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 Personal Record (DoctorWho)

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PostSubject: Personal Record (DoctorWho)   Thu Dec 20, 2012 11:18 pm

Taylor was absolutely determined to beat his record. Brushing his long blonde hair out of his face, the young son of Hermes studied the 100 meter mark as if sizing up an enemy warrior. He checked to make sure he had everything, his running shorts and Nike brand shirt under his black sweats, water bottle, and stopwatch on the table. He figured once he was ready, he'd ask one of the campers to help him out by timing him. There were a few kids in the nearby arena sparring, maybe one of them wouldn't mind.

Leaving his sweats on, and carefully avoiding cutting his hands on his track spikes, Taylor began his walking warm-up stretches down the track.
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Personal Record (DoctorWho)
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