doesn't mean the world to them.
Sky got one right up there. Trust is a major issue to her. She's one of the worst in Camp for not trusting, but at the end of the day she feel's that it helps her make true friends. To her "People want to be in the popular zone. They want to find that one place where they belong. People that stay with me nod, smile, go through the motions. But I'm completely alone. Their so busy nodding and agreeing to what I say that they don't here a word of it."
Her final flaw isn't too dangerous for her. She has some Over-Confidence issues, cause she's so hard to scare. She believes that she can beat any monster, and can beat any person. Too bad for her that she can't.

None. While she would love a Cat, maybe a Dog, she doesn't feel she can care for one.
A good sword fighter, an average aim, a less than adequate knife fighter. Her talents really revolve around her parentage, and not her own skills.

• Sword Fighting: Her only real weapon based talent, that she underestimates herself in this. Truth is, she is incredibly skilled, able to beat opponents twice her size and age. Her own reluctance to hurt means that she doesn't really believe her skill will come to anything.

• Elemental Based Magic: Revolving around Earth and everything connected to the Earth, she drains so easily when trying to control or manipulate any other element. Earth is the only one that she needs barely any concentration with, and is able to create. The other elements she can only manipulate/control, not create. Even with manipulation, its rare for her to be able to control.

• Mystiokinesis: Reality Warping. The ability to control a natural form of energy. Magic is a very complex and dangerous force as it gives control of natural energies in order to produce a needed positive change, but also could be used for evil purposes. So basically, normal magic. This requires a sacrifice when used, choosing blood from the caster or energy from the user. It can be used to control anything, but with these drawbacks, is rarely used.

• Incantations: Latin and Greek words said with a Blessing from Hecate mean that these type of spells can be used against or for a person. This is draining, but also the most natural of abilities.

• Visions: Oh yeah. The worst of powers, that she was "Gifted" [Used in the loosest possible sense] and that have drawbacks in their own right. Skyla gets terrible, head splitting visions from time to time, that depict some horrible thing about to happen, or something good. She can't control when they happen, only watch, and be in absolute pain. They could happen when she's walking, or even happen when she touches something significant to whats about to happen, but either way she can't speak until their over.

• Invisibility: Does exactly what it says on the tin, only not exactly. Skyla, when feeling extremely strong emotions such as Anger, Fear, Embarrassment or Extreme Happiness, flickers out of visibility. Able to control at times, its draining to keep it going when she's making it happen. Skyla doesn't even realize when it happens the other times though, because she isn't doing it. Its only later she feels the effects.

• All Other Magic Based Abilities: Hecate. Magic. Two peas in a pod. Anything that Hecate has domain over, look for Skyla or her siblings of course. She can do most magic things. To an extent.

A sword that appears from her only piece of jewelry, a silver bracelet. It was a gift from Hecate, left when she did, that Skyla found in the attic on her 13th Birthday.
With an intricate design and a blade that can conduct her own magic, Skyla would never dream of losing or leaving it behind somewhere.
She is also okay with a bow and arrow, owning a simple silver one that a Hunter left when at Camp. Knives are something she hates, and relies on Camp to provide if she was ever to train with them.
Her shield is still "In Production" at the Forges, cause she's only recently WANTED one. And Skyla doesn't wear Armour when fighting cause she's pretty confident.

Year-Rounder or Summer:
Year-Rounder, but leaves for days on end to her Father's home.
Her color is Thistle. I'm disappointed with her history XD

luctor et emergo

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Auburn Spallin, Daughter of Iris And Professional Recluse

Name: Auburn Spallin
Age/Birthday: 16 / 2nd of July
Gender: Female
God Parent: Iris
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Her father (Decesed), No known relatives.
Years in Camp: 4 years
Brief History: She is a year rounder. She has the power to make rainbows appear when she is happy, but if you get on her nerves or embarrass anyone she cares about, she will show you in one of two ways: Her eyes flash different colours depending on her mood, and her rainbows can become very violent. If you get on her bad side, she will never forget and you should tred very carefully.
Physical Appearance: She did this while she was on the run from her last foster home. She has all the colours of the rainbow dyed into her hair. Her eyes are all different clours. She is always wearing different colours of eyeshadow on her eyelids. The side of her left eye is tattoed with spots that are black. If she moves her face, they seem to be silver.
Personality: She is the perfect daughter of Iris! She is bubbly, fun, helpful and loves to make people happy. She sometimes becomes a little too hyper, but she can bring herself down too concentrate. She came to camp half-blood 4 years ago, and loves being there
Fatal Flaw: Skeptic - She is scared to get close to anyone, because she is always expecting them to let her down
Pets: She has a cat called Blue
Talents: She can make rainbows appear around her. Auburns eyes change colour depending on her mood.
Weapons: She uses a bow and arrow and sword.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-rounder
Other: Auburn's color is Goldenrod. Again. One of my first character's. She's gonna be done up and all that stuff, cause this character is just depressing with her shortness.

Inactive, Replaced With Leena Hale, Unclaimed Daughter of Chronos

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Charlotte-Marie "Charlie" Grandge
Frozen at 17 years of age. Though, in reality, she's 25.
July 15, 1986
Godly Parent:
Iris (Ίρις), goddess of the rainbow and divine messenger
Years in Huntresses:
8 years

Mortal Family:
• Father (Oscar Grandge): Oscar Grandge used to be a care-free, wild, insane free spirit. He was artistic, crazy, random, overall, very right brain heavy. He, Charlie and Georgia would travel and go on adventure after adventure. It was a great life. Though Charlie was always more supportive of it than Georgia. When both Charlie and Georgia were almost killed, Oscar Grandge decided that it was time to find a spot and stay there. He actually got a real job at a bank, which Charlie hated. Soon, he became more and more organized and responsible. He started to dress nicely and not have paint on him. He covered up his tattoos every morning with clothing or coverup. Georgia was supportive of the change, but Charlie was not. Soon the change became just about permanent when he married Charlie's step mom, Chrissy.
    "My dad used to be great! When I was little we traveled, hopping from place to place, learning new things, meeting new people. It was amazing. The best life ever. But then that all ended. Me and my sister were in a "near death experience". It was just a hellhound. And we got away, so I don't know why it freaked Oscar out so much. Yes, I call my dad by my first name. Anyways, he decided that we were going to stop traveling, get a home, settle down, and stay there. Boring. But Georgia loved it. When my dad married Chrissy, things just got worse. He already worked at a bank, and then he marries this stuck up, rich, snooty little... Gah. She keeps him "contained". "Mustn't let daddy go out and embarrass the family with dirty hands!" I want my real dad back.. The one that my real mom fell in love with. But still, all in all, I guess he's a good parent."
• Step-Mother (Chrissy Grandge): Chrissy married into the Grandge family when Charlie was ten. She's a very uptight, proper, clean person. And Charlie hates her. Chrissy and Charlie's personalities both clash drastically. Chrissy is well-mannered, polite, and feminine. Charlie is not. She's messy, artistic, loud, rude, and strong. The only thing keeping them from murdering each other is Oscar. He is the person that steps in and talks to both sides rationally. In the end, Charlie and Chrissy agreed to be civil. And, to help that process, Charlie left.
    "Chrissy is just...ugh!' That woman has to have something shoved up her butt because she's so uptight all the time. She's proper, and a lady. Who gives a crap about being "a lady". Don't your parts do that for you?! I just don't understand her. Maybe if she hadn't forced my dad to completely change who he was, I might not mind her as much. But the woman comes in and changes our entire life. The way we eat, where we live, what we do, EVERYTHING. It all changed with two little words. "I do"."
• Sister (Georgia Grandge): Georgia Grandge is the "sensible sister". She is a little over a year older than Charlie and has apparently gained all the wisdom there is in the world in that year. She's a very smart, knowledgeable person. Almost overpoweringly so. When the Grandges were traveling, she was the one that kept the group in check. She was the one who cooked and was responsible. And she was always the one who asked if they could stop traveling and just calm down for a little bit. Charlie and Georgia don't always see eye to eye, but they get along generally well.
    "Georgia is my big sister. Though she acts like she's learned all there is to know about the world in that one year. She thinks she knows everything. And I have to say, the most upsetting part of that, is that she often is right. I don't inositol how se can remember these things and names and crap that I don't give a hoot about. I swear, she has a photographic memory. Anyway, me as my sister got along better when we were travelling. Georgia isn't a very stubborn person. So when we would argue, I would win. But then something went her way. We settled down. And it, like, lit this fire to get what she wanted in her. It was dangerous. Because now there three, equally stubborn Grandge women in the world. But when we finalł settled down, she became even worse. She was convinced that this would help our father "grow up". And then she supported the marriage from the Underworld. She was decided on her opinion if the union in less than a week. She loved it. She said it was helping him "Keep up and wake up!" did you ever think that maybe he doesn't want to do those things?! Nate he just wants to eat pizza in bed. He has his entire life to grow up, why would you want more of it? Sometimes I just didn't understand Georgia."
• Half-Brother (Michael Grandge):
Michael Grandge is the child of Oscar Grandge and Chrissy Grandge. Therefore, he is Charlie's half-brother. Michael is six years of age, but has only met Charle twice in his entire lifetime. Though, it's not because Charlie doesn't try to visit. Chrissy believes that the Greek gods thing is "evil", since she's a devout Catholic. Charlie has called her out on her beliefs, shown her abilities, but Chrissy just believes she worships "Satan". And when Charlie came back with "Well actually, it's Hades, and I give offerings to all the gods," Chrissy snapped. She refused Charlie any contact with Michael after that. Charlie has tried to send him an Iris message so she can meet her half-brother, but it's no use. Chrissy watches him like a hawk.
    "Michael...the one time I met him he was the sweetest little boy. It seems like he's the only good thing that came out of their marriage... But, that good thing was taken away by the cruelest person to ever live. Chrissy. She thinks I worship Satan! Pah! No, dolt, that's not why I have these abilities. I have these abilities because your husband and my dad got it on with a goddess. I just don't get it... She lets Georgia see him! OH wait, that's right. Georgia didn't want to be a Huntress. She said it was too much work that would be unfulfilled. Well I don't believe that. It's the most rewarding experience I've ever had. But because it comes with immortality from age, Chrissy doesn't let me see Michael. And because I'm not like Georgia. I won't push my heritage under a rug just like that. "

Brief History:
    "My history, the early parts of it, was the best! I traveled around with my dad and my big sister. We got along, most of the time, and saw the most amazing things! My dad was my hero. He was so strong and adventurous. I wanted to be just like him. But then those times ended. Georgia and I, being demigods, started to have a scent. And a strong one, apparently. We were attacked in one of our trips by a hellhound. Georgia got stitches in her back, and I broke my arm. But we got away! So I don't know why Oscar insisted on us "settling down". Georgia loved it, but I hated it. And then things just got worse and worse. Oscar married Chrissy. And she completely changed him. Granted he was changing for himself a little bit before, but she really solidified it! No painting, no tattoos, she made him cover up his current ones, no contact with me and he had to dress nicely. Well after those rules were put into effect, I followed Georgia, who had gone to Camp Half-Blood a year before. I didn't stay there long, though. I was recruited to the Huntresses, made the pledge, and it was the best choice I ever made. I love the Hunters. They're more of a family to me than my real family. I don't have to deal with men, I travel around, get to shoot things with arrows, and live with the goddess Artemis and the rest of the Hunters. WHat could be better? I'll answer that for you. Nothing."
Charlie was born in Portland, Oregon. Though she didn't live there for very long. Only about two years after Charlie was born, the family of three began to travel. At first, it wasn't very far travels and they always returned to Oregon. But as time went on, they went further and further out into the world and they returned home less and less. Oscar paid the bills for their house when they would return home, so they still owned it, but they never lived there. It was like an empty thing that they could always come back to. The family would stay in hotels, at strangers houses, or even rent an apartment for their travels to different places. They stayed all over the world. They backpacked across Europe, took a safari through Africa, dove into Asian culture, and explored the ruins of South America.
However, when Charlie was seven and Georgia was eight, the two girls were attacked by a hellhound. Georgia had to get stitches in her back and Charlie broke her arm. After that experience, Oscar realized that taking the girls all these places was exposing them to the monsters wanting to kill them. It was dangerous. And he had to prevent his girls from being hurt. The Grandges moved back to Portland, Oregon and "settled down". Oscar got a job at a bank and started working there, much to Charlie's hatred for the boring job. While at said job, Oscar Grandge met his soon-to-be wife, Chrissy Sarlton. Or, as she was soon to be known, Chrissy Grandge. Charlie never understood why her father married such a boring, dull, proper, annoying woman. When she tries confronting him about his decision, he gets upset. "It's what's best for the family!" he says. Charlie has stopped asking about the marriage over the years, though it's mostly because she wants to preserve whatever kind of relationship she has with her father for as long as possible. When Charlie was fourteen, she went to Camp Half-Blood, as her sister did the year before her. Charlie was claimed almost immediately, since Georgia had already been claimed as well. She spent three years with her half-siblings and it was better than home, but something was still missing. She didn't feel complete at camp. It was nice and friendly, but she felt like she wasn't living her life to the fullest. And then, one day, The Hunters of Artemis came to camp to recruit and Charlie knew that's what she wanted to do.
At the age of seventeen, Charlie Grandge became a Hunter of Artemis. She's traveled around with her adoptive family. She's had close calls, lost friends, and had happy times with the rest of the girls as well as Lady Artemis, who she respects more than anyone else. Charlie has been a Huntress for eight years and, despite the fact that it cut her from her relationship with her new half-brother, she will tell anyone who asks that it was the best decision she ever made.

Physical Appearance:
    "My appearance? I mean...I guess it's pretty normal? I don't know! All of the girls in the Hunters say that I'm pretty. But we're not really ones to care much about looks. I'm average I suppose. Average height, weight, beauty, things like that. I have tattoos, if that means anything to you. It probably doesn't. Just look at me or something! Holy crap, don't make me describe myself..."
Charlie stands at about 5'9" in height, so she's on the taller end of the female height spectrum. She has a thin, but muscular frame, due to her training with the Hunters. Her arms and legs are mostly muscle, though her stomach still remains lacking in tone. Her arms and legs are long and she has a short, petite torso. Her feet are quite small for her height. She only wears a size 6 and everyone says that her feet look like toddler feet. Her hands, however, are quite large. Her fingers are long and thin which makes gripping a bow easier. Her right arm is covered in a sleeve of tattoos. This tattoo mural starts at her wrist, goes up her arm, over her shoulder, and down her right side before it ends at her hip. It's quite a large tattoo, but Charlie loves it. Though whether or not her love for it came because her step-mother hates it is unknown. Charlie also has a rainbow on her ankle in honor of her mother, Iris.
Charlie's face is heart-shaped. She has round cheeks and strong cheekbones that people, for some reason, love to poke. Her cheekbones are especially prominent, along with her dimples, when she smiles. Charlie believes her nose to be slightly large, but it's not a very prevalent flaw. While she doesn't have a "button nose", she doesn't have a beak either. Her nose comes to a point and flips up a bit at the tip. Her lips are thick and pink. Often they are turned up in a smile or open because Charlie is blabbing about something on her mind. Charlie always says that she has a big mouth, meaning both literally and figuratively. Charlie's ears stick out a little bit at her earlobes, but whether or not she has yet to notice it or just doesn't care, it doesn't bother her. Her eyesbrows are plucked, though not by her own choice. She let her friend pluck them when she was younger and ever since then, if she didn't keep them clean and tidy, they would grow out like bushes. Charlie has a very expressive face. All of her emotions can be read like an open book if one simply watches her facial expressions.
Charlie's eyes sit on either side of her nose, a bit too close together. They are round with slender points in shape. They are framed by thick, dark eyelashes that are made longer, thicker, and darker by the caked on mascara. Charlie loves eye makeup, but only dark eye makeup. She almost always has eyeliner, black or gray eyeshadow, and black mascara with her at all times. She says she looks bad without makeup, but no one ever sees her without it, so no one can testify that this is true or if she's just exaggerating. Her irises are pure black in color, though around the pupil is a small light of silvery-gray. Her eyes are so dark they can't even be classified as dark brown. They are, literally, black as night.
Charlie's hair is just as dark as her eyes. Her hair is black in color with hints of silver and brown when the light hits it. But her hair is indeed black. It's also quite long. When she isn't wearing it up, which she almost always is, it reaches to the small of her back. It's also quite curly. It twists and spins into ringlets that cascade in a waterfall of black curls over her shoulders and down her back. And Charlie hates it. She'd much prefer straight hair, because curly hair is frizzy. Charlie's bangs are jagged and swoop across her forehead, but she often has them pinned back because she sees them as a hassle. Charlie's preferred hairstyle is a big, thick, messy bun near the crown on her head. She often wears a rolled up bandana like a hairband to keep flyaway strands out of her eyes. She has bandanas in almost every color and pattern. They're like a collection to her, or maybe an obsession. She ties them by the top, so she says it's also similar to a bow. But it seems she's the only person to see the resemblance in that.
Almost all of Charlie's clothes are covered in something. Mostly paint or dirt stain her wardrobe, though she doesn't really dress to impress. She usually wears tank tops or baggy t-shirt with a pair of jeans and her old, worn out, horribly torn and worn down to the nub gray sneakers. She prefers dark colors with splashes of neon and bright pinks, greens, blue, purples, oranges, reds, and yellows. She's often like a walking rainbow. She says it's for her mother, but the truth is, Charlie just likes bright colors.

