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 percyjacksonprincess's character

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PostSubject: percyjacksonprincess's character   Thu Jan 03, 2013 7:12 pm

Name: Allison “Alice” Summers

Age/Birthday: 16 years old/August 10

Gender: Female

God Parent: Athena

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family: Dad - Samuel Summers
Step-Mom - Natalie Summer
Older Half-sister (from Dad) - Angel Summers
Younger Half-brother (from Dad) - Shawn Summers

Years in Camp: 3

Brief History: Allison grew up thinking that her step-mom was actually her real mom, but when she got to Camp Half-Blood she learned differently (though she loves he step-mom all the same). She has gone to private school all her life along with her brother and sister whom she is close to. She lives in Ohio when she is not in camp and has managed to stay away from monsters. More monsters came as the 2nd Titan War progressed. When she was 13, she was attacked by monsters at home, and Coach Gleeson Hedge, who posed as the substitute gym teacher, saved her. She was claimed on her first day their when she was being introduced, and met her mother when she was given her sword as a present. She fought in the 2nd Titan War on the demigod side.

Physical Appearance: (picture-Blake Lively ) Allison is really tall because she is 5 feet 10 inches, but she doesn’t really like being tall. She has long blonde curly hair which she wears down. Unlike many other Athena kids she has green eyes, but they do look like they are calculating your every move. She usually doesn’t wear any make-up unless she was going to some kind of dance at school. She is really pretty over all, but she doesn’t really think so. Alice is now really thin and fit, but in the past was chubby and overweight.

Personality: Allison is naturally a very outgoing and bubbly person, but only if she knows you really well. When she first meets a person she seems really shy and quiet, but very nice to. Like all Athena kids, she is wise and gets all A’s. She is a great fighter and one of the best in the Athena cabin. She doesn’t have dyslexia, but she does have ADHD and is always moving some part of her body. Often times however she is very prideful. She feels like she must be the best at everything and is very competitive. Her fatal flaw is being jealous and (at home) gets in trouble because of it. She is very self-conscious because growing up she was chubby and overweight, so she was teased.

Fatal Flaw: Jealousy

Talents: Is smart and has ALMOST a photographic memory

Weapons: a sword called ποτέ δεν παραλείπουν “Never Fail”

Year-Round or Summer: Summer Camper

Other: Birth History- Alice is the middle child because her dad and step-mom took a break from each other, and then her dad met her mom. After her mom left Alice’s dad got back together with her step mom.
Relationship Status- Single
Wealth- Middle class
Best friend- Alice is friends with almost all the campers, and gets along really well with her brothers and sisters at camp.
Favorite book- Harry Potter or Twilight (she might be an Athena kid, but she’s still a sucker for love stories)
Favorite song- Rock Me by One Direction
Hobbies- She likes singing, acting, and dancing. Her favorite hobby though is playing Capture the Flag (Camp Half-blood style)
Pets: She has a chocolate lab named Hershey at her house.

Sorry that I didn't have a picture. I'm not sure how to get them on.

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PostSubject: Re: percyjacksonprincess's character   Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:39 am

If you would like a picture use this code:

[img]link to you picture[/img]
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percyjacksonprincess's character
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