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 the ultimate dialogue sessions, you know you love them yo~

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PostSubject: the ultimate dialogue sessions, you know you love them yo~   Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:13 pm

2014 EDIT: HEY SO sorry if you've been tracking this and i haven't posted anything buuut i have several dialogue sessions planned ahead and i'm in the editing stages which takes very, very long. oh feel free, absolutely free to PM me any ideas or suggestions to torture for my characters future sessions.


Yes, this is where I will post in character dialogue sessions I have with my lovely charries. These sessions, I hope, will show more of my charries' personalities and their thoughts on recent plots, as well as some events that may or may not have happened which have not been stated in their character form.

Its currently still in progress, and read it if you want, hahahah. This is a way for me to get out all the muse I have during odd times. So.... Dialogue 1, coming up soon. It shall be oh so colourful.

Oh speaking of which, I need a new colour. Grey is really not it. -scampers off-

Current cast:
Summer (Me)


*Edit - Tis out! :D I've decided to ignore Joey's colour choose white. ^^


Dialogue Sessions:

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PostSubject: Re: the ultimate dialogue sessions, you know you love them yo~   Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:41 am

Dialogue Session #1 - ORIENTATION

“Whoah, this place is sweet.”

Seth stepped into the air-conditioned room and looked around.

“Stop hogging the entrance,” Cookie complained, giving him a little push, “We all want to see.”

Seth walked to the nearest part of the couch and dropped onto it.

Crystal and Cookie came into the room. Of course, Cookie typically went to the plate of biscuits on the table and chomped her way through them. Conrad followed after, sitting down at the other end of the couch. Crystal looked around and spotted someone bent down behind a yellow chair.


Amber looked up. “Ohai Stal! Just dropped something here. Want some drinks?” She snapped her fingers, and 8 steaming mugs of hot chocolate appeared at various places around the room. “Help yourself.”

“Course I will!” Seth grabbed a mug and sat back. “Where’s Summer?”

“She’s getting Brooke, since she doesn’t know the way.”

“Come to think of it, how did we get here?”

Everyone looked at Conrad. He shrugged, “Summer told me. Does it matter? You guys won’t figure out anyway.”

Just then, Summer and Brooklyn walked out of the picture above the couch.

“Whoa! Cool! We came right through another picture in another room,” Brooklyn gasped, jumping down from the wall. She sat right under the picture.

“Percy’s not free today,” Summer announced.

“Damn! I wanted to borrow that cool pen of his,” Seth muttered.

Amber went to sit beside her, at the corner. Cookie sat on the floor with the table in front of her, next to Conrad.

Summer took the chair on Seth’s right.

“So what are we here for?”

“We’re having a dialogue session.” Summer put up her hand to stem the flow of questions. It didn’t work for it came anyway. Cookie, of course, was first.

“Why do we need a dialogue session?”

“What do we have to talk about?”

“Can someone get Seth to put his foot off the table?”

“How long are we going to stay here for?”

"Seth, get your foot off the table before I stick a knife-"

"Okay okay, keep your weapons under your jacket, Sooki."

“Is there a bathroom in this place?”

“This isn’t one of your kidnapping plans, is it?”

“Yes, we do need a bathroom somewhere here.”

“Can you guys stop talking about the bathroom?”

“Fine, but we still need a tap.”

"Whatever for?”

“Amber can just magic water here, can’t she?”

“You can’t simply ‘magic’ things about, Cookie. They have to exist in some form for them to appear,” Amber explained patiently, “This is about the seventh time I’ve told you.”

“Like the hot chocolate? Where did that come from?”

“Oh some Starbucks down New York City. They had seven cups of hot chocolate and a cup of coffee. I just swapped them with water and left my spare change on the counter.”

“Ah! So you are learning from me. Nice job, Amber!”

"Wait, there's a cup of coffee mixed somewhere? Nobody here likes coffee."

"Ah well, I'm sure it isn't mine," Seth said, warming his hands with the sides of his cup.

