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 so there's this guy

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PostSubject: so there's this guy   Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:45 pm

So here's how it rolls.
I have this cousin, Tiegan. She's pretty, socially unawkward, cool, albeit not that smart, and just a generally nice person.
Then there's me, Ninja, who's hardly anything to look at, a socially awkward prick who's horrible to most people, albeit intelligent to a point where she's arrogant, and just not someone you'd wanna be friends with.
We both know this guy called Sean.
I've known Sean for longest; we met a few months back and have been inseparable since. We talk all the time, we laugh, we play games on PS3 and stuff, and just generally have a good time, and as far as I was aware from what he's told me, he likes me. Or at least he told me he did. Then there's Tiegan. Honestly, she's my cousin, and whilst I love her with all my heart, I don't think she's right for Sean. Yes, she's pretty, but they just don't go well together. Even he's told me that he can't stand her personality, and finds her taste in music [[a lot of the mainstream stuff]] and other stuff completely repulsive. Yet, she still likes him.
Plot twist.
I was messing around with my cousin last night, only a day after Sean had told me that he kind of had a major crush on yours truly [[in other words, me]] to which I couldn't properly respond because /socially awkward and emotionally dumb/, and I teased her, saying that when Sean got online, I would ask tell him that she liked him, to get a response.
Like I said, I was dumb. I asked him the question, and he though about it for a bit, but he eventually responded with a "Well, I guess I do. I mean, she's pretty, and cool. And pretty." So I was sat behind my screen like "Really? You like her? But what about all the S*** you said about her?" to which he just said "Meh. She's pretty; I'd tap that. I like her." This is how I found out that I liked him too, not due to the fuzzy warm feeling inside, but due to the cold jealousy that was sinking in my stomach.
First of all, thanks for that brain. Insecure, much?
Secondly, I then went to my friend Eetu, who is probably one of my best friends, as well as my guardian angel, and tried to figure out why I felt like this over him, to which he gave me no such answer, which I expected to be fair. Which is why I come to you, CHB.
What the hell do I do?
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so there's this guy
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