    "I'm sarcastic. Yeah...that's a pretty good description I think. I'm sarcastic and artsy-fartsy. And a little strange, but the best people are. I really love art. It's my favorite hobby! Actually, it's more than a hobby. It's what I love to do. I love to paint and draw and's what I could do for the rest of my life if I was allowed. I could stay up for hours on end painting something. My favorite medium is oils, but I love watercolors and acrylics too. I'm a very messy painter, which you can see by my clothing. I don't try to keep myself clean when I'm drawing or painting, because even if I tried, I would fail. Oh right, personality. I don't know... Just talk to me and find out or something! Gosh.."
Charlie is sarcastic and blunt, she's talkative and loud, and rude and angry. But she's also a dreamer. She's a free spirit and artistic. All in all, she contradicts her own personality a lot. When she's angry or tired her sarcasm and rudeness are very strong in her speech. But when she's happy or excited, she plans things and laughs and dreams of wild and crazy things. But overall, despite all of her flaws, Charlie is a good person.
Charlie is, in one simple word, sarcastic. She has a dry, witty sense of humor that seeps into almost every conversation. Her sarcasm is also very blunt and is most prevalent when she's mad. If she's yelling at someone, her to-the-point sarcasm easily slips out. Along with this sarcasm also comes a bit of a potty mouth, though she tries her best to substitute those words for something more appropriate. Charlie loves to make people laugh with her natural sense of humor. Though she has never considered herself a clown, since she doesn't do silly things, she still likes the feeling she gets when she makes someone laugh. It makes her day just a little bit better.
Charlie is a free spirit, much like her father was before the incident. She doesn't really want to tie herself down to one place or to one job, unless it's something to do with art. That's why she never had a problem joining the Hunters. A lot of the girls' only issue with the Hunters is the fact that you have to swear off of men. Well Charlie has never dreamed about fairytales and happy endings. She's very cynical in that topic. "The truth is, no one really falls in love forever. You could be the happiest couple when you get married, but as you grow older you grow tired of each other. Friends grow apart like that all the time and it's completely normal. But when married people do it, it's called divorce. There's no difference, one just costs more money. Be with someone for as long as you're happy, don't waste your money on a wedding only to have a divorce later, and don't kid yourself by saying that you're going to be together until you die. Because even if you last that long, by the end, you'll be sick of each other." With such a strong opinion on the subject, as well as Charlie's stubborn, hard-headed personality, she has never dreamt about staying in one place. In fact, her dream is to see as many places as possible. That and the fact that you never have to deal with relationships and not be looked at like a crazy cat lady is what makes Charlie perfect for the Hunters of Artemis. She gets to see all of these wonderful places, travel around with people she cares about, and just be herself.
Charlie is a very talkative, yappy person. She can ramble on and on about any kind of subject. She's also able to hold conversations with people very easily, even those who she doesn't know. Charlie has always had this gift of being a social butterfly. Although she doesn't like it, she has no trouble keeping a conversation light and interesting for everyone. She hardly ever lets on that she has this ability. The only time she really uses it is when there's someone who is alone or out of the crowd. She'll go over and simply talk to them. Just talk, and it seems to make them feel better. Charlie is a talker. but this talkative trait can backfire on her a lot. Charlie is able to ramble on when she's happy, or angry. She'll go off ranting on some subject and the angrier she gets,t he faster she talks and the more she says. People have a hard time keeping up with her when she does this. Someone physically has to snap her out of it, calm her down, and bring her back to reality. Otherwise, the more and more she rants,t he angrier and more frustrated she'll become.
Charlie is a very creative and artistic person. She loves pretty much everything art related. She loves to draw with pencils, charcoals and pastels. She likes to paint with watercolors, oils and acrylics. She loves to sculpt things and always has a little thing of play-doh with her to sculpt when she's bored. Charlie always has to be doing something with her hands. She has a hard time sitting still, so when she's sitting there playing with play-doh, drawing on her free arm, or twiddling her fingers, that's as still as she's going to sit. Charlie's style of artwork is very surreal. They are like scenes from dreams that she can't remember, or at least that's what she says.
Charlie has a bit of a temper, especially when people don't snap her out of her whirlwind of rage. As Charlie starts to rant about something that makes her angry or a subject she feels strongly about, she grows more and more agitated. If someone doesn't snap her out of it, her serious anger issues that she has kept down for the past few years will resurface and she'll snap. However, Charlie has gotten better at calming herself down. She tried to control her temper, but, as she says, "If people weren't so stupid, I wouldn't have this issue,"
Charlie is a very "dreamy" person. Not the physical way, but the actual dreaming way. She loves to think of all kinds of adventures she could have and plan out extravagant events and trips, though they hardly ever get put into action. People sometimes tell her that she has her head in the clouds. But she simply retorts with: "That's better than having your head down a hole,"
Charlie can be a bit cynical and negative, but only on certain subjects. But these subjects that she has a negative outlook on are ones that people often save hope for. Topics like marriage, love, and family. Those subjects are not good ones to bring up to her if you're depressed about them, because she'll only make your view on those subjects worse. Charlie always says that she's realistic, not cynical. She claims that she sees the world for how it really is, depressing. And the other people that have yet to except that about humanity are all fools setting themselves up for disappointment. This brings us to our next trait, bluntness. Charlie is a very blunt person. She hardly ever sugar coats anything for anyone. She tells them exactly how it is, no matter what might happen. This is helpful in some ways, but often gets her into trouble. It's especially problematic when her bluntness is taken as being rude, which happens a lot.

    "I like art! And I like dreaming and painting! I like being a huntress.. Uhh...I don't like people. They're stupid. Well, I guess you can just look at the list down there, huh? So then stop asking me and just do that!"
• Painting
• Being a Huntress
• Vanilla ice cream
• Chrissy
• People
• Cats

    "I have a lot of light and light spectrum based abilities. Since my mother is the goddess of, not only in divine messengering, but also rainbows, I have powers in manipulating both light and mist. It's kind of difficult to explain, though... They're not particularly powerful abilities, but they have their perks I guess."
Light spectrum manipulation: This is one of her weaker abilities, as well as one of her hardest to control. Since rainbows are just the light reflecting off of water in the sky, Charlie is able to manipulate this light to do her will. Though she's a draw back to it. She can't use actual light. She has to physically create a rainbow and then draw her ability and power from that source. But creating a rainbow is easy for her. All she has to do is toss up some water.
Mist control: "Mist" is the best kind of water vapor to create a rainbow. After much practice, Charlie has learned how to control this mist and even create it from water around her to create rainbows. And from those rainbows, she can draw power and a "beam" of sorts that she can use as a weapon.
Instant messaging: Since she is the daughter of the goddess who people give offerings to for divine messages, Charlie is actually able to create her own messaging system. Though it's much weaker than her mothers and can only reach people within about a 100 mile radius of her. She's also only able to hear them, not see them. But it's better than a telephone, since that allows monsters to learn her location. All of these abilities tend to wear her out quickly, though. So she really only keeps them for a last resort.

    "My weapon of choice is, like my other Hunters, a bow and arrow. This bow and arrow I created especially for myself. It's made of wood and painted white. I carved some cool designs into the side, balanced and strung it myself, with some help from the Warriors group, and painted it. I also created my arrows. They're special arrows made just for me. I made my bow my first year in the Hunters of Artemis and it has been my faithful weapon of choice ever since. "
Charlie's bow is named φάσμα (Spectrum). It is carved in an arch and made out of dark wood. It is painted white with swirls of colors traveling up the sides. There is a pattern that is similar to Charlie's tattoo engraved on the grip area of the bow. The arrows are also quite special. The shafts are made of the same wood and decorated the same as the bow, it's the tips that are unique. They are made of celestial bronze and infused with power drawn from the rainbows that Charlie is able to create. While people don't believe that rainbows have power, they are quite wrong. Rainbows are the result of two elements meeting, water and light. When that is tapped into, when the true power is extracted, it's quite strong. It acts as an extra oomph, an extra punch to the arrows and helps them fly further and dig deeper into their target when they hit.

Her color is mediumseagreen. Charlie is a Hunter of Artemis, therefore, she is not open for dibbing. Adopted from Angel (: Charlie is the Gatherer Group Leader

Charlie's Wardrobe

luctor et emergo

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Name: Anyanka Lacie Harris
Name Meaning: The inexhaustible, Favor, grace
Nickname: Anya, Harris
Age / Birthday: 14 / 8th of November
Gender: Female
God Parent: Zeus
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family:
- Mother / Olivia Harris / 47 / Living
- Step-Father / William Finch / 49 / Deceased
- Half-Sister / Dawn Harris / 22 / Living / Daughter of Hades
- Half-Sister / Hallie Finch / 20 / Living
- Half-Brother / Alexander "Xander" Finch / 19 / Living
- Half-Sister / Tara Finch / 18 / Living
- Great (x7) Aunty Evadne Phoenix / 8 / Living
Her mother Olivia Harris. Olivia was the daughter of a wealthy man, and his lover. Adopted by him and his wife, Willow, she was cared for as their own. Or at least that’s what was made out. Blackmailed by her mother, Jenny, Lucas, the wealthy man, was forced to take in his daughter, and to give her the life that he would give his own children. But behind the scenes, Lucas and Willow were unforgiving. They cared for their own children, Alyson, Joyce, Robin and Violet, they were cruel to Olivia. Growing up in that environment made her appreciate family, and when she was sixteen, Olivia ran away to her mother. By then, Jenny had been killed by an accidental OD, and when Olivia arrived at her flat, only to be told that her mother had been gone for more than three years, something in the young woman snapped. Gathering some things, she ran to the nearest bus stop, and didn't stop until she had arrived a New Orleans. Here, she made a new life for herself, getting a job as a waitress, and working long shifts to pay for her small apartment. When her father turned up five years after, it was completely unexpected. He grabbed her, snarling about what she had put her family through. That was the moment she met Hades. He saved the young woman, sending her father cowering in terror. Wooing the girl that he had saved, nine months later Dawn was born. Soon, Hades was gone, leaving the baby and her mother with enough money to care for more than twenty people. Olivia met William one night as she rushed to collect her baby from the nanny. They fell in love, and as the years passed, their family grew. First Hallie, the popular girl who had no sense in her head. Then came Xander, the joker, and finally Tara, the shy little girl. Never expecting or needing any more children was the family happy, and all was well until William went to Iraq. He was killed in an explosion, and Olivia was heartbroken. For four years, she was heartbroken, wanting nothing more but to give up entirely. But then she met Zeus. Walking down the street to her work, the tall handsome man smiled, and she was under his spell. He must have fallen for her too, because soon, she was pregnant with her new baby.
When Anyanka was born, Zeus was the one to name her. Saying that she needed a strange name coming from such a noble and strange back ground, he christened the child Anyanka. A year after the baby being born, Zeus left, promising his love that he would see her again one day, and he would see his child.
William Finch was a noble and brave man. Falling in love with Olivia, he cared for her and the child, Dawn, even though he didn't have to. Too the day he died, he loved his family, and thought only of them when making a decision.
Dawn Harris was the first baby. Always broody, never playing with other little kids, her only tie was to her youngest sister. She saw something in Anyanka that she had only ever seen in one other person. Her sister, Kordia Jenkins, Daughter of Hades. Kordia died when leaving to go out shopping on her own. She was attacked by a horde of empusai, and never stood a chance. Dawn loved Kordia more than she loved any of her other siblings until Anyanka came along.
Hallie Finch, named for her mother’s best friend Hallfrek, she was always the popular cheerleader.
Xander Finch. Actually named Alexander, he was always the joker and professional class clown.
Tara Finch. A shy, bookish girl, Tara was always interested in the occult. She can see through the mist, the only of her mother’s mortal children who had her mother’s gift.
Evadne Phoenix. Daughter of Poseidon. Left in the Lotus hotel and Casino, or well the equivalent of it in the 1600's during the Salem Witch Trials, her twin sister Emiela wasn't. Due to a rare occurrence, Emiela and Evadne had different fathers. While Evadne was a demigod, Emiela was not. Anyanka is the descendent of Emiela, and because Evadne never aged, or if she did, very barely, she is older than her Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Aunty.

Brief History:
When Anyanka was born, her mother had a reason to finally wake up. With the death of William still fresh in her mind, she continued caring for her small, premature blue eyed baby. Zeus stayed for a year, strange for a God, despite the fact she had four other young children to mind. Then one day, it came the time for him to leave.

'But why?' Olivia cried, tears streaming from her warm brown eyes.
'My love, I have to go. Maybe one day, I'll be able to come back,' the man she had grown to love crooned, holding her hand tightly.
A cold wind blew as they stood on the front porch of Olivia's massive wooden house.
'But Anyanka! She'll never know her father. I don't want that for her. Not like Dawn.'
'Dawn was different. My broth- I knew her father. He wasn't able to stay for even as long as I did. But my time has come. I must return to what I left,' again, despite everything, Olivia was struck by how old fashioned he sounded.
'Is it like you have to care for the world?! No! But what about your baby girl?' her voice broke after she sobbed that out.
'My dear...I have to tell you the truth. I'm not Zachary Sky. Nor did I grow up in Miami, alone because my parents died. Did you ever hear the myths of the Greek Gods? About Olympus and Kronos? Typhoon and Hercules? Well there’s never an easy way to tell anyone this. But they were not myths. I am one of the three eldest Gods. Zeus,' he finished, and watched. This was the hardest part. Acceptance.
'You-you mean all those things I saw. The men with only one eye, the girl with flaming red hair. They were all real? And Anyanka, she's a half-god like Peruses?' Olivia didn't seem disbelieving. On the contrary, she seemed awed.
'I'm afraid so. The three eldest Gods, Me, and my brothers Poseidon and Hades, we swore never to have children with mortals again. Our children are too powerful, and the birth of one always brings some woe. I'm afraid that my being Anyanka's father will cause her much more heartbreak than love,' when he said it, he sounded sad. Very sad, and terribly old.
'I don't believe that, my love,' Olivia swallowed back more tears, and lifted her hand, cupping his cheek. He leant against it, and smiled briefly.
'So you see, I must. It is time for me to take my leave.'
Olivia, his love, the mother of his child looked at him with the eyes that had drawn him to her. Intelligent beyond her years, she held an inner wisdom that no-one he had ever met before had. Not even he could understand what she could be thinking when her eyes found yours.
'Then go. Go my hero. You are more important than even I or Anyanka could ever have guessed. But Zeus? Promise me one thing. One day, you will meet Anyanka. I wouldn't ask of you to send her a card, or visit. But one day, when she understands what she is, please, meet her.'
Zeus was shocked that she had used his Godly name. Not Zach, the boy he had created for himself. Zeus.
'Olivia, I swear by the River Styx, that I shall one day meet our daughter, Anyanka Harris. And I swear that I will come to you one day. I will come, and see you again, my love,' then he leant, pressing his lips to hers.
When he pulled away, his eyes crinkled in a sad, sad smile, Zeus caressed her face one more time. Then turning, he strode away and seemed to disappear.
Crying again, Olivia stood there for hours after, hoping to see the man she loved appear again. But when Tara pulled at her skirt, demanding attention, Olivia was forced to turn her back on the old world, and embrace this new one.

The loss of Zeus always weighed down Olivia's mind. But she cared for her special daughters, and her mortal children, never showing favourites. Monsters always seemed to find them, and because she had no possible way to fight, Olivia did the only thing she could. She moved. And moved. And moved.
Anyanka was always the strange girl. The one with the too blue eyes. Too small. Too weird. But she was doted on by her family. The youngest child, and with so much attention being lavished on her, it all went to the little girls head. Growing up, she had a closer connection to her sister Dawn than anyone else. While she was sarcastic and up front about everything, she also had a soft, naive and delicate side. Her mother always scolded her, saying that being so true about everything wasn't always a good thing. A girl would ask, "Do I look good in this?" Anyanka would tell her the truth and simply say "You look like the monkey me and Mama saw with Dawn at the zoo." One more shop they couldn't go back to.
When Anyanka was just five, she was already able to see what others could not. The monsters that attacked her were just that. Monsters. Then, Dawn went to Camp Half-Blood. Choosing to only stay for the summers, she learnt what she was.
So one day, just a few hours from when she returned, Dawn snuck into Anyanka's bedroom. Sitting, they talked for ages. Okay, so more to the point Dawn talked, and Anyanka, despite her attention span found herself riveted about the stories of Gods and Monsters.
That last year passed quickly. No-one but Olivia knew about Dawn being at camp.
But then the letter arrived. After the last monster, and unusually big hellhound, Olivia had been worried for her children. Having two big three children in one house meant that they would always be in trouble. So despite her love for her two special babies’, she found herself thinking of sending Anyanka to camp.