“You did all that teleportation from here?”

“Yeah. This room’s full of magic. Boosts my energy.”

“Okay. So I want a Japanese Wagyu steak and uh, a Chocolate Truffle Martini. Yep, I’ve always wanted to try those.”

“Seth! That's a few thousand dollars.”

“I’ve tried Wagyu steak before. Delicious, but ridiculously expensive," Cookie commented, taking a cautious sip of her drink. "Not coffee."

“That’s why I asked for it, sis.”

Seth, you’re underage.”

“Well, I’m not ordering from a bar am I?”

“Why would you want to mix chocolate with martini anyway?” Brooklyn looked a little sick.

“Truth to be told, chocolate tastes awful with gin,” Conrad put in, scrutinizing the lamp on the wall above him. “Even the smell is revolting.”

"Ugh, this is revolting. I got the coffee," Crystal complained suddenly, sticking her tongue out.

“Ahahaha, sucks for you," Seth grinned at Crystal as she aimed a kick at him. Then his expression turned confused. "Wait. How would you know that?” Seth sat up, looking at Conrad.

“I’ve tried it, of course. A few years ago.”

“That would make you way underage too, right?”

“Yes,” Conrad stated, waiting.

“How did you get them to sell you some?”

“I didn’t. I went to this place where I had to watch a guy make them for an hour. He offered me some.”

“He offered a twelve year old kid martini.”


“What were you even-”

“Right! Enough idle talk, let’s get to the dialogue.”

“Idle talk counts under dialogue, Summer.”

“We are having a dialogue.”

“Yeah, about how Conrad got to this place where they serve alcoholic drinks free.”

“Nothing's free, Sue.”

“But most importantly, that he knows how to make a Chocolate Truffle Martini and how I am going to get him to make me one,” Seth added.

“You’re never going to get me to make you one,” Conrad stated, enjoying himself.

“Even if I can get that Sphinx to stop bothering you?” Seth offered, chewing his biscuit.

Conrad raised his eyebrows and leaned forward. “Now that can be discussed.”

“What Sphinx, Conrad?” Brooklyn asked curiously, sipping her rapidly cooling hot chocolate.

“Oh there’s just this Sphinx that keeps pestering him so that he can get a question wrong which he has never done before,” Seth explained carelessly.

“Not surprising,” Cookie nodded.

“And how long has the Sphinx been bothering you?”

“Since I came to camp.”

Amber was intrigued. “Five years?”

“Pretty much. And probably until I die if I don’t do anything about it.”

“Why don’t you?”

“I have more things to do than worry about a mentally deranged Sphinx that can’t even access camp through the borders.”

“Well, it’ll follow you on your quest then.”

“All the way to Kansas?” Brooklyn questioned doubtfully.


“Shh, don’t give away spoilers!”

“Can’t you answer a question wrong or something?”

“Are you insane? Do you want the Sphinx to eat him?”

“Then he can attack it right?”

"I'm right here," Conrad snapped irritably.


“He might have gotten sentimental over that creature.”

“Excuse me?”

“I mean, if it has been hanging out with you-”

“I don’t hang out with that Sphinx.”

Amber corrected, “Okay, hanging around you, you might find it hard to kill it.”

“It’ll just come back from Tartarus," Conrad replied placidly.

“Oooh, typical unsympathetic-”

“Why are we talking about this?”

“Though it sure beats chocolate martinis.”

“Please don’t bring that up,” Brooklyn begged, “I might just puke at the thought.”

“If you mess up this room we’ll just abandon it and go to room two,” Conrad said, looking around the place.

“There’s a room two?”

“So we’re in room one?”

“No, we’re in room three.”

“Doesn’t two come after one?”

“Not if you count down from three.”

“Right! Enough for today, guys, since we're just starting out and getting orientated. Let’s go back to camp.” Summer couldn't let them find out more about the room located in a 4th dimension.

“We are in-”

“Conrad you can go first.” Summer interrupted, shooting him a shut-up look.

