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 To dig a man or not to dig a man?

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PostSubject: To dig a man or not to dig a man?   Thu Dec 20, 2012 12:19 am

He isn't exactly a man, but a pubescent teenager just like moi.
God this is such a typical topic to discuss but hey hey hey seems Pan actually have feelings, and certain feelings for a certain someone.
What I am going to pour 1/4% of my heart out right now is that...
FIRST AND FORMOST, he is completely out my league... in my opinion.
In stereotypical form, he's what you would call a 'nerd'. But oh my gods he is the cutest 'nerd' I've ever met in my life. He's not a complete asshat like most of the 'fine and grown' young men in the entire educational establishment. He's a sweetheart, and a terribly amusing person to hang out with.
He has a cat obsession and has a man-crush on David Tennant.
May I say more?
My problem I suppose is that I am this dumb, socially awkward teenager, who has trouble talking to people while her mood changes rapidly.
Sure, I am good with the arts, but he is good with the sciences, and he may be just as socially awkward but he DATED GIRLS BETTER THEN ME.
And he probably has an interest in more finer woman then I.
I am pretty fine but apparently I can't be anymore finer for his tastes. (sobsobcryinacorner)
And he probably doesn't even have feelings for me, I MEAN OH MY GOD LEMME TELL YOU THIS.
He is literally hitting on one of my gal pals at school, and it is blatantly obvious throughout the entire universe that she is already taken by another dude.
We are preforming in the same romantic musical, he's the lead role, she's the narrator and I'm just a singer/background character. I lead such a sad and pathetic life.
My drama teacher does not dig actors dating other actors during a show, because they could break up and it would be super awkward and blah blah blah...
So he went all "What if I just dated the narrator?"
There are two narrators, but I am pretty sure he was talking to her because I recall a time where he went up to my friend and called her "beautiful".
Is this your way of advancing buddy? Wow, you sure are taking a big leap of faith considering she is DATING SOMEONE ALREADY.
I'm not even upset, I'm highly amused really.
But look, it's the end of First term, I decided to confess to him on Friday, this week.
Is that a good idea? Y/N
I just want to get this off and over with, letting him know that I had a massive crush on him from the first day of school.
Maybe we can be friends, maybe not. I just want to end it off on GOOD TERMS.
So yeah what do you think about this? And I totally apologize for rambling but I suppose that's what this subforum is for so...yeah?
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PostSubject: Re: To dig a man or not to dig a man?   Thu Dec 20, 2012 12:02 pm

Yesyesyeysyes, go.

The problem with getting through these irritating 'crush' stage in life is that we are often scared of being regected. And honestly, it gripes about all of us who has had/have/having/is gonna/whatever a crush on someone. And so far, (my case is totally not far from yours!) what I've learned is that there are three things that guys tend to do when a girl confess that she loves him:
>He likes/ develops a crush on her back.
>He is going to avoid you.
>The relationship will not change.
But there are going to be times in which after that there will be awkward moments between you. Of course, if you choose not to let it be awkward, it wouldn't be. So I suggest go ahead. Live and learn, that's what I say.

Lol who am I kidding can't even do what you're gonna do

Good luck bro!
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To dig a man or not to dig a man?
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