Olivia, my love,
The monsters are getting too much. You can't keep risking Hallie, Xander and Tara. With Dawn spending summer’s at Camp Half-Blood, it was easier for a little time. But now it has come for Anyanka to leave too. She will be safe at Camp, and you will too.
My love,

Olivia hated it. Having to send her youngest, smallest baby away. But she knew it was the best thing.
So a week later, Anyanka was standing in a brand new orange T-shirt, small denim shorts, and a knife tucked into her belt. She was happiest at camp. Dawn loved knowing finally that her sister was the same as her, and decided to become a year-rounder with her.
When Anyanka turned ten, her father sent a gift. Well two. First, as she trained in the arena, she was claimed by a glowing lightning bolt. Then when she moved into the Zeus cabin, a knife was lying on her bad, engraved with a lightning bolt symbol.
The bracelet transformed into a shield when tapped. Anyanka was proud to own it.
Soon, she was into a routine. People seemed to fear her, but she tried, and it all paid off. When she turned twelve, Anyanka found her own horse. Mocha was found stumbling in the forest, a bad leg and scratches. Anyanka was the only one able to care for her, and was able to feed and mind her. It became apparent that she had been chosen by Mocha when a Poseidon child overheard the horse thinking about her "Master".
Everything since age twelve has been pretty quite. Dawn still visits the camp, but is right now searching for her own way in life. Anyanka has been happy, spending her days learning how to control different weapons, and sometimes leaving to visit her family and shop.

Physical Appearence:
Anyanka has short, thick, dark brown hair. She has electric blue eyes. She is small, just under average height, and is lithe from running and training. She looks delicate, and as if she can't handle things, but she's stronger than anyone gives her credit for.
Anyanka is very honest in her opinions, and with herself. Very straight up, she says the first thing that comes into her head about things. She doesn't like someone, she says so. She has strong opinions, and almost always needs to get them out. She is also very sarcastic, but she doesn't understand it herself. Sometimes, Anyanka can be mean. Her straightforwardness gets on peoples nerves, but it also makes her mean and sometimes insensitive. She can be bubbly and fun, her ways and words being funny to some. She can be confrontational, a typical stormy daughter of Zeus, but she can calm herself down in her own time, and forms her own perfect revenge depending on what got her annoyed.

Fatal Flaw:
Over-Confidence - Anyanka believes that she can do anything. Beat any monster. But that isn't how the world works.
She is also very aware of her surroundings. Always on the look out, she notices things others don't. Her senses are very acute, but sometimes too acute.

She has a draft horse called Mocha. Mocha is a black filly, with white socks, and a white blotch on her head.
While Anyanka has many talents, some being sword fighting and close-combat, she also possess' vast powers over other God related aspects.
- Hydrokinesis: the ability to control and manipulate water and moisture
- Aerokinesis: the ability to control and manipulate air and wind
- Electrokinesis: the ability to control and manipulate electricity and lightning
While she has some idea of her powers, she has not worked out how she can manipulate the air to carry her more than a few feet. When Anya gets angry, her hair whips around with wind and her eyes flash violently. She can resist electrocution.

Weapons of Choice:
While Anyanka has a talent with lightning, and electricity, she fights fairly with weapons and her abilities. She has been at camp so long, that she can fight with a range of weapons.
- Hunga-Munga - The Hunga Munga was an African tribal weapon. It was a handheld weapon which had four blades; three of which are fairly straight and pointed in all opposing directions, forward up and back. The final and largest blade located above the forward facing straight blade was curved and turns to meet the top blade. The weapon could be used in hand to hand combat although it was typically thrown with a spinning action.
- Knife - She is skilled with the close combat weapon. A gift from her father, she is fond of it, and the silver blade is her most used weapon.
- Crossbow - Not a skilled crossbow user, she is recently interested on how this weapon works.
- Sword - Not skilled with this weapon, Anyanka mostly stears clear of it. She can handle one, but prefers close-combat.
- Shield - She owns a silver shield, found by her when she was looking around one of Hephaestus's old forges. It comes from a silver bracelet, engraved with the Ω ω Omega Symbol

Year Round or Summer: Year-Rounder
Other: Her color is Yellow. Anya was one of the character's I made before I started to like, try XD She's one of the better ones, but not THAT good. I expect the edit, and make her whole character form better at some point.[/color]

luctor et emergo

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Aphrodite De LaMarco
'Get Up, Look Fabulous, Go To Bed: Everything Else Will Just Fall Into Place.'

Aphrodite De LaMarco
Name Meaning:
Risen From The Foam
Aphrodite is already her nickname...
18th of June
God Parent:
Hemera, Goddess of Daylight and the Sun
Yes, ever since she walked over the boarder of Camp.
Mortal Family:

• Warren De LaMarco (Father): Rich, spoiled, everything given to him on a silver platter... Warren was always the child who got what he wanted. Born into a Family with two other Son's, him being the youngest shaped the rest of his life. He went to Private School, he became powerful... And when he met Hemera, he saw more than someone he could love. He saw someone equally powerful, and equally rich. He just didn't want a child, and when Warren found his little girl on his doorstep a month after Hemera left, he thought about putting her up for adoption. But then he saw something else. Opportunity.

    'My Dad? He was mean. He was horrible. He's not here, so why do we have to speak about him?'

Brief History:

    'Gods. You love questions all of a sudden V. [Get On With It Aphrodikey] Call me Aphrodikey again and I will kill you okay. Oh, whatever. I was born to my Mom. I was attacked by monsters. When I was around thirteen, I was sent here. So basically: I was there, I came here, I like it here, And I don't want to go back there. [Stealing An Angel Quote Now?] Well being around you and your dorks kinda makes me a nerd at times now. Ugh.'

Aphrodite grew up in the suburbs of New York, in a large house that pretty much resembled a Manor. She was always odd, or at least that's what people will tell you.
Her Father, Warren, didn't care for a baby. All he saw was another person who he could use.
So from a very early age, Aphrodite was shaped to be the ultimate woman. She was sent to Private Schools. Each of which she eventually had to leave because of "Incidents". She was given private classes on how to act proper.
While she wasn't very good because of her ADHD and Dyslexia, her father didn't let that be used as an excuse. If she did something wrong, she was punished, be it a grounding or having something taken from her.
When Aphrodite turned 6, it became obvious how odd she was. When put to bed in the dark, instead of with her night light, she began to glow. Literally, she became her own light, because she was scared enough to make it happen.
She forgot all about it afterwards, and her father hadn't seen it. But it was around this time the monsters started attacking, and tracking Aphrodite.
Her next school had an unfortunate accident in a cooking class. Mostly because she left the gas on in a room with two Empusa in it. One small little spark and boom went the monsters that were trying to attack.
It was also the first time her father hit her, and she became who she is now.
And then when Aphrodite finally came into her teens, she was found by the Satyr in her new Private School. He [His name is Luke] decided then and there that the only way to bring this stuck up little brat to a new home was the suggest another "Private School".
So another school building was burnt down by "Aphrodite", and Luke went to her father, telling him about the good private school on Long Island Sound.
And with little more than a raised eyebrow, Aphrodite was on her way to Camp Half-Blood, where she wasn't kicked out of.

Physical Appearance:

    [Aphrodite Will Not Be Answering The Following Question, Due To Her Own Self Centeredness]

With her blonde hair and her classically beautiful blue/green eyes, Aphrodite lives up to her namesake.
Her hair is golden blonde, falling to just over her shoulders when in large curls. However, when straight, it falls about an inch longer. Her hair has some slight brown streaks, that are barely noticeable in direct sunlight. She wears it loose around her face most of the time, but when in a fight, it does tend to be tied up.
Aphrodite's eyes are a pretty blue, but in direct sunshine, they seem to look a clear green. She outlines them a lot with black eyeliner, but recently only on special occasions.
She's tanned from her days spent in the American Sun, and has small muscles from training. She doesn't freckle easily. Aphrodite does have a small birthmark on the small of her back, but its usually covered by whatever clothes she's wearing.
Her lips a full pink, but the top one doesn't really fit exactly with the bottom one. When nervous, Aphrodite bites her lip, and she usually wears some kind of lip make-up so as to cover up the little red teeth marks there.
Her nose is small and luckily the one time it was broken, it healed the right way. If you asked her she'd say there was something off with it, but its not something anyone but she would notice.
She's not short, but Aphrodite is certainly not tall either. She is in fact petite, with the perfect balance of her height and weight. She's not fat, but she is definitely skinny.
Aphrodite's style of clothing is anything that will show off her looks. She chooses clothes that hug her body, or that show off some aspect of her face. It could be something baggy, but it would have to match her complexion. It could be something leather, but it would have to have something else to show off her eyes.
Truth is Aphrodite lives for her looks. If she didn't have them, she wouldn't try half as much. She wears heels, she wears boots, she has a wardrobe the size of Manhattan. Anything you would think to find in it, be it designer or Penny's... well its inside.


    'Hm. Cocky? Mean? Stubborn? Witch? A lot of them words have been used to describe me. Along with some which I think our younger audience will not be allowed say, so I ain't gonna repeat them. Just read what V's wrote, and get it over with, because I ain't gonna get into a long conversation about what I'm like.''

Aphrodite is, and probably always will be, the spoiled little rich girl. She knows what she wants, and she knows that she'll get it one way or another.
Manipulative, she works away at people until they give her that thing she needs. She likes having her followers, and knows just how to use them to her advantage.
Aphrodite acts nice when people are around. Of course she does. That careful facade of being the sweet, innocent little girl has to be kept up. But when that one person is gone, she makes people's lives a misery.
Cruel, she doesn't just manipulate. She makes fun of, she teases, she destroy's people's social status. Its something of a given with her, that she's going to say some pretty horrible things.
As she said, Aphrodite is incredibly Cocky and Mean. She had this false idea of herself, that because of who she is, she's better than everyone else. She doesn't think anyone could be better, or that anyone could take her little popular status. Bad to the bone, she's not just a rebel and teenage girl, she also has a mean streak. If anyone comes along who she thinks holds any threat to her, its pretty certain something like a secret will be leaked that very day, and that person is gonna fall from grace pretty fast.
Aphrodite also has her need for control. She needs to know that she's in charge, and that everyone is happily following her rules. And her rules are mean. They change every day. At one time, she could actually seem a little nice. The next minute the rules change and if you don't act like her servant your a dead man walking.
She's also terribly self-centered and vain. She knows she has looks, and she is not afraid to flaunt them.
Possessive, she has a problem with someone having something she had. Boyfriends for example. Aphrodite would dump a boy in a second if she thought he wasn't good enough for her anymore. But if someone was to start dating that boy, she would immediately work to get them back, because she can't stand someone else using someone she had.
Sarcastic, she has an answer to everything. If she didn't, she just wouldn't be Aphrodite.
But then you have the nicer side to Aphrodite.
When with someone she actually loves, she can become very caring, and very loyal. Her other side wouldn't give a second thought over leaving someone behind if it meant saving her own hide. But the kinder part of her wouldn't dream of letting someone get hurt for her.
She can be helpful and loving, however much she tries to hide it.
This side to her also holds the fear of the dark. That horrible feeling of loathing to deep shadows and dark rooms. Even as her self-centered horrible, mean side, Aphrodite hates the dark. She hates being in it. She hates thinking about it. She says its because of her mom. What others wouldn't know is that she has an irrational fear of everything that COULD be in the dark. Of the things that lurk in it.
Fatal Flaw:

    'OMG's. Just get over it V. Stop asking these stupid freaking questions and let me rest because honest to Hemera if you keep on...'

Aphrodite has one major issue. Herself.
People are gonna ask, "How is that a Flaw?".
Well here's the answer.
Aphrodite is sarcastic. She's mean. She's a spiteful witch. And she doesn't have any friends. She doesn't care for them, and so she doesn't have them. She may seem like this beautiful person who's so popular, but every person who says that obviously has no idea. The people who hang around with her are simply the people she controls. She doesn't love anyone, she doesn't care for anyone but herself. That leaves her completly alone in the world. If it came down to a fight, and she was about to die... Aphrodite would have no one there to save her.
Then because of her own personality, she finds it hard to connect to people. She finds it hard to make friends who she can count on.
IN more ways than one, Aphrodite is all alone in the world.

A good sword fighter, an average aim, a less than adequate knife fighter. Her talents really revolve around her parentage, and not her own skills.

• Sword Fighting: Her only weapon based talent that could be called one. Aphrodite is a good sword fighter with a flare for style. She doesn't rely on this too much though. Instead she relies on her looks to win a fight. But if it came down to it, Aphrodite would surely not back away from an all sword's fight.

• Photokinisis: Aphrodite is the Daughter of Hemera, Goddess of Sunlight. That's pretty much a given that she has control over light. She can use the sunlight as a weapon, but it does drain her considerably. She can also dim light in a certain room, or make it brighter, but that causes bad headaches.

• Heat Resistance: She's able to resist very high temperatures, for example in the forges, because of the whole the sun is really hot thing. This doesn't drain her for the simple reason its a natural guard.

• Energy Light: Aphrodite literally draws energy from the light. Like a plant. Just not so much. Mostly, its something that can help her during a fight. She can heal quicker by relaxing in it [Which is why she doesn't go to the infirmary when hurt] and she can also draw some lost energy from it. Of course, it could be one of the reasons she has such a terrible fear over darkness. But in reality, Aphrodite wouldn't die when taken out of the sun. It just means her natural little energy source is taken away from her.

• Suns: Aphrodite can create tiny little balls of light that can hover over her in a dark room. Its not something she has ever used much before, but its there. [Much Like Sammy Suns] She can create the balls, and they hover for an indefinite amount of time until she wants them to go. They hold only a slight tingle when touched, and do not burn. BUT: It drains her a lot to create one, which is why only one can be made at a time.

• Magic: [I Couldn't Think Of A Name Okay] She can make little balls of light that she can simply mess around with. Yes, its childish. No, she isn't gonna use it in public. Their like little innie weenie juggling balls that she can send flying around and only give her a small headache. They also do not burn to the touch.

• Glow: One time when Aphrodite was scared enough, she started to glow. She doesn't remember it, but like everything else, its there. She can make herself glow faintly, just enough to light a small room. It would drain her if she knew about it.

• All Other Light Based Magic/Power: Possibly anything, but right now, the ones named are her only talent.

Aphrdoite has a sword that comes from a small sun pendant on a silver necklace. She was given it when se arrived at camp and has since been training with it.

Year-Rounder or Summer:
Her color is Gold. I'm disappointed with her template lol And no one knows Aphrodite's real name

luctor et emergo

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Cole Notte, Daughter of Nyx And General Bad Girl

Name: Cole Lilah Notte
Name Meaning: People's Victory
Nicknames: Just Cole. Never C. And never ever Lilah.
Age: 16
Birthday: 19th of September
Gender: Cole is, contrary to speculation, a person of the female variety.
God Parent: Nyx, Primordial Goddess of Night
Claimed: Yep
Years In Camp: Six years, give or take either way.
Mortal Family:

    'My Dad was em... non-existent? Yeah, that's a good word. Non-existent. I like that. Very... well it sums it up nicely. So he wasn't in my life. At all. I know his name was Nicholas. Yeah, I know. Not only did he have some serious name problems himself, he went and gave me a terrible middle name in the form of Lilah. Issues, if you get me. I think he was probably some stripper or something who went and got a Goddess knoc- Could you please stay on subject sweetie? Sorry. He didn't play a role in my life. Haha. Role. Rhymes with.. Cole.. you get it? Oh, tough crowd. Whatever. Nicholas was a person who I didn't know, so bang, there's your worthless paragraph from moi. Yeah. I speak French. Amazing, right? Not only do you get the boring old common demigod package, with the ADHD and Dyslexia and Greek, you also get the super amazing new-fashioned Rare demigod package of French. But it isn't two for the price of one. Pay on your way out please.'

• Nicholas Notte (Father): After that incredibly worthless piece of junk that Cole has filled your head with, lets now fill your head with even worse junk that tells you barely anymore than she said. Nicholas wasn't a stripper. In fact, he was a person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He witnessed something that he would call amazing. At a young age, Nicholas witnessed the Hunt of Artemis, as it saved him from something otherworldly. They left, not even bothered by the mortal man they had accidently helped. But it changed the normal boy. It changed him into a boy who wanted to find out more of the world he glimpsed. And it brought him from his safe home in Europe to a small beach house in New York, where he believed his search had finished. Of course, he was right. Of course. His search had brought him to where Mount Olympus was, and he was determined to become a part of this new life. It didn't occur to him that he would attract some unwanted attention from the Gods. Or one Goddess in particular. Nyx wasn't just in love with the handsome man that had tracked the Gods to New York. Nope. She was attracted by his name, which meant Night in Italian, and his charm, and his loving personality. Basically, Nyx thought "This is the next man for me!" and decided to take some action. But she didn't want to let him know who she was at first, that his search had led him to the arms of a Goddess...