He raised an eyebrow innocently, then stood up and walked out of the room.

“I’ll tell you guys when the next meeting is, alright? We have two newbies coming over.”

“You mean the sardonic siblings?”


“Crystal, do you think Alec’s gonna shadow-travel over?” Cookie asked idly, walking with her friend out of the room.

“Get a bunch of butter-cookies the next time, Amber. I’d like to see the look on Nat’s face when I offer her some.”

One by one, the campers left the room, chattering excitedly. Summer gathered up the equipment, and left as well.

The room disappeared behind them.

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PostSubject: Re: the ultimate dialogue sessions, you know you love them yo~   Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:38 am

Summer. Part 2 should come. PART TWO SHOULD. /glares at Summie.
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PostSubject: Re: the ultimate dialogue sessions, you know you love them yo~   Sun Dec 09, 2012 7:04 am

Part two shall >:3 Right after I'm done with Alexander and Natalie Hunters' sheets.

Glad you enjoyed it Gummy! Here's a little something for ya.

"Hey there, uh, Summer's friend."
"She's taking advantage of us with this dialogue session, isn't she?"
"Guys, I created you."
"She has a point there."
"Do you have any idea what creatures she sends after me?"
"HAHA, no. But I'm glad I'm not you. Whoa, hey! HEY!! Let me down!" *panic*
"C'mon Seth, I'm newer than you but even I know you shouldn't be provoking Conrad."

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PostSubject: Re: the ultimate dialogue sessions, you know you love them yo~   Mon Feb 11, 2013 2:40 am


“I’ve gotta say, this room is pretty sweet.” Seth grinned, leaning back onto the squishy couch he chose, sticking his foot on the table only to have it nudged away by Crystal.

“That’s what you think of every room.”

Alec nodded appreciatively. “Yeah, its neat.”

“Ooh there’s jelly today! And apples.” Cookie gushed happily, settling down on the edge of a couch beside a yellow lamp, which she then began fiddling with.

Percy walked in then, looking around the room, before sinking into an untaken yellow chair.

“Why did we change rooms? I liked the previous one - it was cosier.” Brooklyn stated, crossing her legs on a red plush chair.  

"As you can see, we have three more people today."

“But I can’t believe I had to go through the fireplace, that thing was tiny!” Natalie complained, brushing her clothes as if convinced that there was soot on them, though there were none.

Conrad shrugged from across the room. “You drew that lot, you take that method of arrival.”

“I drew lot six,” Natalie corrected, “Seth went and took it saying it was the entrance through the drawer. He gave me his.”

Percy grabbed mine.”

The son of Poseidon stuck his tongue out. “All’s fair in love and war.”

“That’s Annabeth’s quote, it doesn’t sound right coming from you.”

“Of course, it being Annabeth’s quote.”

“Wait, there isn’t such a way of arriving, how is anyone supposed to fit through a drawer? That doesn’t even make the slightest sense.”

“Of course there wasn’t.”

“Drawers I know are enormous, unlike the tiny rabbit holes here out of the city. And how is anyone supposed to fit through that fireplace? It practically chucked me out!” Natalie countered, sniffing.

Tiny rabbit holes?” Amber protested indignantly, sprawled on the floor between Brooklyn and Crystal, surrounded by an array of fluffy orange cushions.

Seth shrugged. “Hey, eleven wasn’t all that bad. And seeing you’re the only one that could fit through, I gave mine to you.”

Natalie was still not satisfied with the answer. “Then why not Cookie?”

He chortled, imitating, ‘Why not Cookie?’ Because she brought her giant pot of glow-in-the-dark glue for goodness knows what reason that’s why.”

“Cookie, why did you–”

Amber grimaced. “Don’t ask. You definitely do not want to know.”

“Come on, this is just for fun isn’t it?” Summer intervened, before it became a full-blown argument with everyone taking sides and destroying half the room before they knew it.

“I’ll give you my definition of fun when we’re done with this,” Natalie muttered.

