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 poof -- cheyenne [wip]

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PostSubject: poof -- cheyenne [wip]   Sun Nov 25, 2012 12:10 am

Cheyenne Alexander, Daughter of Terpsichore, Age 15

Cheyenne sat looking out the window as it rained. "Honey, it's time to go to school." Her father said. "Just give me a few minutes." She said sadly. Do I have to? She thought. She began to walk out of her small room. Cheyenne picked up her binder and began to walk down the block where the bus stop was. Cheyenne gripped onto her books nervously. As the door opened, she heard yelling everywhere. She sat with her friend, Ella. "Hey nerd." Yelled the girl from the back of the bus. "Just ignore her." Said Ella. Cheyenne slowly nodded. Can this get any worse? As it was time to get off the bus, she walked quickly, trying to avoid the girl in the back of the bus. She stopped realizing she had dropped her pen. She turned around and picked it up. The girl pushed Cheyenne's books down as they scattered on the concrete. "Loser." She said loudly. "Whats your problem?" Cheyenne said. She had realized the reason she was gossiping about her was because they were ex-bestfriends.

Cheyenne began to head towards math class. As the blond girl walked towards her first class, she saw everyone pointing at her. She was confused. Until, she had a seat. The person next to her asked her how it felt to have nothing and live in a rusty motel. Cheyenne decided to ignore the person, figuring that's why everyone pointed at her. Suddenly two boys walked into the class, one of them she happened to like. "Hey look it's poor girl." Said one of them. She hid her face into the textbook.

When class was over, she began to head towards biology, history, english, art and then lunch. As she entered the large room she quickly looked for her friend, Ella. Ella was sitting next to a boy named Jake. Cheyenne began to walk towards the two. "Uh, hey." She said then sliding down into a chair. "Cheyenne, this is Jake." Ella said. Cheyenne nodded then waved. "I know." She said grumbling. Why is here? He never sits here. What's going on? Cheyenne thought. "Anyways, so we're still on for pizza after dance class, right?" CHeyenne asked. Ella nodded, "can I bring someone along." She asked leaning towards Jake. "Sure... But why all the sudden are you guys friends. And why is he here? Doesn't he have to go hang with the populars?" Cheyenne said annoyed. They both nodded. "Listen, Chey, I know we haven't been great friends but lets try atleast." Jake said shrugging. "Fine. BUt call me Chey, and we will have a problem." She said walking away. She absoleutly hated the idea.

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poof -- cheyenne [wip]
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