    [Due to the fact she has never known her, Cole has no opinion on her sister]

• ----------- Notte (Sister): Sister's info isn't important lol I have nothing for her yet XD

    'This beautiful person in front of you- Me! Yes. This beautiful person in front of you grew up in an Orphanage. I didn't know my Dad, but whatever. Who needs a Dad when you've got a whole load of woman in massive plaid dresses telling you you’re a demon child? Its everything a girl could want. Oh, I grew up in it anyway. And I had a small little habit of getting kicked out of school for the occasional burning of school buildings or whatnot. Then I was adopted by a Satyr named Lindsey- Haha that was his name. Lindsey hahahaha. And then I came to camp, and got claimed, and bang, here I am. Amazing, right?'

Brief History:
As said with Nicholas, Nyx didn't wish for him to know who she was at first. And for months, she perused him, hoping he would fall in love with her. It took months. Nicholas was so set on finding the Gods, that he didn't notice the black haired girl in the Coffee shops, in the libraries, in anywhere. He only started to notice her when she displayed interest in what he was studying. And so Nyx spent a while having to listen to stories of the Gods she'd already seen. Which must have been incredibly boring. But she still loved Nicholas, and when she and he finally started a relationship, she was over the moon with joy.
But of course, because she had engaged in relations instead of admiring from afar, Nyx had to leave her latest male conquest. And she did so two months before their baby was to be born.
Nicholas didn't even realize she was pregnant, but was sort of unhappy when his girlfriend ditched him.
So for two months, he tried to clean himself up. He tossed his Greek mythology books, he tossed the maps he had drawn, and he tossed everything, discarding it all, saying it was a childhood dream, nothing more.
Imagine his... shock, when two months later a baby girl appeared on his doorstep.
The letter that was with her was pretty simple. It told him that her name was Cole, that she had been born in the underworld two nights before, and by the way, that girlfriend he lost? Yeah, she was a Greek Goddess called Nyx.
After he was done crying and whatnot, Nicholas started to wonder what he was supposed to do. Barely an adult himself, he didn't know how the hell to care for a baby that was going to grow into a hero. He didn't even know what to call her. So that was how her name, Cole Lilah came around. He didn't want some old fashioned Greek name like Hercules or Medusa for his little girl. Instead he went for the name Cole, reminiscent of pitch black coal which reminded him of night, and a... well a weird name, Lilah. Yeah. Cole was right. Issues.
But the terrible fact was, while he could name her, while he could feed her, while her could bathe her and show her love, Nicholas didn't have the knack. He didn't know how to deal with a small baby.
And that was how his little girl, his special little girl, found her way to the outside of an orphanage in New York, where she was brought in by the shocked nurse.
Nicholas was heartbroken to lose his daughter, and to lose his link to the magical world that had been before him. He decided to leave New York to LA, where he got a small job.
However, far away, Cole was growing up in an orphanage that would never understand her.
Instead it would think she was a demon child, one who was bad, and who would never be "Good". If anything funny happened, it was the young girl with the dark eyes that would be blamed. Even if the thing that went wrong couldn't have been her, because she was out of town. It was a game. The Blame Cole Game.
The little girl however kept her happy personality. She grew up the comedic, albeit the bad comedic, always helping those who asked it of her. She would make the little children who had just arrived at the orphanage feel more at home, she would help the older residents with their fears, showing them there was nothing to fear in the darkness.
Through her childhood, Cole thought of making people laugh, of becoming the trouble maker, of all the things a little girl should think about. It wasn't until she started in her first school that she really started to know she wasn't like the others.
Strange things would happen. They seemed to gravitate toward her, and there was no way in Hades she could stop it. Rooms would burn, teachers would disappear in a poof of yellow dust... and of course, she would get kicked out of schools. Diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia, Cole would try blaming that. "I lost concentration and sorta accidently lit a few papers with a lighter in the room. That's why it blew up."
The people in charge of the Orphanage were close to throwing her out of the home by the time she turned 10. It was only the fact she was good with children and generally a nice girl that saved her for a few extra months.
A few extra months in which time the Satyr that found her, Lindsey, was able to come and make up a marvellous story. That he and his wife were looking to adopt a child.
The woman who ran the home showed Lindsey every child they had. They kept Cole upstairs, determined she wouldn't ruin it. But he refused each one, saying that none of them had what he and his wife were looking for in their future son/daughter. And it was grudgingly that the quiet ten year old Cole was brought downstairs.
"Who do we have here!" He had exclaimed, and the timid little girl smiled widely at him.
"I'm Cole" she had said to him.
And he'd been overjoyed, saying she was exactly what they were looking for in a child. Papers were signed, her few possessions were packed, and Cole was in a Taxi on her way to Long Island Sound.
When she arrived at camp, she was a little bit worried. Of course she was. She'd been told they were going to her new home, with her new father, and her new mother. Instead she was in a massive camp with cabins and swords and a beach and a campfire and a Mr.
It took her a while to adjust. Even longer than it would have if Lindsey had stayed. But he had his Satyr duties to perform, and handing her papers to Chiron had left.
Over the next few months of her life, Cole became very close to Chiron. She had instantly trusted him, and no matter how strange it got in the camp, she knew that it was a good place if he was running it.
After she was handed her second bead, Cole started to relax. She enjoyed the Hermes Cabin, which was full of jokers just like her, and the rule-breakers, just like her. She couldn't help but wonder if they were her siblings, if she was a Demi-God Daughter of Hermes.
It was on the darkest day of the year that Cole was claimed. She had decided to take a walk, bringing a massive Greek Tome with her, determined to read it on the beach. It was a book she had found in the darkest part of the library, in a shadowed corner, where she had been before but never before seen it in. And it was full of pictures and words, detailing nearly every God and Goddess.
It was one of the last pages that showed her who she was. Cole flicked onto it, to find a picture of Nyx and every word underlined faintly by pencil. There were other words in the margin...
For a few minutes, she struggled to make sense of the gibberish in front of her, but when she did, she flicked to the front of the book.
On the inside cover the name "Nicholas Notte" was scrawled in delicate handwriting.
And the words in the margin?
"Nyx, Primordial Goddess of Night. Cole can't be a Demigod! It’s simply unnatural. But she is, she is, I know that much. My little daughter, Cole Lilah Notte, is a daughter of Nyx! Oh how I wish that I could have known...'
The writing had continued onto the next page, but that page wasn't there.
Cole was a little shocked. Of course she was. But she picked up the Tome, and raced to Chiron, who believed that the book belonged to her real father. He speculated that Nyx might have placed it in the Library herself, for Cole to find, or that maybe they had bought it in a rummage sale.
Whatever the reason for the book being there, he brought her to the Nyx Cabin where as she stepped through the door, she glowed a beautiful black as a crescent moon appeared above her head.
Since that day, two years have passed. Two years in which Cole has become a proper member of the Nyx Cabin. She has learned more about her ancient heritage in these last two years than all the years before, due in large to the book she found on the darkest day of the year.

    'Wow. You just asked me that. Just... wow. You do realize I'm not Aphrodite, right? I don't have this conceited little opinion on myself haha. Well okay. I have dark hair. I have even darker eyes. I'm average height I suppose. I'm pale. You know, we should so talk about you. Yeah, you. And then split ends that seem to be eating your hair one strand at a time. Oh lord, Cole shush What? Oh whatever. Just kidding hon. Or am I? Nah. I am.'

Physical Appearance:
Cole wouldn't be described by many as beautiful, but when her dark looks are coupled with her personality, she certainly does have an allure about her.
Cole's hair isn't long, but it does fall pretty straight, which gives it some length. It falls to a few inches under her shoulders, and unless it’s tied in a tight bun or hanging down around her face, then you won't see any unusual hairstyles from her. Her hair couldn't e called fully black, but it is dark, sometimes glittering lighter in different light. It has a slight reddish tint at times, because she likes to wash it with red. She has thick hair, with a fringe that falls mostly to the side.
Cole's eyes are incredibly dark, like shadows on shadows. They seem limitless, and it’s not until you concentrate- really concentrate on them that you see the deep wisdom and sadness they hold. Things might not bother her on the outside, she might fool herself into showing nothing but laughter, but Cole's eyes not only show all of her emotions, but all of her years. She has the gaze of someone much older than 16 at times. But at other times she could be completely at ease, laughing and joking, her eyes showing only her laugh. Cole's eyes are usually heavily outlined in mascara, sometimes even eyeliner and eye shadow.
Cole has pale skin, like milk, with no major blemishes on her face. She does have two birth marks, one on the small of her back and one on her left shoulder. She also has a few scars on her left arm and legs, from some nasty attacks. She doesn't like to speak of them, having almost died in the one that left marks on her arm, but she doesn't try to hide her scars, and would call them her war wounds. She tends to wear make-up, and it’s a very rare occurrence that you would see her without any.
Cole's eyebrows are plucked regularly, giving her a very neat little eyebrow raise. However, she doesn't like having to go and get them plucked. It was a moment of madness when she was twelve years old, and since, if she doesn't keep them perfect, she says that she looks "Majorly Unattractive, and even if I ain't Aphrodikey, that's a disaster for me."
Cole isn't tall, but she also isn't very short. She's happily in the middle of the two, although she does like to wear heels when possible. In truth, she may say she isn't vain, but Cole holds the need to look good and show of her looks, which means she likes to be semi-tall.
Her style of clothes is actually one of the oddest things about her. Cole couldn't be described as a punk, or a rebel, or a Goth. But her clothes do tend to lean on the darker side. She likes cute dresses, cute jackets, cute jeans, cute tops... basically, if she can find a dark purple or black top that says something adorable on it, then she's satisfied. She is almost always seen wearing her leather jacket, seen above in the picture. That doesn't mean she doesn't wear bright clothes. Cole can at times be terribly peppy, and her color in clothes and style will reflect that mood. It’s just that most of the time, she has at least one black thing on. Her nails are usually manicured, and she almost always has a scarf, or some jewellery on.
One thing you will not see Cole without is her phone. That is, her latest phone. Since arriving at Camp, she has always kept up to date with the latest trends, and once her phone is outdated, then you can be sure she's getting a new one. She can nearly always be found tapping away at the internet, talking with some random friends, maybe even just playing a game.

    'I am the nicest person you will ever meet on this earth. Hahaha no. I'm kind I suppose. Not too kind though, don't want people walking all over my kindness like they do on Alfie's kindness in eastenders. You don't even have that programme in America oh my God Gods sweet pea. And you have it, so I have it. Anyway. On with my little paragraph yes. I'm funny, of course. I make your ribs break with giggles yup. And I suppose I am a little cocky. You get the word picture?'

Cole could be described in one small word as the joker. She likes to mess with people, to joke with them, to get them laughing. Growing up in the Orphanage with all them uptight ladies made her a little more of a joker than she would have been had she grown up with her father. She learned that if she wasn't liked, and if she wasn't admired, then she might as well be laughed at, because life is for living. And you can only live it once you know what you are in it. She was the eldest child in the home, and the one who had been there longest, so the little’s would look up to her for support, and for someone to help them through tough times. She would do that by making them laugh.
Cole is kind. Certainly. She might have a bit of a mean streak, but it’s always outdone by that beautiful strand of kindness inside her. She might not show it all the time, but she cares for others more than she cares for herself. If everyone around her is okay, is laughing, is joking, is just generally okay, and then nothing in the world could be wrong with Cole. She's a kind soul who values those around her more than she should.
She wouldn't be described as cocky exactly, but Cole certainly does have a high opinion of her abilities. If she's done something, she likes to think she's done it better than anyone else could have. She might get carried away at times, and she does start to annoy those around her when that happens, but if you quietly tell her to calm down, she'll most likely take heed and try to stop what she's doing. IT does get a bit hard however, and at times she seems a little too proud of the trouble she's caused.
That's something that should be addressed. Cole is the trouble-maker. Labelled one in her home, she simply became it, because it went hand in hand with being the joker. She likes pranks, she loves trouble... she's in it for a good time. One thing’s for certain. If you see Cole with a grin on her face, a grin that lights up her features and makes her eyes sparkle... run the other way immediately. Because if you don't, chances are you’re about to be feathered, or glittered, or whatever else goes on in a girls head.
Cole can't be called sarcastic, but she does have an answer for anything. If you get sarcastic with her, she will get equally sarcastic back. You make a joke, she has one to throw right back in your face. Just be careful what you say around her, because she doesn't really shut up when she's supposed to.
Cole is in fact incredibly artistic. People might not realize it when they see her, but she likes to draw, to create things, and she loves to sing. During her time in the Orphanage she would learn lullabies and such, singing to the younger children. Never much of a drawer, it became a hobby around the time she turned six, because there was nothing else she could do. She wouldn't call herself talented in either of these things, but she does love each of them. All of her clothes have some paint stain on them, because not a day goes by where she can't work on her latest masterpiece.
Cole tends to be a bit of a worry wart. She worries about losing someone, she worries about someone getting hurt... she might hold it in, but it shows in her eyes where she's worried. She'll get a terrible feeling about something, and she likes to listen to her feelings.
Cole is an intuitive. She might not seem it, but she is actually very smart and witty. She actually understands a lot more than people give her credit for, and you might not realize, but she can read emotions and facial expressions well. If you’re worried about something she won't wait around for you to tell her. She'll most likely give you some helpful advice. [WARNING: Cole's helpful advice? Yeah. Sometimes that "Helpful Advice" can be what gets you in major trouble]
With her ADHD, Cole actually can't sit still. She needs to be moving around, she needs to be doing something, she looks like she's on drugs all of the time. She may be a kind, beautiful person inside, but if she's bored, you better watch out.
Cole is actually quite a brave, daring rebel. She likes to graffiti, to break rules, and generally make a mockery out of any regulations. She's the type of person who'll tap the lamppost with the wet paint sign on it, just to make sure they aren't lying.
Very talkative, Cole can keep a conversation with anyone. If you can make her speechless, then you deserve a medal, because it’s a very rare occurrence. She can be incredibly quiet when left to her own devices, but when around people she likes to talk and make people happy.
All in all, she's a very typical teenage girl. She has a slight temper, she likes trouble, she loves jokes, and she's wonderfully loyal. Cole is an open book, and if you can't understand what she's thinking than you can't be watching her right. All of her emotions show plainly on her face, which might not always be a good thing, but it’s certainly an interesting thing.

    'Aren't fatal flaws supposed to be fatal? I mean, not meaning to be rude or anything, but the clues in the name. Okay, so how about "I don't know the answer to question b 1, so I am moving to question b 2?" No? Wow, you’re uptight. Okay. How about I don't know because I'm not allowed see what you've wrote? Does that work? Perfect. I'll just go twiddle my thumbs than, should I, while you all read it and she explains it? Great.'

Fatal Flaw:
Personal Loyalty. A common flaw, it is made serious by the fact that Cole values other people's lives above her own. They are simply much more important, because everyone that comes into her life is someone who she is not only related to, but grows fond of and loves. If someone was hurt, or if they told her to leave, then she would insist on taking their place, no matter what the consequences. If she herself was hurt, and she was running for her life with friends, they would be told to leave and to save themselves. Because if they were to be hurt she wouldn't be able to live with it.

• Night vision: This is the most basic type of talent for a Daughter of Nyx, and it takes no concentration or energy from Cole. She is naturally able to see in the dark. For as far back as she can remember, Cole can remember being able to see in the deepest shadows. Her vision in the dark is just as good as if you had put on a light in the room. She can see everything perfectly.

• Shadow Manipulation: Cole can manipulate shadows. This is actually a pretty handy talent. She can get the shadows to move, she can get them to cover something, she can make them thicker, make them like liquid... it’s all a matter of solid concentration. She's always said that it requires no energy from her, but the truth is she gets some really bad headaches from manipulating shadows. Cole likes to ignore the pain, but at times it can become overbearing, and it’s not like some paracetamol is gonna help.

• Creation: (The name sucks okay) Cole is able to create things from shadow. Like small balls of power, or whatever really. Thing is they last for maybe ten minutes, and leave her on the verge of fainting. If she uses this talent, you can be sure she has a good reason for it.

• Weapons: Cole is able to solidly shadow into something like a power weapon, a force of pure dark power which can be used as a defense or attack mechanism. The shadows will listen to her as long as she gives them a sacrifice, usually in the form of some blood from her herself. They will stay around her only for the amount of time bought by the amount of blood she has given them.

• Shadow Travel: This is something that makes her faint on a good day. Cole can travel through shadows, going from one place to another in the space of a few minutes. It’s hard, and scary, and she's only used it three times. Needless to say, she prefers to walk.