“Uh.. there’s no need for drastic measures, Nat. Here, have a cookie.” Summer grabbed a chocolate chip cookie and waved it in front of Natalie.

Seth snickered, anticipating.

Natalie looked horrified. “I don’t eat cookies! They contain so much–”

“Summer, you know how conscious she is about her diet and calories and whatnot, considering you made her and all. Did you have to get her started?” Alec cut in, exasperated.

Seth snatched the cookie out of Summer’s hand and started nibbling on it.

“Nat, eat the eggs or something,” Seth suggested, gesturing at the table of snacks and fruits with the cookie, nearly hitting Amber, who had suddenly decided to sit up, with it. “High in fibre.”

Crystal rolled her eyes, Summer barely concealed her amusement, while Conrad raised an eyebrow.


“Quail eggs don’t contain fibre.”

“See, even Percy knows.”

Excuse you, was I supposed to be offended?”

Seth blatantly ignored all that, prodding Alec who was nearest. “Then?”

"You're asking me when you've got a bloody Athena kid over there?"


Conrad sighed. “They contain Protein, Iron, Cholesterol, Phosphorus, Vitamins A, D, E and B12, as well as Foliate, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Selenium and Pantothenic Aci–”

“What’s Iron B12?” Cookie asked suddenly, frowning. As usual, she hadn’t been paying full attention and the words had somehow jumbled up and re-organised themselves in her mind. “I’ve never heard of it.”

“I lost you at Fla... Fol... That flappy thingy,” Seth admitted, but rather enjoying himself.

“Reebok? Syela-what?” Natalie was equally confused.

“Its Vitamin B12. Iron B12 doesn’t exist. Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin because of the cobalt it contains, is one of the eight B vitamins,” Conrad said offhandedly, almost bored, simply stating facts. Well, facts that sounded like someone without enhanced mental capabilities had spent every minute of the past fifty years memorizing. “It is structurally the most complicated vitamin and is vital for the brain and nervous system to function normally. Vitamin B12 is needed in the synthesis of red blood cells, as well as the formation of DNA. It is also involv–”

“Conrad, I didn’t get out of school to come here and learn science,” Crystal groused, letting the son of Athena go only that far.

“No wait, it sounded pretty interesting. For once I actually understood what he was going on about,” Brooklyn said, sounding almost intrigued.

“Thank you. I try to keep it rudimentary for some people with woefully inadequate mental capacities. I am glad that my endeavor has finally been accomplished.”

“What did he just say?”

“I believe he just called some of us hopelessly dumb," Crystal translated wryly.

Seth looked like he was about to protest. “Excu–”

Look, quail eggs contain birds. And birds contain whatever, all right? Now stop.”

"Jeez, so they contain chickens. If you had said that earlier–"

"Bond, not chickens–"

“Right. I’m going to just ask some questions since that's what we're here for, and we can branch out from there, okay?” Summer cut the demigod off, glancing at the list of questions she made.

“Can we stay away from some topics?”

“Like what?”

“Like romance and embarrassing stuff,” Crystal agreed.



“Because I see your video camera and bug there, Summer," Conrad completed for Percy.

“Hey! Its being recorded for a reason, duh.”

“What reason?”

Summer waved the question off, replying vaguely. “Oh for the greater good.”

“You mean for entertainment,” Conrad corrected dryly.

“Same thing,” Summer shrugged cheerfully.

“Just don't ask about kissing or who’s going out with who and all that. We all have private lives.”


"You don't seem to keep yours very private," Crystal noticed.

"As much as I bother to keep it."

"What stuff do you actually keep?" Brooklyn asked rather skeptically.

"Secrets don't stay secrets unless they're kept secret," Seth replied solemnly.

Amber grimaced, "And for good reason."

Summer considered it for awhile. “Okay, sure. Conrad, have you had your first kiss?”

“Why me?” Conrad was taken aback.

“Hey his ears are turning pink!”

