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 Something Is Definitely Off -{DI}-

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PostSubject: Something Is Definitely Off -{DI}-   Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:18 am


Damn! Not another blue. I had been in the arena since seven in the morning and almost immediately things seemed to start to in wrong.

When I woke the time read '6:00' and it was chilly cold Why can't the night's be longer? I wondered getting up and feeling around for my overalls, I found it among the tangled mess that was my sheets pulling it on along with a track suit, I'm sure I look like very silly in track suits and overalls.

Woah the god of cold mornings is really showing off today. I thought as a cold shiver ran down my entire body when I stepped outside. Maybe it's actually better to look silly. As I started to jug I saw a bunch of Hermes kids coming from the Hephastus cabin holding shields and grinnig mischievously, I hope those guys did'nt get me involved with this one, since the time I helped in upsetting one of their pranks against the Ares cabin I had become the center of most of their recent pranks. One in particular 'Riley Harris' who had been the mastermind of the foiled plan was pretty upset and had decided to become my own personal diablo.

After jogging for 30 minutes the I head to showers for a bath, then feeling happy with a song in my head and a bounce in my step I headed out to the arena.
The arena was fairly packed and I was kidda disappointed with that as I usually enjoyed showing off to the younger kids. Where is everybody? Tho it was still early in the morning I was used to the presence of people here waiting for me. Here goes my first bullseye. I muttered under my breath as I notched my arrow and fired, That cold must have put me out of shape. Little did I know that I problem was more than just the cold, I was about to fire my second arrow my string broke and it took 30 minutes and a very sleepy store manager to get a new one.
Later on a bunch of Ares kids had burst in half in their pajamas and armour demanding their shields from me it another 40 minutes to sort that out, it turned out that the hermes kid's I say earlier had collected their shields in my name and written some not so plesant words all over them.

And now an Athena kid was giving me a big whooping in archery. "Maybe you pissed of your dad or something." Alex said after nailing the inner red ring again. "I don't think so. I hope not." I replied starting to get frustrated. "Look I wish I could continue beating you but I have other things to do. And with those words he just turned and walked away, I was half tempted throw an arrow at him since I was no more good at shooting, maybe I should pick up knife throwing.
The arena was more busy than it had been earlier. The Ares kids (still in their pajama/armour suit) had managed to reduce all the dummies to dummy dust, "I need to get back in shape before Selene gets here." I notched my arrow, concentrated on the target and thats when my second string of the day broke.
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Something Is Definitely Off -{DI}-
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