• Blending: Cole literally blends with shadows. This isn't the complete cover that Cloaking gives her. This is more that when she's in a shadow, she feels much more at home, and when she feels at home, she tends to become a little less visible. If there's any drawback to this, she hasn't felt it yet. As Cole would say when you ask her about it, "Its kind of natural, right?"

    • Cloaking: Cole is able to call shadows to her, to cloak her from the eyes of others. It’s not actually her blending ability, which is completely natural. Cole, when she concentrates, and at the very least says a nice prayer to her mom, can be completely covered. It’s kind of like she becomes the shadow. This ability is very taxing, and requires concentration to hold shadows for any amount of time. It does however, have its limitations. Cloaking is terribly draining and can cause increased wiriness. Cole is unable to cloak cars, houses, bicycles, or anything which is not on her immediate body. If her mom is in a particularly good mood, Cole is able to cloak one or two more people who hold her hands, but that demands more energy from her, and is a lot worse than if she tries to just cloak herself. Fatigue and a headache are the mildest problems that can occur from this, but the problems can change to something more serious in a second.

• Night: (Another Crappy Name) Cole is a little more active at night. This is because her mother is the Goddess of Night, and so she literally is more powerful during her mother’s time. Cole will function perfectly fine during the day, but when it’s dark outside, she's a lot more mischievous.

• Prophetic Powers: Nyx gave oracles from a cave. It stands to reason that Cole has minor powers of prophecy. They actually only show themselves in certain ways, like strong feelings that tell her what to do, or to say.

• The ability to create extreme light and darkness

• Dreams: Cole is able to manipulate the dreams of those within 35 feet of where she's sleeping. However, sometimes she's simply a spectator, only able to watch whatever is going on in them.

Weapons Of Choice:
Cole has a Stygian Iron sword, which has been by her side since that day when she was claimed two years ago. When she entered the cabin, she found a raven black box on her assigned bed, which contained a silver bracelet with three charms on it. A raven charm, a black rose charm and a black letter C.
It took Cole a while to realize what the bracelet actually was. She'd heard of the weapons that could retract, and of special necklaces and rings that held certain types of weapons. For a long time she believed that the bracelet was just that, a bracelet, and it wasn't until she was in the Arena one day practicing with a bow and arrow that she found out what it was. After rubbing it in some way, the Black rose turned into a sword, a pitch black sword which felt just right for her. She named it Shadow, after finding some Greek letters engraved on the hilt.
IT took even longer for her to realize the other charms weren't there for decoration. About a month later, she tapped the raven charm, and a knife appeared. It was in fact the smaller, more compact version of Shadow.
And then a few days after that, she made her shield appear from the letter C, a black shield with silver studs, and the design of a crescent moon on the front.
When she taps or rubs one of the charms, whatever that charm is hiding appears in her hand. However, she may only use one at a time. If she had summoned her sword, Shadow, then she cannot use her knife, which has been named Night, or her shield. But if she has Night, she can't use Shadow or her shield.
They do not get lost, and if dropped or taken will reappear on her wrist in bracelet form around five minutes later.
Year-Rounder Or Summers: Year-Rounder
Other: Color is Teal.
Took a full week and a half, and I spent from 9PM to 1:20AM perfecting her so yeah, I’m happy xD Her Physical Appearance is most likely temporary by the way, because I couldn't find the perfect player for Cole XD

luctor et emergo

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Veronica Lyric, Daughter of Apollo And Reclusive Singer

Name: Veronica 'Ronnie' Lyric
Age/Birthday: 16 / 27th of May
Gender: Female
God Parent: Apollo
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Alexandra Lyric, Grandpa and Nan Moon, her Mom's brother, his daughter/her cousin Grace Moon and her Mom's husband Nick Lyric.
Years in Camp: 4 years, going on five
Brief History: Her step-dad was her dad since she was 2 years old. She loves him, and did not like to find out she was not his daughter. She took his name when her Mom married him. Ronnie has intolerance for coffee. It makes her jumpy and even more ADHD then she normally is. She can't drink it, but sometimes gets tricked into it by some Hermes kids. When Ronnie came to camp and was claimed, she found out that she has a talent for musical instruments and singing. Because her Dad is the God of archery, she uses a bow and arrow, but she cannot hit a bull’s eye. She is not that good with medicines, so she lets other people do that. Ronnie is a year-rounder, and has been at camp just a little less than Grace, at 4 years. This is her 5th year
Physical Appearance: She has dark brown hair streaked with light. Her eyes are dark blue. She never wears make-up. Ronnie is tall and thin.
Personality: She grew up with Grace and is almost the exact same as her. She doesn't like the fact Grace 'Charm speaks' and finds it hard to be around her sometimes. She enjoys being around her half-brothers and sisters. She is very compassionate, and while she knows that monsters will kill her if they get the chance, she still does not like killing them. In capture the flag, she aims to hurt, not kill.
Fatal Flaw: Loyalty - She will never waver from her friends. She would sacrifice herself for them.
Pets: None
Talents: She has a talent for playing musical instruments and singing.
Weapons: Bow and arrow, and if she has too, a sword
Year-Round or Summer: Year-rounder
Other: Color is MediumPurple. She's too short for my liking, and I'm gonna one day get around to adding and editing.

luctor et emergo

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Please Note: There is no opinion from Leena for any of her app. It didn't really seem right to put in her opinion, considering her history.

Leena Alice Hale, Daughter of Chronos And Little Monster

Leena Alice Hale
Name Meaning:
Leena - Light, Free Man, Palm Tree
Alice - Noble Kind, Of The Noble Sort
Hale - Nook, Hollow
Lee, Na, Alice [Most common nickname]
24th of August
God Parent:
Chronos, Personification/God of Time. Not To Be Confused With Kronos, Titan Of Time
Mortal Family:

• Mary-Alice Hale (Mother - Presumed Dead): Mary-Alice was born into a hard life. An alcoholic father, a mother who only wanted the best for her eldest daughter and her youngest, Angelica. Her father was abusive, and many a night the two girls would sleep in the same bed, scared of the shouts that came from downstairs. However, despite that, the family wasn't poor, instead happily in the middle of poor and rich. It was when Mary-Alice turned 17 that the horrible news reached them; Kierston Hale, Mother of two beautiful little girls, and Wife of Roger Hale, had been killed in a fatal accident. A robbery gone wrong. A few months later Roger remarried. His new wife was named Bethany Jill Call, and she was less than half his age. Only a few months later, Mary-Alice ran away from her home, taking her own savings of money, and her sisters. For a long while she didn't know where to go, but settled in Miami, renting a small apartment in the center of town. Mary-Alice started a teaching course, and four years later she was teaching in a school for children, and loving it. Fashioning the name "Mary-Alice Richards", everything about her life was pretty perfect for a runaway who hated her family. Then, she met Chronos for the first time. A few weeks of dating, and he left her. A few weeks more, and it was obvious to Mary-Alice she was pregnant.

• Damon Hale (Brother): Damon Hale was the first child of Mary-Alice "Richards" and Chronos. As a child, people described him as "Handsome" and "Dangerous Looking". Two descriptions that didn't seem right with each other. The one thing everyone who met him could agree on was that a few minutes alone with Damon was incredibly unsettling, and left you with the unique feeling that you had let him know your darkest secrets without even speaking. Later on, he would be described as the Yin to Leena's Yang, the opposite to her in every way. They did however balance each other out perfectly when they were with each other, and Damon often left Leena to speak for him, and he would look out for her in return.

Brief History:
    'Before I can explain the history of Leena Hale, I need to explain how Mary-Alice and Chronos came to meet. Due to there being no record of Leena or Damon, her brother, it is hard to find any piece of evidence supporting their history, and not only hard, but impossible to find living proof that they ever existed. I'm acting as their spokesperson, as I am one of the only ones left who knows everything... from bad, to good, to worse.'

Mary-Alice had never been as ambitious as her sister, Angelica. When she ran away, she fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher to children. Her name had been replaced by a more ordinary one, "Mary-Alice Richards", and she had cut any ties she had left with her family.
It was on a snowy December day that Mary-Alice met Chronos. Due to the snow falling so hard, the school she was working in was closed, and so she had taken advantage of her day off to buy the essentials she would need before the roads were closed. In Walmart, she bumped into a man. A man who she found alluring, so very handsome. He must have seen something in her too. They went for coffee, laughing and joking. Mary-Alice was dumbfounded that he was even speaking to her, never having had much self-esteem. She didn't believe she was pretty enough, but he saw a beautiful black haired girl, so small and delicate that she looked like she would break in a second. The two dated for a few weeks, and Mary-Alice felt like a little girl when he would meet her after school. It was a mushy kind of romance, him walking her home each night, giving her flowers, bringing her presents and bringing her into posh restaurants.
But he soon realized that his love was pregnant, and knew he couldn't stay. Vowing to her that one day she'd meet him again, he left, and she was none the wiser for quite a few weeks.
Then, she knew. She knew that she was carrying her loves baby, and that now she was all alone. However, Mary-Alice didn't feel sorry for herself. She kept working, left her small apartment and moving into a larger one, buying the things a baby would need. She was determined that her baby would live in a happy home, one where parents didn't shout and scream at each other. Where the father figure didn't beat the mother. Where the mother didn't die an untimely death, the father remarried, and the child ran away.
When Damon was born, Mary-Alice thought her heart would explode. She'd never known such love, the love she felt for her baby boy.
She raised him in a happy home for three short years, and he grew into a beautiful toddler who seemed a little too broody. She didn't notice though, preferring to believe he was just a quiet child.
Chronos seemed to keep an eye on his child, because for the early years of Damon's life no monsters attacked. Nothing bad went wrong that would mean Mary-Alice would be thrown into a world she didn't understand.
Three years passed though, and Chronos found that he missed the black haired lady he'd once loved. Taking a different appearance, he met her in the Walmart yet again, finding her little boy and bringing him back to her. She'd been in tears, thinking he'd gotten lost. And then this man, who seemed so familiar but she was sure she had never seen before appeared, and was towing little Damon beside him. More coffee, more restaurants, more presents and flowers.
Chronos stayed for a year this time, helping Mary-Alice raise Damon, and protecting the two for a while.
And then, one day, he was simply gone. No note, no explanation, he just disappeared. And Mary-Alice found she was having another baby.
When she gave birth to her little girl, Mary-Alice was worried. She knew something was different about them. She felt that she wasn't going to be able to care for two children all alone.
But she tried. At least she tried.
A year passed, and Damon seemed to connect more with little Leena than he had with his mother in four years. Leena's mother found it odd that her baby boy loved his baby sister so much, and that he willingly gave over toys and time to her. From what she had known of children, little boy's found it hardest to share with younger siblings, but here Damon was, a protective little man.
It was a year and four months after Leena's birth that Damon was attacked by a "Large Black Dog". He ended up in a mortal hospital, with claw marks along his back and left side.
This left Damon with mental scars, not just physical. He seemed to become even more reclusive, and now he was even quieter around his mother. Leena was now the only one who he would speak to, even if she couldn't speak back.
Faster than the speed of light, six years passed. Leena grew into a mini version of her mother, and became so bubbly and kind. She was the complete opposite of Damon, the light to his dark, the soprano to his alto. She was a talented dancer and singer, and while Damon might have acted annoyed, she was the reason he hadn't gone crazy. His little sister. Seven years old, four years younger than him.
But tragedy was just around the corner.
Damon was trusted by Mary-Alice to care for Leena while she was shopping, or while she was out. On a warm summers day, she left her two children in the apartment. Leena seemed calm, drawing on a small sketchpad. Damon seemed the same as always, broody, in the corner fiddling with some bits and bobs, trying to create something. The two were normal when Mary-Alice left to go across the city for a job interview in a different school.
Three hours or so later, Leena ran in from the sitting room to pull at Damon's arm urgently, tears in her eyes. He was impatient that day, and pulled himself from her grasp. She didn't give up, pulling at him, not speaking, just crying. Damon pushed her away, and Leena tumbled before standing up again.
"Mommy!' she had shouted at him, finding her voice.
Damon asked Leena what she meant, and Leena tried to explain that she had seen their mother, walking down an ally. And then, there was nothing. Just a black space for a split second, and she was back. He laughed, and told her she was imagining things.
The next day, the police knocked on the door, looking for the two children of Mary-Alice Richards. They had been informed by a youth that at two that morning, Mary-Alice had been dragged away by masked persons, and thrown in a vehicle. The youth recognized the lady he knew as Miss.Richards, as she had been his favorite teacher in school, before he dropped out. He'd remembered her little boy, Damon, and her little girl Leena, as he'd been reporting the incident. He knew them from one day when he was in class, and Mary-Alice had brought her children in to a meeting she had been having with the principal.
The police took the two children from the house, promising the eldest that they were doing all they could to track down their mother. Putting them both in a care home, they assured Damon it was only so they could be cared for until such a time as Mary-Alice was found.
Leena was frightened, and was confused by the men who had come to the door. She was only seven years old.
And Damon didn't trust the police, or the people in the home. He packed the bags they had brought that very night, and took little Leena with him as he ran away.
The children went unnoticed in such a large city. They knew everywhere in Miami, and stayed with one of their mothers friends for a few days before running again, taking some of her money. They caught a bus from there, which brought the children to a small town.
For a while, as in, two years, they traveled, becoming two more homeless children on the streets of America. They walked, they ran, they got lifts and they paid for bus journeys. They survived barely on the scraps from bins, and sometime in their first year lost their belongings. The only things they had left was a locket that Leena had been given for her birthday, with a picture of her and her mother and brother, and a knife Damon had found which he used to whittle pieces of wood when he was bored.
One thing that never changed was the love Damon showed for his sister only, a loyalty that was unrivaled. No matter what, he was there to protect Leena from the world and the horrors in it.
But two demigods travelling in America is a death wish. Two years after they ran, Leena and Damon were attacked by their first monster. It looked like a classic vampire, only it had flaming hair and two different legs. The thing, which called itself Carrie, was unskilled to the point that Damon was able to hurt her enough to get away with Leena.
After that, monsters were a regular occurance. But the fact they found two weapons, a bow and arrows and a proper sword, made out of a strange, slightly glowing metal, made everything easier. Chronos hadn't forgotten his two children. Saddened by the loss of Mary-Alice, he knew he couldn't interfere directly in their lives, because they were one day going to become Heroes. However, he did leave them the weapons, in the hope that when they were ready to use them, they would.
Leena was a natural with the bow and arrow. She had a talent for that, and she once told Damon that the loss of her dancing and singing classes, and talent, was made up for by the talent she developed for the bow. Damon was a pure swordsman, and he felt that he had at last found his true talent.
They traveled. And now that they had a slight knowledge of what they were, monsters appeared. Leena was able to shoot them from a distance. Damon was able to attack up close.
Leena also began to have very strong feelings of what was going to happen. She would tell Damon they needed to find cover, and he wouldn't believe her. When it began to rain, he wondered how she'd known. Her Godly Talent was starting to develop at the best of times, and soon when Leena told him not to do something, or that she had a feeling about something, Damon would listen.
But soon, everything changed.
It was five years after the loss of Mary-Alice, their mother. The two children had lived for so long in harmony, not happy with the streets, but able to handle the challenges faced.
Damon had changed. It had started when their mother was taken. He'd become quieter, less talkative, even to Leena. He'd also began to wonder about his father, and about why he had never came to help. The fact that he knew something wasn't right with himself and Leena made it harder to act normal. He was also jealous. Jealous of his sisters talent, the feelings she would get. He wondered why he hadn't developed something like that, and even though he loved her more than anything, Damon started to hate her at the same time.
Leena was asleep when Damon met the boy that changed his life forever.
The boy's name was Carlos. He was an early follower of Kronos, who had been tempted by power and riches. Feeling that something wasn't right with Damon, he brought him to his own leader, who's name was Matthew. Matthew was waiting for Carlos, and was surprised by the sixteen year old boy he brought.
Damon was told everything when a satyr travelling with the followers of Kronos told Matthew he smelt like demigod. And he was tempted, tempted by the power.
Meanwhile Leena had woken up alone. For two days she hung sadly around the town, wondering why she hadn't felt something was off. When Damon reappeared, he acted like the old him, the one who had played with her. She didn't feel anything was off, and they continued on from that town.
But something fundamental had shifted. Damon wasn't right anymore. He kept in contact with Matthew and Carlos, although he told them nothing about his sister.
Until they came.
The band of followers began to think about recruiting demigods. And Damon was the first boy on their list.
Leena and Damon were near New York. Not in the city, but near. Damon was still acting perfectly normal, and another year had passed from the day he had met the followers of Kronos.
Matthew made contact. Surprised by the little thirteen year old with Damon, he explained that they were recruiting, and if he wanted, he could join. Matthew didn't realize until the satyr told him that Leena was a demigod too, and that she had a much more potent scent.
Damon joined. It wasn't a surprising move, because after the loss of his mother he had been changed forever, and the power that came with being in this group was more tempting to the changed Damon than it would have been to the old him. Matthew and Carlos were worried though, about the petite little girl who stuck close to her brother. They knew she had a stronger smell, which indicated a stronger demigod. And so, they talked with Damon.
This talk ended up with Leena bound and gagged, and her brother laughing with the boys who had done it.
It took a year however for these boys to corrupt Damon totally. He came so close to fighting them, and it pained Leena to know he was choosing power over her. Leena felt betrayed, and why shouldn't she have? She found herself hating the only person she had left in the world, and refused to speak, even when he tried to start a conversation.
By the time she was fourteen, they had corrupted her loving brother completely, into a cold, hard killer, who was prepared to destroy any obstacle which stood in his way.
One of the obstacles? Was Leena, his baby sister.
Standing over her, Damon had been prepared to kill her. He was no longer her brother, but an awful, twisted version of him, with only one resemblance, his looks.
Telling her it would be all right. Telling her that she was too naive for the world, and that she would e with their mother soon. He raised the sword which he still owned to deliver the death blow. The sword swung down and-

The sunlight above Leena was so sudden she blinked and let her eyes adjust. After a few moments, she had sat up, looking around. It was a park. With trees. And flowers. And her.
Leena was dressed in a very simple white dress. Her shoes were in pumps, and she was alone.
Apart from the small piece of paper on her lap, which when opened revealed elegant handwriting.