“Yeah he has,” Cookie stated out of the blue.

What?! Seth and Crystal exclaimed at the same time.

“Who was it?” Natalie asked, interested all of a sudden in a piece of gossip.

Conrad was mortified, shooting Cookie an irritated glare. “Sooki.”

“You never said I couldn’t tell.”

“I’ve never told you a thing about that. How did you find out anyway?”

“Hey, stay out of my mind!” Cookie protested.

“Stay out of my stuff,” Conrad snapped back sharply.

Percy eyed Conrad, alarmed.

“Let’s find out more about our new friends instead,” Amber suggested hastily, quickly changing the subject.

“But we already know each other,” Crystal pointed out, but relieved the two had stopped bickering. There was no knowing what Conrad might do otherwise.

“For the audience’s sake.”

“Skip the boring basics like favourite colours and whatnot please,” Seth requested.

“Fine, let’s play a game. We each take turns to ask them a question, and they can ask any of us a question back.”

“I’ll start!” Cookie piped up. “How many schools have you guys been in?”

The demigods turned to the siblings curiously.

Alec leaned back against the couch.  “We didn’t really go to school if we didn't want to.”

“We were employed tutors when we didn't feel like it.”

“Must’ve been boring,” Percy commented.

“No, it meant we got to do what we wanted,” Alec corrected.

“But yeah, it did get boring after awhile, so we made our parents send us to this private academy. It wasn’t half as bad as how my friend described. She said she had a roommate at hers. And thieves.” Natalie shuddered, while Seth smirked slightly. “How uncivilised. Just like Hermes kids, except it wasn’t in their lineage, which makes it absolutely unacceptable. I mean, why steal when you can just buy it?"

“But then they confiscated my diamond bracelet for safekeeping. Pshh.”

“And she burned down half the aesthetics block.”


Percy was confused. “The what?”

“You know, usually the place where art rooms, labs and kitchens are located. Right, Alec?”


“Oh, right, I knew that...”

“Yeah right, you did.”

“Must’ve been awesome,” Seth sighed.

“It was,” Natalie nodded, a wicked grin on her face.

“Are you crazy? Someone could’ve gotten hurt!” Amber said disapprovingly.

“Yeah, that was quite dangerous.”

Natalie only cocked her head, as if just realising but not at all disturbed about it. Alec didn’t seem too affected either.

“Anyway, its your turn,” Cookie said, gesturing to the siblings.

Natalie thought for a moment before asking, “Conrad, what’s everybody thinking about right now?”

“Hey! That isn't categorised under acceptable questions!” Seth protested.

Conrad gave a slight smirk. “Sooki is determining whether or not to replace your lip balm with glue or glow-in-the-dark paint, I suggest a mixture of both, while Crystal is counting backwards from one thousand trying to shut me out. You missed a number, by the way, three comes after four, not five.”

“You are not getting anywhere near my stuff!” Natalie gasped, grabbing her bag and putting it opposite Cookie. Crystal muttered something like ‘shut up, know-it-all’. Alec grinned and leaned back behind his sister, whispering something across to Cookie. After a second, her grin matched his.


“Wait a minute!” Percy said hastily, turning red, but Conrad continued anyway.

“Percy’s thinking about his mortal friend, Rachel. Amber is concentrating wholeheartedly on the conversation, and Brooklyn is trying to keep a straight face at Percy’s expression. Seth was deciding how to ask a girl out.”


“You're starting to sound like Crystal,” Percy sniffed.

Brooklyn hi-fived Crystal.

“More specifically–” Conrad's attempt to continue undeterred was cut off as he dodged a sticky blob of jelly Seth aimed at him. He decided to skip that piece of information before more jelly grew wings.

“Alec has just agreed to help Sooki out on her prank, and Summer–”

“Wow your ability is so amazing, I am so extremely impressed. That’s enough. Let’s continue.”

Conrad shot her a sour look, not one moment fooled by her sarcastic tone and abrupt change in topic. “Lay off the snakes for my quest.”

