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 demons [ levi -- wip ]

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PostSubject: demons [ levi -- wip ]   Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:21 pm

Levi Charles Wayland

Levi grinned at his sisters as he leaned into the circle further off his chair trying to catch the tail end of Melody's gossip. He loved listening in on the gossip sleepovers and just knowing what was going on around camp, but he never liked participating. He never knew any gossip. Sure, he'd helped write a few of the Gossip Girl columns, but he never really knew gossip around camp. It wasn't that Levi didn't pay attention to the gossip, it was more along the lines of Levi just totally missing everything. Just then, one of Levi's sisters called his name, snapping Levi back to reality. The girls had packed up their comforters and headed on into their own rooms for some beauty sleep. "Oh," Levi said, softly. "Oops," he mouthed with a smile. His sister just shook her head.

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demons [ levi -- wip ]
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