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 how to wrestle and not look like a fool

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PostSubject: how to wrestle and not look like a fool   Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:26 am

teaching you to be a man. be grateful
Pacing back and forth as he waited, the blue mats were squidgy beneath James' sneakers. The English cabin-leader ran a hand through his hair, his ice blue eyes shifting to the door every few moments. He doubted anyone was going to have the sense to come; I mean, many people would probably think that a wrestling session with James was going to leave a bad way. Granted, James could probably squish most campers into a pulp if he wanted to, despite only being fifteen. That was the thing; he didn't want to. He was getting ready to what would probably be one of the hardest battles he would ever have to face, and therefore took his duties seriously. He didn't care of like half the campers here, but he didn't want them to die.

He actually had a heart, even if you would have to spend a long time searching for it. A few month ago you would've only had to dig a little to find it, but now everything has changed. James has changed.

Checking his watch for another minute, James looked over at the piles of soft padded helmets that were staked on one of the plastic chairs, varying in a range of colours between manky blue and rusting red. It had sort of been implied that people wear things that they're comfortable to fight in but would also be happy with; namely sweats. James had done so, although now he wondered if it had been a waste of time and effort.

Instructors; James Carter and June Prenston (aka the merciless cabin-leaders that will kick your ass if you don't do what they say).
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PostSubject: Re: how to wrestle and not look like a fool   Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:44 pm

Matthew >> Ares << Jones

Matthew walked into the area with blue mats and helmets. He was wearing gray sweat pants, his CHB t-shirt, and black combat boots. He looked around, thinking who else was going to show up. He went, hoping to get some training. He knew how to wrestle. Maybe it needed some tuning up. He shrugged. He looked up at the 15-year old boy, looking worried.
He didn't normally learn how to fight, or at least train, with kids younger than him. But this was an exception, considering other people would come, not just him. Well, hopefully other people would come. It seemed unlikely, at this time. He was the only one that had showed up. He walked over to the boy. Matthew coughed. "Is this where the wrestling is?" he asked the boy.
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how to wrestle and not look like a fool
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