Summer groaned. “Fine.”

“Don’t ask Sapphire to suggest activities to occupy our time.”


“And while you’re at it, tell her to get that demi-titan of hers to tone down her habit of irritating me every chance she gets.”

“That I have absolutely no control of. But uh, I could bring it up sometime. Don’t look at me like that.” Summer amended hurriedly. “Who’s next?”


“Hmm...” Amber tilted her head, thinking. “Have you ever had any bad memories of any game?”

“Oh truth or dare, no contest,” Natalie said immediately, making a face.

Alec made a sound halfway between a laugh and a cough.

“Why? Did something happen?” Brooklyn asked eagerly.

Natalie shot a look at her brother, something like a glare.

“Well, there was this time at a gathering–”

“Just for fun of course,” Alec added.

“Yeah, about two years ago. Since it was an orientation thingy to get us all acquainted the night before this camp or something.”

“Man, it was wild.”

“Absolutely, everyone was crazy, kidding about, playing around. Then some idiot suggested we play truth or dare.”

“Mmhmm.” They had Cookie’s full attention now.

“So when it was Alec’s turn, someone dared him to kiss me.”

-tbc- >:3

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PostSubject: Re: the ultimate dialogue sessions, you know you love them yo~   Sun Feb 02, 2014 9:59 pm


Cookie jerked and spilled her hot chocolate, before bursting into peals of laughter. “You’re kidding.

“Alec, you didn’t do it, did you?”

“Don’t bet on it, Brooke.”

“Didn’t they know you guys were... you know...?” Cookie questioned, waving away his comment.

“Well, as I said, it was a new holiday camp. Our parents actually forced us to sign up, 'cause they were going overseas and didn’t trust us since three of our domestic helpers were on holiday. Its a sort of camp for kids like us but the orientation was at some counsellor's house.”

“Three? Exactly how many do you have?”

“It varies throughout the year. Averagely.. seven? That’s only talking about the ones in the mansion we have in New York City. Basically they’re easy to deal with. Just chuck them a wad of notes and they’ll ignore anything we do.”

“I’m going to apply to be one at your house, Nat.”

Alec snickered, “They’re more like too scared to do anything against us.”

“Sure Seth, I’ll look over your application personally. It’ll be... fun to have you as a servant,” Natalie drawled, a glint in her eye.

“I worry for the state your house is going to be in if he gets accepted,” Crystal muttered. “But not so much for him if he gets scarred for life. I say go for it, Nat.”

“On second thoughts, I’ve decided not to,” Seth changed his mind hastily, eyeing the half-smile on Natalie’s face.

Summer cleared her throat. “Ahem, back on topic please?”

“Right, so only a few knew we were siblings in the messy chalet where we had the gathering. And out of those few, none were playing with us upstairs, so yeah, nobody was aware.”

Everyone leaned in, soaking up the story. Natalie seemed to enjoy the attention, making the most out of the suspense. Conrad however, looked oddly amused. Alec slurped his hot chocolate.

“Hey wait, this is strictly confidential, right?”

“Yes, as much as I possibly can keep it,” Summer assured, while Seth snickered.

“And..?” Percy was eager to know what happened next.

“I was like, no absolutely not. But Alec didn’t want to do the forfeit. What did he say?” Natalie paused for a few moments, trying to recall. “Uh...-”

“What?” Seth asked impatiently.

Alec couldn’t remember either. “Er...”

Everyone was waiting.

"I don’t fancy jumping on the bed with my shirt off yelling ‘I’m an idiot!’?” Conrad said unexpectedly, idly scrolling through his phone.

"That's it!," Natalie nodded, then it struck her. "Wait what..."

There was silence. Alec stared in surprise. Glancing up, Conrad suddenly noticed the unusual quiet and explained, “That’s... what he said.”

“I-I know, were you in my mind or something?” Natalie looked flabbergasted, “Which doesn’t make sense since I don’t actually remember it word for word.”

