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 tigerlily's characters

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PostSubject: tigerlily's characters   Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:20 am

Maeleia Brielle Harlow


Seventeen years old

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Nyx (Νύξ), goddess of the night

Caesar Harlow (father), 48



5 years

Raised in one of the poorest areas deep inside Atlantic City, Leia Harlow didn't have an easy childhood. Caesar, her father, was left broken at the departure of his first love, Nyx, and found comfort in alcohol and drug, leaving the young demigod neglected as a child. She faintly remembers having to wake up early to set out for school, since her father was no longer sober enough to drive her to her school, which was located far away from their small home in the slums. She'd arrive home late at night to see her father already tending to another drink, their stained carpet floor already covered with cigarette butts.

It didn't serve much problem until Leia turned eleven. By then, Caesar noticed the resemblance to her mother in looks and started to take out his anger on her. He'd slap her whenever she'd speak without his permission, he'd beat her with one of his leather belt, and occasionally, hit her with one of her many books. Nobody in school noticed the bruises and scars all over her arms and face, for she would always let her dark hair fall over her face, a curtain to prevent the world from looking at her.

Her savior came in the form of the school's guidance counselor, Mr. Trevati, who snuck a glimpse of her face during yearly counseling when she was 12. He phoned social workers immediately and took her in as her guardian. But when social workers arrived at their shack, they were surprised to see that Caesar had died of drug overdose. Mr. Trevati assured Leia that she would be taken to a safe place called Camp Half-Blood.

One thing to know about Leia is that her attitude and lifestyle has been greatly affected by her father's abuse. She is timid and shy, having the habit of not speaking unless she is told to. When speaking to others, she is polite, yet reserved. She's very distant when speaking to acquaintances, limiting her words to yes, no, or short sentences. If she was told a joke, she would just smile. Leia has good manners, but sometimes she takes it to the extreme, for she won't do anything when someone disrespects her. Instead, she will learn how to deal with it, just like how she has with her father. She is also kind and selfless.

Leia has also developed a bunch of phobias from her dark experiences. For one, she has the fear of not being good enough or Atelophobia. Her father would scold her for doing things wrongly and it took a toll on her. She is also claustrophobic, developed from having been locked inside her small closet with barely any room to breathe. One of her worst fears is of affection or Philophobia. She sees boys the way how she sees her father, which causes her to have difficulty when befriending males. When being courted, the reminder of her father would always arise and she would push everyone away and lock herself in her cabin. In general, Leia is close to being afraid of the world.

Due to her phobias, Leia has developed severe anxiety and can have panic attacks easily when agitated. It is advised to keep her away from harmful objects, for she can be deadly in these situations. Her first instinct would be to harm herself, which could lead to her death.

+ Reading
+ Observing people
+ Painting
+ Stargazing

- Commitment
- Any form of romantic gestures
- Any form of abuse (domestic, child, animal, etc)
- Memories of her father

Leia has been described to have a hauntingly beautiful appearance. She has a narrow, heart-shaped face with striking, doe-like blue eyes. Her eyes seem to change color depending on her mood, varying from blue-grey, to deep blue, to teal, and icy blue. Her eyes are framed by long eyelashes that gently caress the top of her high cheekbones every time she blinks. Her eyebrows are highly arched and she has a thin nose. Her most memorable feature is her full, plump, lips that seem to be perpetually pink in color. Leia is tall, standing at 5'9 and a half, which give people the impression that she is a model. She has a slim figure, but is not exactly toned since she doesn't exercise nor does she play sports. She has wavy, voluminous, chestnut brown hair.

Like a true daughter of Nyx, Leia prefers to wear dark clothing. She occasionally throws in shades of grey or turquoise, having realized that the color brings out her eyes. She doesn't like clothing that exposes her too much, like her cleavage or her legs, so her closet is limited to t-shirts and long, cut-off jeans or pants. Leia always lets her fair fall over her shoulders, rarely putting it up, with the habit of keeping her face hidden.

As a daughter of Nyx, Leia has the ability to manipulate shadows and use them to her liking, whether for entertainment or as an offensive weapon. She can also bend shadows around herself, which can act as a cloak of pure darkness. She is also innately stronger at night and can see clearer than when the sun is out. She also has the standard powers of a demigod, being able to read Ancient Greek with her dyslexia, ADHD that enhance her senses when in battle, and fighting skills, such as hand-to-hand combat.

Leia posses a Celestial Bronze sword, whose handle is one of pure black and is designed with intricate swirls. At night, her sword gleams, making it appear almost silver as the moon in color.



Writing, roleplaying, photoshopping, Tumblr, music, theater, Doctor Who, Sherlock, etc.

Looking for a new PJO forum since the last one I was in died. I came across this one and thought it looked cool.

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PostSubject: Re: tigerlily's characters   Thu Jan 03, 2013 4:31 am

She is accepted!
Hmm. I already like you. We should roleplay some time :D and go make your claims, bby
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tigerlily's characters
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