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 This Could Use a Little More Sonic

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PostSubject: This Could Use a Little More Sonic   Fri Nov 23, 2012 12:20 am



Main Characters:

Bella Lopez ⇒⇒ Single ⇒⇒ ♀ ⇒⇒ Annasophia Robb
Paramore "All I Wanted"

Skye Desity ⇒⇒ Taken by Jared ⇒⇒ ♀ ⇒⇒ Ellen Page
Florence + The Machine "Never Let Me Go"

Henry Jones ⇒⇒ Taken by Century ⇒⇒ ♂ ⇒⇒ Munro Chambers
Coldplay "Fix You"

Denica Kalehla ⇒⇒ It's Complicated ⇒⇒ ♀ ⇒⇒ Allie Gonino
Foo Fighters "Times Like These"

Jennifer Allen ⇒⇒ Taken by Matt ⇒⇒ ♀ ⇒⇒ Jennifer Lawrence
The Beatles "Yesterday"

Bree Delilah Harris ⇒⇒ Single ⇒⇒ ♀ ⇒⇒ Lucy Hale
U2 "With or Without You"

Thalia Grace ⇒⇒ Huntress ⇒⇒ ♀ ⇒⇒ Kaya Scodelario
Civil Twilight "Letters From the Sky"

Tanner Davis ⇒⇒ Single ⇒⇒ ♀ ⇒⇒ Dakota Blue Richards
Death Cab for Cutie "The Ice Is Getting Thinner"

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⇒ Stealing Crispy's idea with the whole nav thing. Love you, Crispy.
⇒ All of the codes are mine.
⇒ None of the gifs are mine.
⇒ All of the writing is mine.
⇒ None of the songs are mine.
⇒ Please do not take the play-bys I have already claimed without asking. There is a good chance I'll let you have the play-by if you ask.
⇒ Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
⇒ Plot topic will be coming soon.
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This Could Use a Little More Sonic
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