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 TheFlash95's Character: NEEDING APPROVAL

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PostSubject: TheFlash95's Character: NEEDING APPROVAL   Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:13 pm

Name: Clarence "Clark" Samuel Jordan
Age/Birthday: October 5, 1994, 18
Gender: Male
God Parent: Hermes 
Claimed: No
Mortal Family: John and Martha Jordan
Years in Camp: New arrival
Brief History: Ever since he was a young kid, inheriting his natural traits from his godly father,Hermes. Clark Jordan has always had a pressuring urge to steal and cause mischief. Yet, his mother and stepfather taught him otherwise, teaching Clark to become a friendly, caring, and upholding young man to the Jordan family reputation and also instructed him on being productive, by giving him work around the family farm. Learning to fight these urges only then caused him to discover his amazing abilities... Then the monsters attacked. While coming home from a party he didnt feel he belonged, Clark was astonished to find His farm destroyed and His father, lost to death in the flames. Fleeing from the scene, his mother brought him to the entrance of Camp Half-blood. His mother, not able to go father, gave him a golden winged sword and a new puppy wrapped in a quilt blanket, she then told Clark to keep moving foward, deeper into a world that would answer all of his questions.
Physical Appearance: Clark is a towering 6,2'. He has shaggy Jett black hair, soft blue eyes, and sharp facial features. His build is fairly muscular from living on a farm. His wardrobe consists of many flannels, overcoats, and worn jeans with Converse. He sometimes sports a pair of nerd glasses 
Personality: Clark is geniuely a shy boy. He is caring, friendly, and as approachable as a Teddy bear. He is also observant; Youll usually see him in the backround of an argument or conflict, watching and determining, making him a fairly good strategist and as sly as a ninja. Clark loves to have good, strong friendships and looks up to many, sometimes causing him to be gullible, naive, and vunerable. He is terrible when it comes to talking to women, mostly relying on his boyish charm. Clark isn't afraid to stand up for what's right, even if it means harm to yourself. He loves comic books, video games and he is a very studious reader. A true nerd at heart.
Fatal Flaw: Despite Clark's muscular physque, he is actually a very clumsy and weak fighter. He can sometimes be viewed as an obstruction by some, when it comes to a battle. Another flaw is his unsocial behavior and his inability to take action, this can at times lead to him being taken advantage of, or even bullied. Although Clark is slow to anger, the phrase "Big Oaf" can set him off. Clark's ADD involuntarily causes him to stare off and zone out into his own little world.
Pets: He has a male new-born Golden Retriver puppy given to him by his mother as a farewell gift. Clark decided to name him "Westley" Because he would nod his head to the west whenever Clark asked him where to go, when searching for the camp... Which turned out to be west.
Talents: Clark's strongest attribute is his amazing speed and surprising agility. Despite Clark holding back his urges, he is a phenomenal thief and parkour acrobatic. He is a good spy/scout in battle due to his observant eyes and he has a deep mind. Loves to play a few sports while he can.
Weapons: Clark carries a golden winged sword with a ruby in it's hilt. He also brandishes a simple round shield with an occasional spear latched to his back.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round
Other: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: TheFlash95's Character: NEEDING APPROVAL   Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:17 am

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TheFlash95's Character: NEEDING APPROVAL
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