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 My dad's annoying

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PostSubject: My dad's annoying   Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:27 pm


Around his girlfriend, he acts like that 'All natural quiet guy nature-loving freakozoid handy man who can do anything and philosopher who knows everything about anything.' I'm not even kidding. He annoys the living crap out of me, I wish I could just rip his head off.

So my dad spends every living moment with his girlfriend, he touches her butt in public, calls her 'sexy', makes out with her, hugs her, tells her that he loves her, and all that gross stuff. When he's still married. Yes my parent's haven't LEGALLY divorced yet, that's not happening until January. I hate him so much, he's destroyed my family in so many ways, for his own selfish reasons. Because he wasn't willing to work from home so he wouldn't be gone for weeks on end. He would be gone for 3 weeks at a time. He already had met his girlfriend LONG before any of this crap happened. That means they've been dating for over a year.

This stuff doesn't stop, my mom is depressed and tired, and won't drive us anywhere. My dad tries to buy my love, which doesn't work, though I do like the stuff he buys me. My sister has issues with lying, is pretty much the school's 'girl' who has no future, and there I am with anger problems and no future because I have a 'D' in math. My dad thinks that I won't get into a good college because I have a 'D' in Math.

Yes I do have diagnosed anger management issues. I'm forced to go to anger management classes by my parents. The only things that I do that I actually Like, are dance, orchestra, and snowboarding. Last year I would go snowboarding pretty much every weekend. This year since my mom is flat out broke and my dad is just money slap happy, I go about twice a month.

My dad's a donkey. He wants me to communicate more with him, but then he threatens that if I don't turn in my homework on time (which pretty much is impossible because my teacher doesn't give us any time in class to do it, nor gives us a book to do it from at home) he'll take away my computer and phone, he'll stop paying for violin lessons, dance, etc, and he'll never take me snowboarding again.

I suppose it's fair.

But honestly to sum this up my mom's depressed and broke, my dad's an annoying donkey who took all the money, does disgusting things to his girlfriend in PUBLIC, loves his job and girlfriend more than his children, and thinks that we have to be perfect. My sister's 15 and NOT a virgin, lies all the time to get people to pity her, the school hates her, she has no friends, and pretty much makes out with all the boys in the school. I have grades that I should be shunned for, anger issues, and guys all over me.

Yeah I just broke up with my boyfriend, and literally THE DAY I BROKE UP WITH HIM, a guy wants me to strip on camera for him, and 3 guys start crawling all over me because I'm single.

it's enough i have gross grades, bad friends, a family to pity, and a life that i prefer to live online and away from people.

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PostSubject: Re: My dad's annoying   Mon Nov 19, 2012 7:44 pm

gurl you're my cousin and and i do love you and you know you can rant to me anytime you want. my inbox is always open. c: xxx

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My dad's annoying
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