"Leena Alice Hale,
Camp Half-Blood, Long Island Sound, America.
Age: 14
Birthday: 15th of April
Missing: Seven Years."

That had been the moment when the vision had pushed into her head, and she gasped in shock. It was so vivid... a U of Cabins... a beach... a farmhouse.... a hill with a beautiful pine tree swaying on top... and kids, all doing various activities. Sword fighting, archery, singing, dancing, laughing...
When she emerged, Leena knew. She knew that she was this Leena Alice Hale. She knew that she was 14 years old, and that her DOB was the 15th of April. She also knew that the place she had seen was the place where she belonged, and for some reason she wasn't there.
The other thing she knew was that apart from what was written on the piece of paper, she had no memory of anything else.
Knowing she was supposed to go to this Camp, she started the journey. It was hard. She didn't know anything about herself, her family, anything. But she held onto the vision of Camp, and she survived to the pine tree swaying in the wind, on top of the hill.
And since?
Leena arrived at Camp battered and bruised, but alive. She watched the orientation, and Chiron himself explained the key points of what she was. The only thing that remained in question was why she had no memory of her life. She showed the piece of paper to him, but he had never heard of Leena Alice Hale, Unclaimed, Missing for Seven Years. She didn't exist.

What happened when Damon raised his sword you ask?
Damon had been corrupted by evil, by Kronos. He had been changed, and there was nothing left inside of him that would bring him back. He had been wholly prepared to murder Leena, as long as it meant he would receive the power he had been promised. The deal Carlos and Matthew had told him was if he killed the more powerful child, he would receive the power which had been his birthright. Leena herself had become cold and hateful, and had she been given the chance she would have killed him to get away. She was disgusted, and was prepared to do anything.
But Chronos couldn't stand for that. He couldn't allow his loved son to murder his loved daughter. His two children fighting against each other, hating each other? It was something he didn't want to happen.
As Damon raised that sword, Chronos took them away, separated them. He wiped their memories, taking every memory of life before they awoke, and leaving them each a small note. Damon's was almost the exact same as Leena's, only it said

"Damon Alexander Hale,
Birthplace: Miami
Age: 18
Birthday: 4th of August
Missing: Seven years."

Separated, Chronos hoped that the loss of their memories would prevent them from finding each other once more, even though he knew they would always feel alone because of it. He didn't give Damon the address of CHB, feeling that he was an adult, and if he gave him a proper start at the world, he would make the right choices.
Damon Hale awoke in Los Angeles, and from there, he disappeared once more.
Leena was put in NY, so she was closer to her destination.
The memories Chronos took only related to their lives, their families and everything that pertained to them. But Leena and Damon were left with the memories of the general world, and their fighting skills.
Happy with his efforts to save at least two of his children, Chronos has never made contact with Leena or Damon since.
Physical Appearance:
Leena is what some would describe as "Cute", others would describe as "Pretty", and even more would describe as "Beautiful". She has a certain allure about her, which coupled with her shining personality, makes people instantly adore her.
Leena's hair is short to the extreme, cropped short and spiky. Its been like that for most of her life, as she's never had the interest to grow it out. Inky black, there's no halfway with her hair. No blonde streaks or brown tones. Its a pure black, that sets of the color of her skin nicely.
Her eyes are a beautiful, deep dark brown, which are warm and always full of laughter. Her memory loss gave her back that natural bubbly side, and her eyes show that part of her personality perfectly. Leena's eyes are wide and innocent, naturally. They give her an advantage when she want's something. She has long, delicate eyelashes, usually outlined in mascara or eyeliner, and thin, sculpted brows. She chose to get her brows done because she thought it would be pretty, and its worked in some ways. The one problem is she now needs to get them done regularly, which is a real pain.
Leena is one of the palest people you'll meet. Its her natural complexion, and no matter what she tries, she can't tan. Instead she burns. She has few blemishes on her face, but the majority of her scars are around her midriff, and back. She's got claw marks there, from an attack from a Spinx, and some from an attack from a Hellhound. She also has a scar on her wrist, which people have asked her about. Its from before she lost her memories, and so she doesn't know how she got it, but its the same with all her scars. This particular one was got when she tumbled, and fell down a small hill onto the sharp rocks below. As she fell, she tried to grab at some roots or anything that could have kept her up, scraping along her wrist. Damon had been able to bring her back up the hill and care for the cut.
Leena likes to wear makeup, but she doesn't overdo it like some. Her face is small and delicate, with full pink lips and her sparkling eyes. When she smiles, which is often, her whole features illuminate, giving her an inner light.
Leena is a petite girl, standing at just about 4"10. She doesn't make a big deal about her height, but she does like to wear heels on occasion. The best thing about her height, as she has told friends, is that shes so much smaller than any boyfriend she's had, which gives her the feeling of being protected.
Leena has a tiny waist, and coupled with her height, give people the impression that she's so much younger than 16. Everyone around her can pat her on the head and smile down at her, which doesn't really get on her nerves like it might get on someone elses. She's always been small, and its something she's grown used to.
Lee is very lithe. She's graceful as a wild cat hunting, and she's got a unique fighting style. Her agility and speed is one thing which she prides, and she's always been very fast on her feet. You wouldn't even realize she's moved before she's gone. People immediately think she needs protection, because she's so small, but that isn't the case. She's not only stronger than she looks, but her agility is unrivaled, which put with her speed makes a strong fighter. Not that she doesn't find it funny when people try to take charge and help her. She enjoys showing them that she's not a little girl, and that her strength is there despite her physique.
One major thing people notice about Leena when they meet her is the way she walks. She's like a prima ballerina, walking gracefully and flawlessly, and running like a gazelle. She seems to be dancing even when she's just walking across the room. Its the most unique thing about her, and everyone has noticed it. She carry's herself equally as gracefully.
Leena's a very fashionable person, and her wardrobe is full to the brim of clothes that she's only ever worn once. She loves shopping sprees, and especially loves makeovers. Because of her... gift, Leena has earned enough money, which keeps her in shoes and dresses, jeans and tops. She loves any style of clothes, and loves the colors white, black, silver, purple and gold. No one can say she has no talents, because she can certainly give advice about what not to wear.
The one thing that can be said about Leena is she is the most optimistic person you will meet.
A real positive thinker, nothing fazes her. You can tell her that the worlds gonna end, and she'll just shrug and continue on. Some people have put it down to her talent, and that the reasons she doesn't get worried about things is because she knows whats gonna happen at that point in time. But in all honesty, with what she's been put through, being optimistic is something she deserves.
She's incredibly bubbly, which gets on peoples nerves most of time. Her whole persona is happy and perky, a little ball of energy that spreads good will and happiness. Or that's what she tries to do. She loves everyone, and she wants to make them happy.
Hyper, she literally bounces off the ceiling.
Leena is really stubborn, and doesn't listen to peoples advice. She likes to make her own decisions, and she's said herself "I'll make my own wrong decisions, and that's good! Because then I'll go and learn, and no one will catch me out again!". Basically, she doesn't like people telling her when she's doing something wrong, or trying to give her advice on how to do something. She likes to do it herself, doing it her own way. Often times, it turns out better than expected, although there have been the times when she's ended up making everything worse.
Leena is one of the kindest, selfless person you will meet. She makes sure everyone is cared for, and everyone is loved by her. A lot of people think that because she seems childlike and peppy, she lacks judgement, which is why she protects even those she doesn't know. But the truth is that its her natural personality to care for others.
One of Leena's favorite pastimes is singing. She loves to sit in the Amphitheater, strumming on an instrument, singing to the latest song she's perfected. Right now, the song she would sing is Decode by Paramore, but only a few days ago you could hear her singing Spotlight, Mutemouth. She doesn't have a preference to type of song, and it's a shock when you hear her singing a rock song only a day after a lullaby. Her voice is like bells, and when she sings it becomes a tinkling tune.
Leena is awfully annoying when you get her started about clothes and etc. She loves nothing more than a shopping spree, where she will relentlessly make sure you buy only the best. Her own fashion is sometimes over the top, because she likes to buy things and then show off. She'll treat you like a guinea pig if you give her the chance to dress you. She doesn't like you looking horrible after all. Lee also loves parties, and especially enjoys organizing them.
She has hundreds of notebooks, filled with sketches of Gowns and Outfits, and plans for parties like no one will ever see again. She also enjoys to draw people and objects, places and etc, and is quite the talented drawer. However, she's mostly disappointed, thinking to herself that the picture is terrible. Its really hard to please herself.
Leena doesn't care about being tiny, which is something some people have trouble believing. She's small and incredibly agile, but a capable fighter non-the-less. If you asked her, she'd say that being so small is what gives her the fighting skills. She can get around an opponent, and because of being quick on her feet she's gone before they can deliver a blow.
All in all Leena is a happy-go-lucky artist, who loves everyone around her, but is a little too peppy sometimes.
Fatal Flaw: Leena's fatal flaw is personal loyalty. She doesn't have a family. Which means she values her friends so much more. And the hardest thing for people to understand is that it isn't just her friends that she values and will never leave. Leena values every single person who walks into her life, from that girl sitting beside her on the bus into the City to the person who's bullying her in the Arena. She doesn't care what you've done to her. If you're in danger, she will throw herself in front of that danger to make sure it doesn't hurt you.
Pets: None
Talents:Leena never believed she had a talent. When she awoke, she wasn't aware of any flying ability, or the ability to talk to frogs or something. She just had that nagging feeling, which pointed her in the direction of where she needed to go. It became more potent however after a few months, her internal alarm catching up to the years she had already spent

• Precognition: Leena has the power to see the future. They come in the form of premonitions. This mainly works through her focusing on a certain object or person, and keeping track of its decisions. She can focus on at most seven things at a time, although that doesn't mean she can't focus on more. It means she can focus on them without the danger of things slipping through the cracks. If she focuses on more, its more than likely something major will be missed. This power is working all the time, and is not able to just be switched off. This power has many drawbacks. She can only see the outcome of someone's decision when once it is made - meaning the future changes rapidly, and if the decision is not firmly rooted, she can see at the very least seven possible futures all at the one time. Her vision can become clouded if someone else gets in the way. Leena is unable to see the future of Gods, Monsters [I.E. The future of monsters.], or Immortal Beings. She can see humans because she's half-human, and she can see half-bloods because she is one. She doesn't hold her powers as being flawless, and reminds people constantly that if they try overload her, they won't get the result they want. There are often blind spots in her visions if someone is tangled in with one of the people who she cannot see. Leena is only able to see about three months, maybe a few weeks more than that, ahead when she's looking for the future of friends or etc. She can't see further than about a week for herself, and even at that has terribly foggy vision when it comes to herself.
At times, she may have a vision pushed into her mind, such as the one she received of Camp. These are ones which she is not looking for, and often shows cloudy visions of danger or problems. These can be the hardest to decipher, because they are based on decisions, and aren't. Leena often sketches the location of these visions, because she finds it easier to have a solid piece of imagery.
The most common thing that happens is Leena receives strong gut feelings, which happen if the question is very simple. For example, if she was in the forest and found two paths. She may find one path to have no reaction from her internal alarm, whereas the other gives her a sickly feeling. She will choose the one which has no reaction, so as to stay from the bad feeling.
Because of her gift, Leena seems like she knows a lot more than she should. And she does. She's been bullied horribly over what she knows, because she can know all about you, even if you've never met her before. Lee's always looking into the future, and is very in tune with the decisions and happenings of her friends. The hardest thing to do when you know Leena is surprise her. She's constantly saying thanks for presents that her friends haven't even seen yet, and telling them yes to a question they haven't even answered, or just plain freaking them out. Its not like she's always in the future, but she's kind of half there when you speak to her, a little of her head here, a little there, a little over there...

• Intuition: Leena is very intuitive, which she associates with her gift. She's very in tune with the world, and everything going on.

• Drawing/Sketching: Leena is a talented sketcher, and she would kind of need to be with her "gift". She's always loved to draw, even before her mother was taken. She has a trunk full of sketchpads, and sketch pencils.

• Singing & Dancing: Leena still loves to sing and to dance, even if she has no memory of the lessons she took as a child. You can often find her singing and strumming a guitar, or humming as she works in the Cabin, or dancing as she walks to the Mess Hall. Dancing is more than a talent of hers, as she seems to be dancing even when she's just walking.
Leena is a natural archer, which would be called her only true weapon based talent. She retained the skill she had perfected over the years when her memories were taken, and the added years in which she's had to practice mean she's a good aim. She owns a bow which she carved designs on herself, and various arrows which include two silver hunter arrows. Her bow is one of them retractable weapons, and is held in a very pretty choker necklace. Its easy to pull off so she can bring her bow into play, and its rare to see her without it.
Leena also trains with a sword, which she isn't incredibly skilled with. She loves it because she can anticipate an opponents moves before they happen, but she has a slight tendency to get carried away, and become to confident. She loses the upper hand quickly, simply because of her dressy sword fighting style. She owns a plain celestial bronze sword, which she has with her wherever she goes.
Year-Rounder or Summer: Year-Rounder
Her color is RosyBrown. I shall be rewriting her Personality soon, cause I'm too lazy to do it now.

luctor et emergo

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Rana Jackson, Daughter of Eris And All Around Rebel

Name: Rana Midnight Jackson
Name Meaning:
Rana - Behold, Nobility, Royal, To Gaze, Look Beautiful, Graceful
Midnight - Midnight
Jackson - God Has Been Gracious, Has Shown Favor
Raa, Na.
31st of October
God Parent:
Eris, Goddess of Chaos, Strife, Discord, Contention and Rivalry. Opposite of Harmonia, Daughter of Nyx [Or Zeus & Hera Depending On Legends], Mother of Dysnomia.
Years In Camp:
Four years, since she was 12 and a half.
Mortal Family:

• Bryan Jackson (Father): Bryan Jackson was one of the kindest men that you could meet. He'd had an average home life, and when he was 18, he decided to try his hand at living in Chicago, moving there and leaving his family behind. I say was, because Bryan Jackson has been dead for four years, due to... terrible circumstances.
He loved his children more than words can say, including his rebellious Rana. Not many people would understand that love, considering how much she put him through. But if he could love Carmen: He could love his child.

• Carmen Jackson Née Shields (Step-Mother): Carmen Jackson was born into a world divided. Her Father had cheated on her Mother, and her Mother had cheated on her Father. The two split up when she was just a baby, and she opted to stay with her Dad. He doted on her, and she loved him, but when she turned 13, the abuse started. She was sexually abused by him until she got up the nerve to run away aged 16.
It left her with serious mental scars. She believed that everyone was there too hurt her, that everyone was going to leave her, and most of all that she was the only real person in the world.
When she met Bryan, she was incredibly broken and isolated, and, call him sick in the head, but he loved her straight away. They dated on and off for months, unable to move past the "We're just friends" stage until she finally trusted him enough to love him back. She loved his little girl Rana, treating her like she was her daughter. In fact, she treated her better than that for a long time.
They married, having two children: Robin and Pepper.
But Carmen couldn't get over her mental scars so easily...

• Robin Jackson (Half-Brother): Robin Jackson was the middle child, two years younger than Rana. Carmen was pregnant with him when the two married, and was born that Summer.
As her brother, Rana loved him. As her best friend, she bullied him a hell of a lot. But that's what siblings are for, right? It is unknown where Robin is right now, although it is assumed he was put into foster care.

• Pepper Jackson (Half-Sister): Pepper Jackson was the youngest child, the baby of the family. She was born when Rana was ten, and when Robin was eight. Her birth may have been the trigger for what happened to Carmen, although that has never been proven. Unlike Robin, Rana never felt the need to bully her baby sister. In fact she felt more like her mother than Carmen was acting, and cared for her even at her age. Pepper meant everything to Rana, along with her brother and father. Around her birth Ra started to suspect Carmen was doing something bad, which horribly, she was right about.

