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 Lily Rose's Character

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Lily Rose


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PostSubject: Lily Rose's Character   Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:11 pm

Lily Rose

Descriptionn: Reasonably pretty girl with extremely long red hair, pale almost white skin, and silver eyes. Ears are pointed slightly at the end and are always pricked as if she is alert for danger and she has a slightly pointed and slightly hooked nose. She normally wears a green shirt made of tightly woven vines which are suprisingly flexible and light. Her pants are made of the same material and have pictures of deer leaping by her ankles.

Personality: Bubbly and sweet girl, but can be very clumsy inside tight spaces. Loves the outdoors and can become more animal than human sometimes which unnerves her friends which is why they are slightly scred of her. She tries to keep her wild side under control but fails miserably when she is angry. Don't do anything to provoke her temper of you just might end up incased in vines and strapped to the floor of the camp clearing.

Godly Parent: Pan

Human Parent: Luna Rose

Fatal Flaw: Is too devoted to nature and will give her life to save that of a plant or animal


Pet: A kitten named Lilac Kittens

Talents: Amazing with a bow and arrow. Can control plants but she gets tired easily (she has not discovered her full powers yet). All around balanced fighter. Is extremely fast at running and climbing. Is also amazing at drawing.

Fears: Claustrophobic (only inside man made things) and is Arachnephobic (scared of spiders)

Ambitions: Hopes to become a Hunter of Artemis

Weapons: Mostly a bow and arrow name Fortuna, but also uses daggers, swords, and sometimes scythes

Age/Birthday: 12 5/17

Years At Camp: 10

Summer Camp or Year Round: Year Round

Past: Her mom was a loving and caring woman but she had provoked Zeus's anger and lightning bolts followed her until she was struck by one and was killed instantly, leaving poor Lily alone. A satyr found Lily to Camp Half-Blood where he cared for her along with Diyonisus. Unhappily Diyonisus took care off her along with some overjoyed satyrs who were happy that there was another child of Pan. Zeus dislikes Lily and is satisfied with just killing Luna Rose and has forgiven her for her mother's actions.

How her Mom Upset Zeus: It was a sunny morning and the sky was clear, Luna was relaxing under the shade of an oak tree when a misty voice inside her head told her to go to Zeus's Temple. Mystified Luna went, she entered the silent temple even though it was Sunday. Suddenly spasms racked her body and she fell on the ground shaking and coughing. She got up slowly her eyes red and moved over to all the artifacts destroying them one at a time, a slow smile creased her face and Luna fell to the floor coughing. The guards ran in and saw Luna's spasmatic form on the ground and all the artifacts broken. The sky rumbled and lightning flashed in the once clear sky, Luna got up on shaky legs and ran to her car. Luna drove away and barely made it into her house before lightning struck the gravel path leading to her house. (Gea had taken control of Luna in hope that it would unsettle the gods. Also Luna was 1 month pregnant with Lily although she didn't know.) 8 months later Lily was born and then 2 years after Lily was born Luna died.

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PostSubject: Re: Lily Rose's Character   Sat Nov 03, 2012 9:27 pm

Lily is

Happy roleplaying!
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Lily Rose's Character
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