“No, I was there at that ridiculous orientation gathering. The kids there brought fake blood and tried to be vampires. Messy and not the least convincing.” Conrad said distastefully.

“Oh gods, that was bloody stupid. Those kids were barely a year younger than us, they acted like third graders. Creepy buggers. We nearly got a warning from the police with the racket they were making,” Alec groaned.

“Wait, I’m totally lost,” Percy frowned, “Conrad, you were at their orientation gathering?”

“Yes. I had to go home during the summer, then Father dumped me in that camp before I could leave.”

“Why did you have to?” Amber asked, “Go home I mean.”

“You don’t expect me to pretend to stay at the institute during the summer, do you? The paperwork I would have to replicate isn’t worth it.”

“Where were you exactly?”

“I was sitting opposite you two, in the circle. Right beside that huge lamp and the... bed,” Conrad muttered the last part.

"Hang on," Alec took in Conrad's expression. "And to the right of that half sloshed kid wearing a mustache on his forehead?"

"Yes," Conrad replied tetchily.

“But if you knew we were demigods, why didn’t you say anything?”

Conrad shrugged, “Didn’t care I suppose, had other things on my mind." His lips curled into a smirk. "Mostly trying to stop laughing. The dare was thirty seconds.”

“Or until I punched him,” Nat stated smugly.

“Until she punched me,” Alec agreed, wincing at the memory.

“You’re terrible, Alec,” Amber commented, shaking her head helplessly.

“Cheers, Am,” Alec replied, winking at her.

“He still thinks it was all a huge joke. ”

Alec flashed a cocky grin, and put a hand on Natalie’s shoulder, saying, “It was hilarious to me. Can’t say the same for Nat though.”

“Yeah, you so liked that bruise,” Natalie shot back sarcastically, shrugging her brother off. A sly smile slid onto her face. “And that spiked drink.”

Alec’s face was suddenly serious. “No.”

“Conrad is so creepy. Doesn’t it freak you out that he’s like... everywhere?” Natalie shivered.

“I couldn’t possibly  have been everywhere.”

“Yeah, like the girls’ washroom.”

“Really? Even when you were a kid? Your mother never used it with you or anything?” Seth asked, curious.

Crystal stared at him weirdly. “Seth, do you know how strange that sounded?”

Conrad shot him an irritated look. “Seth, could you.. think before you say anything?”

“Sorry, its just with all the stories I've heard about everyone else's parents..” Seth sounded sheepish.

“Yeah, I really did not need that image,” Cookie added, suddenly entering the conversation, making Conrad switch his glare to her.

“And no, I do not think Athena would make a trip down here just to use the lavatory.”

“Oh right, Athena. Your mother. Right. I forgot. Okay.”

*commence awkward, really awkward silence*

“Is jelly nice in hot chocolate?” Cookie asked, out of the blue, debating on whether or not to drop a piece of jelly into her drink.

Everybody looked at Cookie.

“No,” Brooklyn stated flatly.

“Are you sure? Because-“


“Well then how about-“

“Absolutely not,” Conrad cut in firmly, “That’s worse.”


“Jung Sooki, do not put your quail egg into your drink.”

“How did you- ...oh.”

“Okay time’s up!”

“But we barely started!”

“Its been a very long time.”

“Like fifteen minutes.”

“Is your ADD like abnormally serious or something? We’ve been here way longer than that.”

“I’m comfortable here, I don't want to move,” Seth groused, sliding down on the squishy couch and grabbing a cushion from behind Crystal, covering his face with it.


The tone was so different that all the demigods felt something amiss.


“What is it?”

“You can stay here till the thing comes, then,” Conrad informed mysteriously.

There was silence as Amber blanched and the large cushion stopped moving.

Then the chain reaction commenced.

Percy did a double take when he realised whatever it might have implied and nearly knocked his mug over as he reached for it. Some liquid splashed over the rim and splattered on Alec.

Already jumpy, he pulled his arm back so fast he knocked into his sister.

