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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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PostSubject: REMPLISSAGE IS BACK, BABY   Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:45 pm

            The name's Zachary Dorian Largeman, but you can call him Zach. He's eighteen years of age, and will come of age on July 15th. He is also obviously male. He is son of Hermes, and it's obvious through his mannerisms and appearance. This also means, what'd you guess, he was claimed, and has been for a while, seeing as he's been in camp for five years. He's year-round, just like the seasons, and couldn't go home even if he wanted to; besides, there's no returning to a broken home. The story behind this, you may ask? Zachary's back-story isn't brief and it isn't simple. At the age of seven, his stepfather passed from unknown circumstances. Because of this, Zach grew without a predominant male figure in his life, learning to cope. Shortly after his father's death, Meredith (Zachary's single mother) packed them up the family and moved up to the Garden State, New Jersey. This is where Zachary's inner demigod would begin to show. At eleven, his first sleep-stealing bouts would start. He'd fall asleep in his bed, then wake up in random places of town, his pockets filled with insignificant trinkets stolen from local stores. Over time, he started doing it all the time, subconsciously. He'd leave school and have a backpack full of cellphones and school supplies, watches and jackets and gameboys. He would cut holes in the wall behind his bed, and fill them with things he had stolen, hoping to hide the evidence and never see them again.

            Then, one fateful day after his thirteenth birthday, he had the worst case of sleep-stealing of his life. He woke up in a field, where the grass was overgrown and broken-down cars had taken refuge. The strangest things was what filled his pockets - many tiny, pristine diamonds. Zachary had no idea where they had come from, but knew that this was different than his usual bouts of kleptomania. These were diamonds. Spooked, he left them in a rusted floorboard, then bolted off towards home. He did not arrive to the loving arms of his mother, however. He instead arrived to a pile of ash, fourteen firefighters, and the stunning news that his mother was missing. An hour later, he was sitting in the car of social worker, waiting to be taken away. Zachary was smart, though. He knew what kind of life was ahead for him. Taking initiative, he threw himself out of the car and ran as fast as he could, as far away from the house as his legs could take him. That night, he slept under an overpass, and woke up to two bearded faces above him. These saviors were, of course, satyrs. And that's the story of how Zachary Dorian Largeman made his way to Camp Half Blood.

            Now, on to his appearance. See him once, you might notice him. Seeing him twice, you might not remember him; if you even see him the second time. First impressions to some are that he is forgettable and plain, which is true. Others think that he is memorable, in a way that nobody else shares his characteristics; which is also true. His dark, brunette hair is grown out, and he is never sure of what to do with it, so he leaves his bangs down and only combs it a few times in the morning. His nose is a bit too big for his face but not embarrassingly large. Zachary's eyes are a light-blue color, though it's not evident from afar.

            He's not your average son of Hermes. Lacking the athletic and lithe build of his siblings, Zach has always been slightly embarrassed at what some call his "doughy physique". He's not overweight or flabby, he's just squishy. He's never been what one would describe as "muscled". Besides, who wants to exercise when there's leftover meatloaf in the fridge? Apparel-wise, Zach wears whatever is available.

            And inside that shell? A chaos, a hurricane of feelings and clashing characteristics. He's neurotic, pessimistic, and self-sabotaging. Every relationship he's had has crashed due to his own actions; whenever he gets too close to a person, he pushes them away. He also has a diagnosed case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Often, Zachary will cover up sadness and other harsh realities with humor. Because of this, he makes many friends, but never opens up to them, keeping himself distanced.

            He has a truly good heart, though. He loves to do good by people, and is constantly seeking to please others.

            His fatal flaw? It would have to be his lack of self-esteem, which causes him to return no matter how often his trust is broken. He has no pets. He is excellent at writing and filming, but never was too good at fighting. His arsenal of weapons includes only a lowly sword, no fancy name of powers. And the amazing powers he got from Hermes? Kleptomania and lungs that allow him to run (just a bit) longer than others.
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PostSubject: Re: REMPLISSAGE IS BACK, BABY   Mon Dec 31, 2012 2:01 pm


great to have you back, buddy. -punches on shoulder-

ty cookie

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