Brief History:
Rana Jackson was born on Halloween Night to Bryan and Eris. The two had been dating on and off for a few months, and Eris had never made a secret of what she was. Bryan thought it was amazing that they were having a child, and expected that his love was going to need to leave. So he wasn't too surprised when she left the baby at the hospital with no note goodbye, and he was left caring for the girl christened Rana. Also christened Midnight, for reasons unknown.
For a year Bryan was cautious, never leaving his special child alone, always caring for her. He knew the stories of Heracles and Perseus. He didn't want his girl to have to go through that. But soon he started leaving her at daycares. It was in one of these daycares that he met the love of his life, Carmen Shields. She was reclusive. She was all alone. The only thing she had was the job she barely held at a daycare, where she loved to care for children. In honesty, she knew Rana a lot more than she knew Bryan at first. But soon the two started dating.
They dated on and off for months, until she agreed to marry him. It was unknown at the time she was pregnant, and she only found out the week before her wedding, but they were madly in love, and a baby was welcome.
Rana loved her new little brother. If you associate love with tickling his feet and blaming him for everything. But hey, at least she had a friend.
Bryan and Carmen next took the choice to move to Miami, where they moved into a suburban house. It was a beautiful villa, with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a sitting room and a kitchen. Halls, a large back garden, a smaller front garden, and basically everything a family could need. They had a car big enough for all of them, and everything was happy and good for eight years.
Through eight years, Rana grew up. So did Robin. They became smart children, who liked school work and tried to obey rules. Ra had the most trouble obeying regulations and rules about how she should behave, but with help from the woman she called a mother, she was able to at least be civil.
When Pepper was born, everything started to change. Carmen started to leave the house more and more, staying out for hours without a phone call. Bryan had work, and Rana was left caring for her brother and sister, even though she was only a child herself. Then, Carmen went missing for four days. Four very long days, where a rescue squad was searching for her. She reappeared, saying she'd been to visit her father, and after that everything just got worse for the children. Rana started to see herself as a mother figure to Pepper, Robin started to hate his mother, and Bryan just started worrying in general.
When Rana turned eleven, she was already worrying about her mother. Her sister and brother too. She felt her father could take care of himself.
Gradually over the course of the year Rana started to deteriorate health wise. She grew weaker and weaker, had migranes, pains in her joints, and a terrible feeling that kept showing in her dreams. Something was going to happen.
In honesty, for Ra, the next few months were a blur to her. Her brother and sister had also got worse in health, and her father even worse than the children. Carmen was caring for them like any other mother.
Then Carmen left again. She didn't leave a note.
Bryan had thought this was behind her, and when she came back the two rowed the night away, screaming at each other until they sat down for dinner.
Bryan Jackson went to bed that night, on the 31st of October, and never woke up. He died on his eldest daughter’s birthday.
Carmen left again, leaving the children to discover their father’s body the next morning. Rana rang the hospital, but he was pronounced dead on the scene.
The heartbroken children couldn't tell the doctors and police where they're mom had gone, and they were placed in temporary foster care. Until of course Ra fell of a swing set and was rushed to hospital with at worst a concussion. At worst?
Traces of a poison were found in her system, enough that she was lucky to be alive. There were no injection marks on her body, and so it was assumed that she had been ingesting it for what must have been months, in tiny doses. Out of worry, the other two children, the siblings, were brought in and tested. It was a wonder Pepper hadn't been killed weeks before from the amount in her system, and Robin wasn't much better. The body of their father was tested then, as they knew what they were looking for. The tests showed Bryan had died from the same poison as they had in their system, steadily being built up in his system through oral ingestion. But the tests also showed that he had been dosed enough in one sitting that it had killed him.
The children needed to spend weeks in hospital, they're systems being flushed out slowly, each of them getting better and better until they could leave. First Robin was well enough to leave, and Social Services took him away. Then Pepper, social services took the tiny child away to her own home. And then, finally, Rana, who'd had the most in her system.
Only it wasn't Social Services that took her away.
It was a Satyr who had been in the hospital at the time. His name was Albert, and he had known from moment one she'd been a Demigod. Posing as a Social Services official, he managed to get a hold of her medical files, and Gods know how, the news on the case of the poisoning, as in suspect lists and etc.
Bringing her to Camp, he told her everything about what she was. They drove the whole way so she could throw questions at him, and he could answer. And answer he did.
When they arrived and she stepped across the border of Camp, Rana was almost immediately claimed. Her mother must have wanted to help her for once.
Chiron and Albert both took her into the Big House, and Albert explained that while she slept he'd rang Chiron and told him everything. And it was Ra's choice if she wanted to see the medical reports and the crime files.
A twelve year old child has a certain need to know everything, and have knowledge about every single thing going on. Of course she chose to look at them.
Most of it was general stuff, which she wouldn't be able to understand until years later. However, there was a suspect for the murder of Bryan Jackson and the attempted murder of Rana, Robin and Pepper Jackson. The name? Carmen Shields Jackson, who had turned up days before, admitting to the crime.
Rana couldn't believe it.
The one she called a Mother had tried to kill her and her siblings, and succeeded in killing her father...
And that was the moment Rana decided she wasn't going back. She wasn't going to try contact Robin or Pepper. She wasn't going to let someone do that to her ever again, have her trust violated. That's the meaning of the tattoo on her hip. The kind, thoughtful, compassionate Rana Jackson died that moment, to be replaced by Rana Midnight Jackson, the person everyone knew but no one got. The girl on a different wavelength to everyone else.

Four years is a really long time. Not long enough for Carmen to be convicted, and she's still undergoing mental analysis, the case suspended. Pepper is living with a family who have always tried to help her remember her real family, and surround her with items and pictures from that life. Robin is living with a family who don't try to help him remember, and has run away countless times to try get to Rana or Pepper. And Rana has been at Camp for all that time, slowly undergoing changes that have left her as different from the old her as a newly born, white, fluffy kitten would be too a fully grown, feral tiger.
Physical Appearance:
Rana is an ironic, dark beauty. Only a person who values darkness and shadow could truly call her beautiful, but anyone else would have to grudgingly admit that she has a allure about her, a certain something that boosts their opinion from mere cute to a much nicer pretty. It isn't her looks that does it, but the way she stands, the way she moves, and the way she can look at you.
Ra's hair isn't what most classify as long. It falls a few inches below her shoulders when curly, longer when straight, but it doesn't fall to her waist. It’s a nice length, which she finds easiest to keep it at. She's tried short hair, she's tried super long hair, but the length it’s at now has been her usual length for a long time now. Rana doesn't wear her hair up often, preferring to keep it down, although she would make an exception when she's training. Her hair alternates from its natural dark brown streaked with light to near black, and only she knows why she tries to make her hair even darker than it is usually. more recently she's stopped dying it so much, although it’s always possible she'll turn up to a class with her hair darker. Ra's hair is in the middle of thick and thin, with layers cut into it that are usually thrown back.
Rana's eyes are a dark, dark brown, which is closer to black than anything else. They used to be lit with a beautiful warmth and kindness, but since her problems in the past, they've become a lot colder. She always has a guarded look in them, no emotions coming through her eyes to catch her out and expose her secrets. Ra's eyes have however got these lights inside them, which have been described by people past as "crazy" lights, which flicker and flame, giving her a fire inside, a passage to her soul. Children of Hades have been described as having eyes like both a madman and a genius. Ra's eyes are the same, a genius' intellect and a madman's insanity all rolled into one. Her eyes also have an almost hypnotic effect on a person when she's speaking. Most find their own eyes drawn to hers, listening to what she says without meaning too. It’s a persuasive gaze, and one that only the strongest could ignore. Her eyes are usually heavily outlined in makeup, which some have speculated is to try divert someone's attention from those crazy lights and hypnotic glances to her face, to make people ignore her even though she doesn't want to just be "ignored".
Rana has pale skin, which is odd in itself given the fact she's usually outside. She's never been one to tan easily, more often than not simply burning, but on occasion she can sport a tan. However, during the Winter she turns back to her pale, milky features, and it’s only during the Summer you might find her tanned. She doesn't have many major blemishes on her face and top body, other than a few pockmarks, spots, moles and scars from small scratches. On her lower body, stomach and legs, she has larger scars from larger injuries, most of which have happened in the last few years at Camp. If she points them out, you'll also notice the drip scars on her wrists, and the slightly raised marks from needles from her time in hospital. The only makeup you'll find her wearing is her usual mascara and eye shadow, occasionally her eyeliner. She doesn't wear foundation or blusher. Ra has three tattoos. One is on the back of her neck, running from about an inch and a half under her hairline to about five inches down. It says, in Chinese symbols, "Live Your Life". One of the other tattoos is on her wrist, a very simple black star, which was her first tattoo. The final one is on her hip, and is her newest. It’s from a song most know, but it’s also reminiscent of a promise she made herself a long time ago. "R.I.P. To The Girl You Used To See, Her Days Are Over." Its wrote in delicate script, pitch black. Not many people have seen this tattoo, the one hidden by her tops and pants, but it’s there, and the meaning is quite sad when thought about. Ra has always loved tattoos, and they aren't gonna be the last ones she gets.
Rana has a delicate pixie feature face, which is largely dominated by her wide eyes and pale lips. Her nose is petite, and she's fortunate not to have broken it in the fights which she's thrown herself into. Her ears are slightly on the larger side, usually covered by her hair, and if she's noticed this flaw then she hasn't ever made anything of it. And other people of course haven't, given the fact that her "I'm gonna kill you dead" death stare isn't just an expression. It seems that her mouth has two default settings, scowl and smirk, although sometimes you'll find a smile, or something more. Most haven't seen that elusive smile, although they have seen her death stare coupled with the turn of her lips like she's smelled something disgusting. Basically everything about her contradicts everything else about her, and she seems to try to push everyone away before they've even met her.
Rana isn't tall, instead of average height, which doesn't bother her much. She will wear high heels for an important occasion, but other than that she's happy in pumps or converse. Being smaller than most guys isn't an issue for her since she doesn't get close to guys. She's quite thin, not model thin, but pretty good for her height. She does give a feeling of being small when she's not, and being weak when she's strong. It’s a natural part of her physique.
Her style of clothes is dark and almost dreary, blacks and greys, occasionally whites. She likes clothes that are what most would call shapeless, which is an unconscious effort to make sure boys don't bother her. She does have a certain leather jacket she was bought years ago, and has been wearing routinely since she came to Camp, which adds to her badgirl look. Couple it with the packet of cigarettes usually in her pocket and the cigarette that's usually in her hands, then you're only missing the motorbike from that image. And Rana's even saving her money to buy a motorbike for herself, so that won't be missing for long. She isn't really a jewellery wearer, although she has a small jewellery box that sits in her trunk in the Cabin that holds silver accessories from her past. There is one piece of jewellery, a small bracelet engraved with her name that was given to her by her Father that Rana hasn't worn since the day he died. She's tried to fool herself that keeping it outta sight will keep it out of mind, but that isn't always the case.
Ra wears converse most of the time, usually in faded colours, though she does have some new pairs. People wonder where she gets the money for her fashion (And for that matter her cigarettes), and the answer they won't get is that she is receiving money weekly into her bank account from her Father's will. When she turns 18 she'll receive all the money left for her, which comes in at a pretty sizable amount. Until then its interest she is allowed receive, and that keeps her happy.
Rana, in exactly one sentence, can be described as a rebellious girl who has nothing to lose.
She's incredibly sarcastic, with an answer for everything. With a lot of people, it takes a hell of a long time to catch the words they speak as sarcasm. With Rana, it’s quite obvious from moment one she's using her natural born affinity for sacasticness. If she doesn't know you then it it’s very rare that she will give you a straight, normal answer.
Rana is as blunt as a rusty old sword. She gets straight to her point, with no ifs, ands or buts’. She'll give you a very straight, and often a very hurtful answer too any direct question she's asked. The only times she would turn to lying or too her sarcasm is if you ask her about her past. It’s not that she hates to speak about it - It’s the fact it hurts her to think about it. About how great it was until everything collapsed. In fact, it will take a very special person to figure out the truth about her. Another thing that comes under "truth" is her incredible knowledge about the world and her place in it. She knows exactly what she is, a screwed up girl with no one left to love, and she doesn't even try to fool herself into thinking differently. If someone asks her, she'll give them the honest answer of what she is, and what she's like. She doesn't sugar coat anything about herself, which gives her an inner honesty.
This brings us to an important part of her personality. She's not exactly "Mysterious", but though everyone has seen her, not a lot of people get her. To Camp, she's a dark haired, dark eyed beauty who keeps quiet and expects everyone else to do the same. She has no problem with anyone who stays out of her business. Rana's problem is the people who try to reach her. Those annoying bugs who think they're doing a good deed talking to her. Needless to say, the older members of Camp learned the hard way to leave her alone. Rana is the only person who knows everything about herself. Others in Camp might think they know something about her, but it’s a lot more likely she spread a rumour for her own amusement. No one knows her past story, her true personality, or her family.
Rana has a very dark, sardonic sense of humour. While her mouth seems to be set permanently on smirk and scowl, she does have emotions. She laughs and jokes and smiles like most teenage girls. Her sense of humour might be warped, but hey! At least she seems a little normal when she does joke. Rana has plenty of smiles. Each one so obviously means something different, but there is one smile, a smile which is usually given with an apologetic look and sad, wide eyes. It isn't her "That was insanely fun and we should so do it again like right now" smile, or her "Are you serious you think that's a joke lol no" smile. It isn't even her "I'm mildly amused but seriously you're weird go away please" smile or her more widely known "I am the cat, you are the mouse, can you guess who's gonna win in this scenario?" smile. It’s a smile that plainly says to anyone that understands, "I'm the girl no one wants her daughter to hang with. This is pretty much my fate, and I'm unlucky. I might have a sad, sad life, but in honesty, you should get away before it affects you. Cause in the long run, I'll because you more pain than good. You'll understand that one day".
She'd be described as the "Troublemaker". She's that girl that teachers made sure got extra homework because she didn't look like the good girl. Bad to the bone, she doesn't care about what people think of her, as long as she gets the last laugh. And she will get the last laugh. If there's one thing everyone understands about her is that if you annoy her, she won't forget. It might be days, weeks or months later, but no matter what, she will get you back. She's been called a bad girl by many a person, because her paybacks... well let’s just say she does not get revenge by halves.
Rana is a rebel. People are gonna be all "Well that goes under Bad Girl etc etc etc", but she's never been put under just one heading. She doesn't follow rules, unless she's made them. If you tell her not to do something, she will undoubtedly do it. If you try reverse psychology, and tell her to do something, she'll do it for the fun of doing it. In fact, she'll do anything as long as she sees something in it for her. If she doesn't see something in it for her? She'll just ignore you and send her kill you dead death stares your way. She's a prankster who if given the chance will make you break ribs in laughter, because she might be tough but she's also funny.
Rana is also slightly manipulative. She knows exactly what she wants. And she wants what she wants when she wants it. Confusing sentence but anyways, moving swiftly on. If she doesn't get it, you can be sure she will get it in the future. Ra knows just how to manipulate people to do what she wants, but more often than not she shuts up and doesn't acknowledge the world around her.
Rana's broody. Quiet doesn't describe her, because she isn't "quiet". She just doesn't pay a whole lot of attention, and she doesn't speak up when others would. When she does speak up, people are often shocked, until they see that yes, she is wearing her usual scowl, and no, she isn't gonna smile nicely anytime soon. People do however listen when she speaks, not because of shock, but because her gaze is quite persuasive. It would almost be described as hypnotic. People find themselves listening to her because that's what she wants. If she makes an effort to have herself heard, it’s for something.
Rana's also quite cranky. Her sarcasm is a whole big part of that, but she's naturally annoyed. She might ask you for a light, but once she's asked, she expects you to leave. She'll make a dismissive sound, a little dismissive hand gesture, and it’s very rare someone won't leave when she fixes her eyes on them. Of course, she gets the occasional person who wants to start a conversation. That's when she'll turn to her crankiness, telling them "I’m done with you now. Leave." Needless to say she gets even more cranky than usual when they don't leave.
Ra hates the world. She hates people. She hates having her quiet disturbed. She hates having her sleep disturbed, which happens more often than you'd believe. The world? Ra hates the world cause of how it’s treated her. She has a secret vendetta against it, and wants to make sure it'll stay quiet in her life. People? People annoy her in general, because they're so darn bugging. They speak to you, they smile, and they disturb you. Basically Ra wants people to look and not speak, which would be amazing. Quiet? she values quiet. She likes to sit in the quiet with her cigarette, and walk in the quiet, etc. But then annoying people walk over and disturb that quiet, and she's left riled. Sleep? Rana is an incredibly lazy person. So she might walk a whole lot, she might run and fight on occasion [okay more than on occasion but still], but if she gets the chance to drape herself onto a seat or couch, she'll take it. The girl can sleep anywhere, at anytime, and sill sleep a full twelve hours at night. It's not even funny how many times people have walked into the Amphitheatre to find her lying across four benches, her arm over her eyes, a scowl on her face, and a very instant "Disturb my sleep and die." Most would call this laziness, but taking into account that she still does all those other things girls should do, like running and training, she still keeps in perfect shape. And if you disturb her when she’s trying to take a mid-afternoon nap, then may the Gods be with you.
Rana is certainly brave, which shows in a fight, but a lot of people would call her reckless. She tends to throw herself into a situation without knowing the full story. Someone may have done her wrong and then turn out to be pretty much a friend. If she hasn't been told the last part, she'll dive for their jugular before she can be stopped. It’s a flaw that has got her into a whole lot of bad scenarios, because she doesn't listen even when she's told. If she has a bad feeling, or a certain idea about someone, then only the strongest can convince her differently. Ever after she will immediately jump to conclusions about that one person, and she will never fully trust the person.
Fatal Flaw:
Rana's flaws are numerous, and many are quiet obvious. Her inability to trust someone. Her instant dislike of people and the fact she pushes them away before knowing them. Her deathly fear, or more accurately, phobia of hospitals. Her crankiness. Her unspoken loyalty to those she does like, which is few.
The flaw people would call her fatal one however her recklessness is. She has no filter in her head that lets her know "That's dangerous, if you jump into that situation you aren't gonna come out alive." She jumps in regardless of the people around her, ignoring them completely as long as she gets the fight she's looking for.
Rana does have a pet, which is quite unexpected, right? She doesn't strike anyone as the type to care for and even love an animal, but that perception is wrong. She does in fact own a cat named Smudge, who is more the owner of her than she's the owner of him. Actually, Ra admits that Smudge is the powerful one in their relationship.
Smudge found Ra when she arrived at Camp, and he was stuck in a tree. Yes, as in, he was yowling and every time someone got near he was an idiot and jumped higher up the branches of Thalia's Pine. He was and still is stupid. Rana had only been at Camp for about a week, and had been claimed from that first moment. This one kid thought he could get close to the cat and she was there watching, mostly hoping the cat would destroy his face for something he'd said to her that morning. As he got closer, Smudge jumped to try get to another branch obviously, but fell short... and fell out of the tree. Ra was right underneath him and yes, she got a face full of fur, and hissing, spitting cat. She didn't really like the cat. But the cat kind of liked her, and for days after he followed her until she finally paid it some attention. And she found that yes, she liked the cat. She named him Smudge because as she said to him "If my face hadn't been there you would have been a Smudge on the floor", but really it’s because his markings reminded her of smudge's of paint.
Smudge is pretty much Rana in a male cat form. He's reclusive and can give death stares, and he doesn't let anyone but Rana come near him. She wouldn't call herself his pet owner cause he disappears for days on end doing whatever it is cats do in their spare time, but he always comes back and follows her around. He's even as lazy as her, and takes up three benches in the row behind her when she's sleeping in the amphitheatre. Not that he's big enough to take over three benches. He only takes up one, but others give him a berth of one on either side in case he decides to scratch at them. And he would scratch them. It isn't exaggerating the situation when I say Ra's the only one who can get close. If anyone else does, their lucky if they get away alive, what with Rana there to protect her kitty and her kitty there to protect his spot. Smudge is like Rana's early warning system when he's around, because as soon as someone gets close to her, he starts up this low growl which doesn't seem right coming out of his form at all, but still. And she'll hear this and know that someone is near, and then the sarcasm and growls mix amazingly well. If Ra ever was to date, the guy would have to survive a round with her cat before she'd so much as give him the time of day.
Rana has a talent for singing, such as pop songs. She doesn't care much for the oldies, although she would admit they are pretty good. She can memorize music down to the very last note, and plays guitar in her spare time. But that's just a normal person talent. Not a "I'm a Greek Demigod with ADHD and Dyslexia" talent.