Natalie’s eyes widened at Conrad’s statement but she was then shoved against Cookie’s shoulder.

Cookie’s fingers slipped and the egg she was holding dropped into her drink with a ‘plunk’.

Crystal immediately grabbed the hot chocolate away before Cookie could even attempt to drink it, but then was also so unnerved that she spilled it onto the floor in the end and the egg bounced across the floor.

Amber cleared the drink back into the mug but had no idea what to do with the egg. So she left it sitting there.

Summer stared at it.

Conrad raised an eyebrow quizzically, successfully hiding a grin.

Summer rolled her eyes, amused, but had to keep from laughing at the expressions of the various demigods. As far as she knew, there was no thing.

“Thing?” Natalie asked tentatively.

“What thing?” Crystal demanded suspiciously.

“Thing as in Thing or thing?”

“Thing in general,” Conrad waved a hand dismissively.

“That’s no answer, no matter what thing,” Cookie protested.

Brooklyn shook her head as if to clear it. “All right stop! That word has been repeated so many times it looks and sounds weird in my head.”

“You mean thing?” Cookie asked innocently, unable to resist, a grin already forming on her lips.

Brooklyn glared at the daughter of Hypnos.

“Thing, thing, thing.” Seth’s voice suddenly came from behind the cushion.

“Thing.” Amber added, unable to help herself.

“Thing, thing.” Cookie chirped.

Conrad put up with it for a few moments, watching Brooklyn’s reaction with amusement, before relieving her from the teasing, “You guys give me a headache.”

Everyone stopped. Nobody wanted to know what would happen after they did something that messed with his head.

“Let’s get out before the thing comes,” Percy mumbled. Things in the demigod world were taken seriously indeed.

Seth and Natalie mumbled their assent.

Cookie sat up and stretched, giving a huge yawn. It immediately made everyone else drowsy.

“Hmm... So what’s the next?” Amber asked, referring to their next meet, blinking to get rid of the sleepiness.

“Will we be changing rooms again?” Seth asked, interested.

“Maybe. I was thinking of sticking Sooki, Seth, Alec and Crystal one room, and Natalie and Conrad in the other. Then the rest of us will go into room three and watch the drama unfold, how does that sound?”


“No way!”

Conrad was aghast. “With that airhead? You wouldn't.

“Excuse me, airhead?” Natalie said indignantly.

“Don’t be mean, Conrad,”

“I most certainly would.”

You can’t be serious. You absolutely cannot lock me in a room with the three of them! Half the room will be frozen and the other half on fire by the first quarter hour,” Alec protested, aghast.

“And then there’ll be an earthquake,” Conrad added, chortling at the thought.

“And then there’ll be an earthquake,” Alec agreed.

“The way you say ‘You can’t be serious’ is so cool,” Cookie commented, trying to imitate it herself.

Alec shot Cookie a grin.

“Stop inflating his ego,” Amber begged.

“Awesome, we’ve gotta get them in,” Brooklyn exclaimed.

Percy grinned, “I’ll help!”

“No, you won’t,” Crystal said sharply.

“Where do you even get all those rooms?”

“I owe you one for that giant Amphisbaena in the maze, sis,” Conrad said, winking at Summer.

“Ahaha, Summer. I’d be careful if I were you.”

“Uh.. On second thought, maybe not Conrad...” Summer said hurriedly, dashing through the glass, followed by Percy. It rippled behind them and they vanished.

Standing, Brooklyn and Amber followed suit a moment later.

Seth gave a startled yell when he suddenly sank through the intangible couch and disappeared. Crystal hesitated, before jumping in as well. Chairs started rising.

“Don’t stay too long after Summer has gone,” Conrad murmured to Cookie, pushing her directly through a solid wall and into the camp Arena. He stepped through after her.

The siblings disappeared in an inferno of flames and a misty swirl of darkness, leaving the room ...where?
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the ultimate dialogue sessions, you know you love them yo~
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