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 desolation row [ self-para with adam lewins ]

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PostSubject: desolation row [ self-para with adam lewins ]    Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:18 pm

Adam Charles Lewins

The barren wasteland stretched on for miles. Mud as far as anyone could see. Craters decorated the ground, holding small pools of vile, rainwater tainted with red undertones. The red undertones being blood. The landscape was completely and utterly decimated with craters and dead bodies littering the ground like toys on a child's floor. Long trenches were dug out into the ground below. Some trenches were a few inches deep while others were as deep as ten feet. Thunder rolled in the distance, echoing ominously in No Man’s Land. A sort of sullenness hung in the icy, wet air, giving the atmosphere a tired feeling, while still managing to stay morose. Suddenly out of nowhere, the world came to screeching halt as silence infiltrated the air. It was dead quiet, until the sound of something whistling through the air could be heard. Then the heavens opened up and rain poured down. Rains of artillery. The bombs fell down belligerently onto the desolate wasteland as a man’s head poked above a trench.

Lieutenant Adam Lewins' eyes appraised the horizon, his hat concealing the majority of his face. Mud splattered up into the young man’s face, making it almost hard to check out the battlefield. Without any reluctance, the lieutenant ducked back into the trench, his gaze scanning the rows of bewildered and quivering men. Adam pulled his hat off his head to run his hand through his hair. When the light finally hit his face, Adam’s sharp features were revealed. He had high cheekbones with entrancing, light green eyes. His light blonde hair was matted down with dirt, mud and blood, but he attempted to shake it out. Adam slipped his helmet back on and stood in front of his men, calling for attention. “Let’s go,” he announced impressively, his voice strong in the sullen atmosphere. His men lined up, pressing themselves against the wall, waiting for their lieutenant’s call. Adam peered up over the trench just as German artillery pounded the ground. Adam flew back into the trench, thudding onto the ground. Almost dejectedly, Adam pulled himself up and gave his men the go sign. Whistles screamed in the air as the men tossed themselves over the edge. Adam flung himself into No Man’s Land and was met with showers of rain and bullets. Not thinking, Adam wildly shot his gun off at the enemy—The Germans. Adam moved as quickly as he could through the absolute chaos, diving onto the ground when bombs hit and ducked his head at the right moments. Moving faster along the decimated ground, Adam blew his whistle harder, calling his men back to him. But the scream of the whistle was interrupted when Adam was thrown into a crater next to a writhing man. The man’s mouth was opened in a scream, but he was silent. Horrified, Adam glanced down already knowing that the man was missing his other half. Literally. The lieutenant scrambled out of the hole and before he knew it, was across no man’s land. Adam flung himself into the trench. Adam’s horror subsided as he struggled to count his men. So far, only a few had made it across, but Adam prayed with all his heart that he had more men coming. Within the next few moments, the young man grew increasingly apprehensive to the doughboys’ homecoming. Another soldier tapped Adam’s shoulder and with a monotonous voice he asked, “Do you have any water, Lieutenant?”

“If I had water then I’d be drinkin’ it, soldier,” Adam retorted with a slight tone of annoyance. His face softened at the wariness in the younger boy’s eyes. Adam reached out and patted his shoulder, consoling him gently. “It’ll be alright… this war’ll be over soon. It’s gonna be okay.”

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desolation row [ self-para with adam lewins ]
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