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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 A Guide to CHB Groups

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PostSubject: A Guide to CHB Groups   Tue Nov 06, 2012 1:07 am


Members are pretty much just normal members. When you join, you start as a member. Members in this group aren't "unspecial" in any way; they are just without a rank.


The Legend status may be given to any member of CHB that has contributed something worthwhile to the site, and whose on-site time is at a minimum. The status may be removed when an admin deems so, and when they are on regularly (meaning once every two days, at the least.) To be given this status, you must meet the criteria provided and have the approval of both the members of CHB and the staff. Membership of the group may also be revoked at the choice of members and staff; when they deem you to have disrupted and disgraced what initially brought you membership with reckless activity.

Group Leaders

Group Leaders are the leaders for groups outside of Camp, such as the Hunters of Artemis. They have the same powers as the Cabin Leaders, and their job is to both be an in-character leader and to discuss events both IC and OOC for their areas.

Cabin Leaders

Like the Cabin Leaders in the books, Cabin Leaders lead individual cabins, and work IC and OOC to bring events to Camp and their cabins. They are elected on a regular basis.


Canons are members who have been honoured with a canon character to RP (this means characters from the books). Aside from the character and the special colour, they are effectively normal members.

Character Mods

Character Mods are like moderators, except they have limited powers. They exist solely for the job of accepting characters and organizing areas such as the face claim.


The job of the moderators is quite simply to moderate the site. They make sure the Chatbox and the forums are clean and the rules are obeyed. If they are a moderator, it means that the admins have chosen to trust them with these powers, and they exist in order to make CHB the happy place that it is.


Admins are like super-moderators. They moderate the site, but also organize events and have the power to alter the forum. One wants the site purple? They can do that. They can add members to groups and take them from them. They can give drachmas, and do all kinds of magical things.
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A Guide to CHB Groups
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