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 The New Characters Of Rhea Frost!

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PostSubject: The New Characters Of Rhea Frost!   Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:44 pm

Name: Kari Annaleasa Mckay

Age/Birthday:18(July 22nd 1994)

Gender: female

God Parent: Nyx

Claimed: yes at 14

Mortal Family: Linus Mckay (father), Nadia Mckay (sister), Juliana Sullivan-Mckay(Mother)

Years in Camp:4

Brief History: Kari had a perfect life. Her parents loved her and so did her sister. She knew she was adopted since she was born. She couldn’t say her life was bad, until the day when she was attacked at school by a monster leaving the scar she held forever. Now she realized it was a fury that had come to kill her. While in the hospital a satyr came to visit her telling her of her fate. She left the hospital that night leaving her family behind in fear they may get hurt even more.

Physical Appearance: Kari is dark haired standing at an average 5’7”. She is very slim and lean from her bouts of depression but is slightly muscular from her training. Kari has a deep scar running from the top of her cheekbone down to her jawbone. It had always made her feel ugly but her parents said it gave her character. Kari enjoys dressing up very girly and looking pretty all the time when she could. Her hair is always curled and she wears make up as much as she can to cover her scar because she hates seeing it and remembering that the thing that caused it took her life from her.

Personality: Kari is a very happy girl most of the time. She enjoyed learning in school even though she left at the end of 8th grade. Although Kari is very bright and happy she has moments in which she can just sit and think about the things in her life. Why didn’t her biological father want her? Was she as good as the others here? She hated herself sometimes especially when she looked at herself and saw the scar covering her face. She tried to be cheerful most of the time and when she met new people she loved it. Kari had irrational fears such as the dark and spiders of course but she loved to learn and help people in the best way she knows how. In Kari’s bouts of depression she goes into excessive training mode. At night Kari feels restless and happy because she feels close to her mother.

Fatal Flaw: Severe insecurity

Pets: none

Talents: Kari is good in archery and sword play along with singing and all things beauty.

Weapons: bow and arrow and celestial bronze sword.

Year-Round or Summer: Year round

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PostSubject: Re: The New Characters Of Rhea Frost!   Sat Nov 10, 2012 6:11 am

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The New Characters Of Rhea Frost!
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