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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 The charrie shop for the lazy

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PostSubject: The charrie shop for the lazy   Tue Nov 13, 2012 5:51 pm

Welcome to libby's amazing

I was sitting around at home the other day and I began wishing I had something to do. So out of no where I started making a CHB charrie. I have him saved under a notepad for if and when I do want to use him. I sat down on the couch satisfied with what I did and I thought "I wonder if the people on CHB want this character?" I refused to put him up for adoption just cause I fell in love with the character, but it stared a few gears turning. I got on the laptop and began really thinking. Then it hit me. I love my characters to much to give them away, but if I made a character for someone I could get rid of them rather easily. I was randomly scrolling down when I saw shops and services. My brain immediately put two and two together, and thus here I am making a topic.

The whole purpose of this is shop is for the extremely lazy like-none-other people. What I am doing here is making characters for you people. With a little information, I will begin making a character. I will make a character a week (assuming there's one to make). The first three characters I make will be 100 drachmas. The rest will be set at 300 drachmas. There is one real requirement: you must have at least one more character. I don't want to go off and make someone's first character. ALSO! I am only making characters here. if you want a posting code for your character, I suggest going to Moon's templete shop. You can go to that shop directly by clicking here. One more little side note. I will not make big three or titan characters. Those are powerful characters that I don't want to mess with. The posting code for this shop can be found...

If you really don't give a flip about any of this just let me know you want a surprise. Ask and it shall be given. If you have any comments or question on the template or cost of character, just let me know. You may begin the request of characters... NOW!

Waiting List
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Julanka Kassari

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PostSubject: Re: The charrie shop for the lazy   Wed Oct 23, 2013 11:29 am

hi... i would like the first charrie please! i don't care what you give me, but just don't make it self-centered or sexually-confused!!! please!!!
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The charrie shop for the lazy
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