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 | G H O S T | [characters] [the revival]

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PostSubject: | G H O S T | [characters] [the revival]   Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:00 pm

Hello, I'm Ghost, and I'm fairly well known around this amazing forum and community. I gave up roleplaying for a while to focus on school, but since I've just received a semi-stunning, semi-meh progress report that will determine my acceptance into university, I've decided to return to roleplaying. Because I am also known for pretty decent writing, without further ado, I'm kind of proud to present the character with which I shall immerse myself back into the world of PJO and CHB: Aether!


Name: Aether Funkeln
Nicknames: Spark

Age: 17
Place of Birth: (optional)
Godly Parent: Hephaestus
Mortal Family: Lumina Funkeln [related], Maxwell Hyrulean Funkeln

Claimed or Unclaimed: Claimed, Hephaestus.


Year-Round or Summer Camper: Year-Round with constant travels from camp.
Years at Camp: 2

A Brief History
Aether Funkeln was always a ‘challenging’ boy, even from his birth. In what the hospital called a ‘electromagnetic’ phenomenon, when he was born, his first breath of sweet air was followed by a period of soft crying that apparently damaged and/or reset electronic and sensitive medical equipment in a 3 room radius, to the west wing and necessitating long overdue recalibrations on life support equipment down to the cafeteria due to sudden system restores. In a stroke of luck, there were no loss of life from system failures, and the pulse of his birth also activated an electric restrainer [yeah, one of those weird ankle bracelets?] on a psychotic psych ward patient who had just escaped and was attempted to climb out of a window. (He was found gibbering on the floor about magic god babies stealing his mind.)
He was a bright child, visually perceptive and open minded to new ideas, which made him a very fast learner. His mother and stepfather ran a quaint electronics store that tried its best to keep up the times, situated in a decently popular strip mall. The store inexplicably doubled in profit in the years after Aether’s birth, and therefore he was able to attend a private school for gifted children. He mastered full sentences by the age of two, had a mind keen for trying to always figure out how things worked, and was never one to socialize much with other children. It wasn’t that he found them unappealing as friends because he considered them less intelligent (which they were, even at this level of academic prestige), it was just that they couldn’t keep up with his hyperactivity coupled with his discussion topics, frankly out of their field of understanding.

Of course, his parents didn’t discover the child’s affinity for all things electronic and digital until the entrance exam into a high school for technology. Because Aether did unusually well in school and therefore his parents weren’t particularly prone to worrying about their academics, Aether was given a lot of freedom and spare time to pursue his own interests. However, it was not clear exactly how advanced he was within his field of interest until during a standardized test for gifted children in a computer lab, he managed to not only score perfectly in all sections, but with the help of another student-to-be also hacked the test client, granting him administrator-level access to everything, absolutely everything. Being a mischievous little child-genius he gave near-perfect marks to random students indiscriminately and also replaced every official school logo on the test to a picture of an animated flying, dancing kitten. This was, of course, very embarrassing to the test designers who had their encryptions laid open like a Dr. Seuss book, and their network plagued with dancing kittens for weeks to come. They were never caught.

Finally granted the workspace and the social environment to bring out most of his prodigious potential, Aether had two patents to his name by his fourteenth birthday, and had forged strong bonds of friendship with his (male) peers.

Even though aside from the intellect his demigodly influence did not grant him any sort of noticeable power, with the kind of technological splash that he was making, monsters and other sort of giant creepy-crawlies were bound to appear sooner or later in his otherwise idyllic life.
The aftermath of the monster attack had the following details: Aether lost his car, which had a lot of rad stuff in it, like a noise isolating system, barometric pressure, and above all, an amphibious mode that had a 50/50 chance of working; he saved his two friends, who had been riding shotgun and in the ‘sweet HDTV baller seat’; he lost his left arm, from the elbow above, which was painful and a huge shock. Unfortunately, the assorted monsters in the area had a scent of blood, and there was no escaping the descending chaos that came with the flocks of Feather-shooting birds, the odd pit scorpion, and Cyclops.

Aether Funkeln left behind all he knew to keep his loved ones out of danger, and entered Camp Half Blood at the age of fifteen and a half with an eager disposition, a mischievous yet brilliant mind, and an alloy prosthetic arm. His future was to come.

* the psyche

Aether is prodigiously intelligent, and with that comes a sense of mischievousness, playful and fun and always planning something, whether benevolent or malevolent, that would be simply a subjective matter depending on which end of a plan you were on. However, his education with fellow genii leaves him a shyness and awkwardness around others at camp, because he is not very socially gifted: able to hold a conversation on technologies and technicalities very well, but not so much all the regular things a typical teenager would enjoy discussing. He is careful in design yet clumsy in nature, outspoken in presentation yet reserved in conversation, and confident in construction but hesitant under pressure.

Fatal Flaw: Aether is... not courageous. In fact, he would be considered cowardly: not for a fear of death but a fear of underperforming, he adapts poorly to enormous pressure and one would certainly not find him at the front of a battle. Perhaps not the last either, but this constant hesitation will undoubtedly prove his downfall one day.

General Likes: Programming, Listening to electronic music, Constructing electronics and other gadgetry, Modifying his self-dubbed ‘omni-arm’, Automation, Robotics, Spontaneity, Pranks
Favorite Songs: Adventure Time – Rogue, Fasten Your Seatbelt (PrototypeRaptor Remix) – Pendulum, Imaginary Friend – Mr. FijiWiji, Rattle (Luminox Remix) – Bingo Players, Stay Awake – Example
Favorite Colour: Sky Blue

Dislikes: Redundancy, Recursion, Initiating conversations, conversations with females because females are really confusing, Monsters, Abusers of power

* the appearance

Physical Description: Dark brown hair, slightly skinny frame, left arm below the shoulder is replaced with a metal full-function prosthetic. A straight shallow scar that stretches from under the right eye to the ear.
Dressing Style: T-shirt and jeans or cargo pants. HUD Goggles or aviator sunglasses. Just regular running shoes.

* the defensive system

Demigod Talents: Intelligence, and the slight ability to sense magnetic fields: which allows the detection of electric currents through magnetic awareness embedded in the fingertips. (As a note, small magnets have been implanted into human fingertips before, and it actually allows the sensing of magnetic fields through very slight pulls. Aether’s ability is similar, except it can be toggled as a sixth-sense, and also doesn’t crush fingertips when you approach heavy magnets.)

Weapons: Omni-arm has lots of weird widgets built into it that may or may not have some offensive capability. Aether has designed multiple weapons, most of which are non-lethal, but the most prominent and obvious is a bolt-launcher that mechanically attaches and extends from the left arm.

Pets: None so far.


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PostSubject: Re: | G H O S T | [characters] [the revival]   Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:32 am

Welcome back Ghost! :D

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| G H O S T | [characters] [the revival]
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