• Telekinesis: "Ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye." Rana has the rare talent of Telekinesis, which she became aware of when she was annoyed in her first month at Camp. She was annoyed with everyone around her, who just kept on being nice when that wasn't what she wanted. So she was in Cabin 2 and just kicked her trunk for a while. When she was done she sat down at the end of her bed, glaring across the room at a cheerful pink lamp. And it literally flew across the room and hit the wall. Very suddenly, very loudly, and very destructively. She didn't know what the hell had happened, but the next day she tried it again. The same result with a dummy. It flew across the Arena, impaling itself on a sword. It took her a while to realize her talent, but she tried to perfect it. Every time she'd used it, her gift caused destruction, destroying a lamp, destroying a dummy. With a few months of training she was able to move things further, and without the automatic destruction. She gained the ability to hold them, keep them suspended. And she's had a whole lot more time to perfect this talent since then. She can move anything as heavy as a small car, although the bigger an object gets the harder it is to move. It doesn't mean she can't move things that are physically bigger than a car. But it would have to weigh less than it looked. Then of course her suspension has to do with weight as well, and that would also rely on the size of the object. Suspension would be on average 5 kilos and the size of a dining room table. Ra's range has never been tested before, but it would be about 22 meters from her, and even at that it’s pushing her strength. If she can get closer it will work better, etc.

• Pyrokinisis: When Rana gets angry, small fires tend to happen. It’s not like she means to do it, but discord is all about disruption of peace, etc, and well... Rana isn't able to manipulate fire, or create it, but if she loses her temper for even a second, and it goes too far, then a small fire could start beside her. It’s never been a serious thing, and she can keep herself calm enough most of the time, but sometimes... accidents do happen.

• Geokinisis: Not the control of earth, but the fact that like with fire, it’s a disruption of peace. She has on occasion created a mini earthquake when she lets her rage get the better of her. It only affects about three meters around her, a tremor that's created cracks in places around camp such as the woods and beside the lake.

• Spontaneous Combustion: Not the human variety, but if she gets incredibly pissed, Rana unwillingly makes small objects explode in a fiery ball of well, fire. It’s happened maybe four times to her, and has left the items [A book, a hairclip, a mini radio, and a picture] charred and mostly ashes. It’s not like she wills them to explode, but nevertheless, they end up burned.

• Chi: Needless to say that Chiron got a little annoyed at one point with the random acts of destruction Rana was committing. He recommended she try to focus her Chi, her life force, and gain better awareness and better reflexes, so as to stop the anger before it could get carried away. In fairness, it’s worked, and she's gained a better focus and awareness about herself. But it doesn't stop her anger taking over, unfortunately.

• Anything That Causes A Disruption of Harmony or Peace: As in, earth tremors, fires, making something explode, destroying something, anything that might cause a major disruption in the peace of a place could happen around Rana.

Rana has very few weapon based talents other than knife fighting, unless you count her talent with a longer type of weapon, a sword. She has her own retractable knife, in the form of a ring which she wears either on her right hand or on a silver chain around her neck. Her knife is named "Rivalry" and has a carving on the blade of a golden apple, which is one of Eris' symbols. It’s the only thing she would connect to her real mother. When in ring form, it retains the carving on a smaller scale, and has Greek letters around the band which spell the name of it. Ra has a habit of losing things as small as a ring, but the good news if she does lose it, Rivalry will appear back on her finger about five minutes later.
She also owns a standard sword which she trains with, although she doesn't use it a lot lately for reasons unknown. It’s totally normal, not retractable, and basically she stole it from the Arena, but whatever.
Year-Rounder or Summer: Year-Rounder
Other: Her color is SteelBlue. Odd how the two characters I've made so I can ruin their lives, I.E, Zee and now Rana, have had the same color for speech. Sorry for the crappy history, but compared to most of my characters it was pretty standard, so I didn't know what to say.


luctor et emergo

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luctor et emergo

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Lay me down,
and tell me everything will be alright, things will be alright

Name: Shayenne Josie Caulfield.
Age/Birthday: Seventeen. Born September 17th.
Gender: Female.
God Parent: Athena, Goddess of wisdom.
Claimed: Nope.
Mortal Family: Shay grew up surrounded by family. she has a very large family of seven. she grew up in the suburbs, with her father, Joel. she grew up with all boys. her brothers had a major effect on her personality. her father never remarried, so she grew up with no mother figure. when shay was twelve, her family moved out onto the farm. her youngest brother, Elijah, died just after moving. he was four. he wandered into the barn, to the wood chipper...and you get the rest. shay has nightmares about it still. shay had to work on the farm to pay for her own clothes and other needs. like books. her father shipped her off on her horse when she turned sixteen.
Years in Camp: Seven months.
Brief History: shay had an eventful childhood. filled with obstacles left and right, she had no time to think. and now, at her older teen years, finally escaping her haunted past, it all comes crashing down on her.

when shay was three, her mother supposedly "died". she was too young to remember the face or even a slight sense of what her mother was like. thus, it did not effect her. her father brought it up so often, she gained a hell of a picture of her mother. when shay decided to start acting like she knew what he was talking about, joel gave her a picture of him and athena on their first date. shay still keeps it in a frame on her nightstand.

when shay was six, her younger brother, jeremiah was born. then abe, a year later. her dad seriously needed a hobby. and the grossest thing, he never even spent more than a night with these women. he would give them his number and address and tell them "if you get pregnant, call and tell me. then once they're born, bring them over." it was horrible. shay was constantly burdened with babysitting her younger brothers. her father worked all day, from four am until nine pm. so, he had no time for any of his children.

when shay was nine, her older brother, marcus taught her how to skateboard. she started to get really into it. she went into competitions until they moved to the middle of nowhere. living in the cities suburbs had brought such joy to shay, that she hadn't even realized. she has a skate park right now the road from her house in the suburbs. her friends lived either on her street or a street away in the suburbs. shay loved the farm though. her father knocked down the barns and stylo to make a basketball court and a few ramps and rails. shay started to like him a bit more after that.

when shay was twelve, she moved out onto a farm. she lived in oklahoma so there was lots of fields and farming area. she grew to love the farm until her brother died. shay had heard his rigid screams from the chicken pen. she'd ran but, she was too late. shay ran into the barn only to vomit, gasp and sob. there was her brother--or some of her brother--in the wood chipper. she hadn't even realized he'd left the pool. and now he was dead. and scattered throughout the wood chipper and the hay on the barn floor. and her father, being the sadist he is, shrugged it off and told the kids to clean it up. shay refused. her father tied her hands, stuff socks in her mouth with duck tape wound around her jaw to make sure they didn't fall out and then he raped her.

the sexual abuse kept up. when shay was fifteen, she started to go see the school's therapist about it. she just told the therapist she was being abused. the teachers at her school were assholes. they did nothing. absolutely nothing. it kind of reminded her of reading the chrysalids in grade nine. how, when david strorm was whipped for being odd. shay was being whipped for standing out. a couple month later, her older brother, cai and her uncle eugene joined in on the abuse.

shay was sixteen when she decided it was time. it was time to act. shay sneaked out of her room one night, around four am. she stealthily waddled across floors and down flights of stairs. shay slipped her hand to the knob of her fathers door, slid it open with the quickest movement and tip toed in. she knew where the key to the gun cabinet was. she grabbed the key, on the piece of white, or what was now blood stained red, piece of yarn. shay slowly crept out and across the basement. finally, after a minute or two, she opened the gun cabinet, grabbed a pistol, clipped on the silencer and loaded it. she'd never known that it would come to this. she was so scared though. shay walked into her father room, lined the tiny scope at her father's forehead and pulled the trigger. a small click when off. she pointed the gun, again at her father's heart this time, and shot again. the same click echoed. now shay tip toed upstairs, to cai's room. she did the same to him. then grabbed the backpack full of clothes she'd packed, slipped it over her shoulder's and left on her brother's motorcycle.

upon arriving at camp, shay had little to no knowledge of the gods or heroes of olympus and greece. she hadn't even known she would be going to camp. she just followed the map to her so-called cousin martha's house. which happened to turn out to be the centaur himself, chiron. apparently, chiron was martha to joel caulfield. which made absolutely no sense. at all. shay trained for a while after that. she still hasn't settled down. she has nightmares about her father and brother, coming back to kill her. and often, there's a familiar song playing in the background, which make shay scream everytime she hear's it. iris by the goo goo dolls is often playing in her dreams. her father use to play the song when he abused her. shay has nightmares often, and visions of her father, or brother. her doctor's think she's coming down with a case of panophobia, a fear of everything.

Weeks after arriving, Shay met a Hephie boy named Shane. Shane was the first camper to speak to Shay. She felt some sense of relief, telling Shane about her past and all the terrible things. Shay likes Shane, a lot. She doesn't want to, considering she's only know him for a couple weeks but she does. Shane disappeared for two months. He didn't talk to her at all. Shay felt like a little part of her was missing. She felt hollow. Shay went into a depression. She spoke with no one for months. Shay was at the midnight bonfire a couple days ago, just thinking and staring into the fire. She got angry with herself and threw her chair, running into the forest and climbing up onto a tree. Shane showed up moments later. He came with trail mix. Trail Mix. Shay hugged him and cried, flooding the poor boy with questions.
Physical Appearance: shay's past has had a large effect on her appearance. she wears darker clothes, has piercings and tends to...stand out.
her hair is dark brown, almost the color of dirt. she never straightens it, always leaving it wavy. it gets knotted easily. this annoys her to the extent that she carries a portable flip-brush in her adidas jawstring bag. she almost always wears a beanie. it's kind of her signature. it doesn't matter what colour. but, always a beanie. no matter the weather. shay's hair rests right below her shoulder's, grazing her shoulder blades.

shay's eyes are a peculiar colour. it's like mixing electric blue with brown. the majority of her eye is brown, with the occasional green and bright blue shards. shay's iris is bigger than average, although her pupil is smaller. she has long, black eyelashes. she wears liquid eyeliner and mascara everyday but, its barely visible. sort of a natural, matt look.

shay has a thin but, oddly proportioned body. her stomach is almost flat, with just a small amount as fat. though it's barely noticeable. her legs are long. her skin is olive, her face is covered in light brown freckles. she stands at height of "5'7'. which is weird because her family is known for being short. shay weighs 118 lbs. her facial features are of average size. her bottom lip is fuller, much fuller than the top. her top lip is very thin.
Personality: Shay is a complex, dark girl.
shay's past has had a big effect on her personality. she's very protective. she keeps a lot of her emotions inside, so her face barely ever shows expression and her voice is almost mono-toned. she's not all tight strung though.

shay is very capable. meaning, she prefere's to do things things on her own. her father was very sexist and now, she finally has the rights of a modern day woman instead of a woman in the 1800's. shay now does everything the boys do. a friend from the hermes cabin taught her how to skateboard, play hockey and video games. stuff she wasn't allowed to do back at the place she called "home". shay finally feels free.

shay has trouble trusting people. she keeps to herself most of the time. she has a very small, exclusive group of friends. shay is totally and utterly rude to other girls. so, shay sticks to hanging out with boys. she fits in better with them. she's very confident. shay thinks she can do anything. the sky's the limit right? completely wrong. even with her past failure's, she thinks she can do anything.
shay, after coming to camp, was still in a daze. she'd never killed anyone before. she'd didn't regret it though. for a couple weeks, she would have to sit down during training, because she'd have these visions, of one of the campers as her father. she would actually try to kill the camper. shay'd been put on pills after a week of this. she still has the visions, and they're getting worse.
Fatal Flaw: shay has two possibly fatal flaws. she doesn't enjoy talking about them either. firstly, shay's over-confidence. she literally thinks she can do anything. anything. secondly, her visions. she could have one during battle. some of them are bad enough that she'd stab herself. she's done it before.
Pets: None.
Talents: shay is very good at skateboarding. she just learned a couple months ago but, she's been getting pretty good lately. she's not the best in combat though, she's not bad either. her running is a different story though. she's learned so many techniques and stunts over the past few months. her hunting skills are phenomenal. she is as quiet as a mouse when sneaking up on someone or something.
Weapons: None.
Year-Round or Summer: Year Round
Other: Lyrics are from Let Love Bleed Red by Sleeping With Sirens. Adopted from my sister for life, Kenzie. I'm putting Shay active as soon as I get a spot to put her in.

luctor et emergo

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luctor et emergo

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luctor et emergo

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luctor et emergo

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luctor et emergo

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luctor et emergo

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luctor et emergo

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So do you have a new character or?
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No new charrie just yet (: Hopefully gonna get Leena finished soon though.
And its fine. Thanks Cher (:

luctor et emergo

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Leena Alice Hale Has Been Added To Post 10, Replacing Auburn Spallin, And Is Awaiting Acceptance

luctor et emergo

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holy jesus vina gurl can write.

ty cookie

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Rana Jackson, Daughter of Eris And All Around Rebel Has Been Added to Post 11, Replacing Skyla Stars.

luctor et emergo

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Rana is accepted!
even if she's already automatically accepted because you're a mod lol
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Fear Itself
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