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 Bored like crazy (Open)

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PostSubject: Bored like crazy (Open)   Wed Oct 24, 2012 11:20 pm

Joel tapped his necklace and his two celestial bronze swords popped out right into his hands. As soon as the handles met Joel's hands he gripped them tightly and started going through a normal training routine. He hacked and slashed through dummy after dummy but Joel felt a lack of enjoyment to it. What Joel really wanted was a person to spar with, fighting against a actual opponent was always more exhilarating than slashing through straw dummies.

Joel looked around the arena seeing if anyone wanted to spar with him to make this day at least a little bit of a success seeing as Joel was lazy the past few days not training so he wanted to get a good fight in to get him raring to train harder. " Geez" Joel though to himself "Everyone seems so caught up in their own worlds I actually wonder if anyone even notices my existence here"
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PostSubject: Re: Bored like crazy (Open)   Fri Nov 02, 2012 1:22 am

Axel Norling sat upon the metal bleachers, watching the - rather violent, he almost winced - campers on the dirt floor far below. He did so enjoy sitting at the highest bench in the arena; he liked having the ability to lean back against the wall, and the shadows provided him with enough cover for others not to come and bother him.

Fingering the smooth, polished cedar wood of his longbow, the blonde scanned the tussling forms of the campers and zeroed in on a particularly nasty fight between a tall boy - a bit heavy set, light brown hair, militaristic uniform; probably a son of Ares - and a much shorter girl, who had the classic look and air of Athena about her. The Ares boy delivered a savage kick to the girl's jaw - Axel had to stop the pacifist in him from getting up then and there to stop the fight after hearing the sickening crack of his boot against her head - and she countered with a sloppy stab directed toward his side. He could tell, even from metres away. This fight was over.

Tearing away from the clearly unfair engagement and resolving to find something interesting, the son of Ganymede's icy blue gaze locked almost instantly with an equally determined pair of eyes; these a shade far darker than his own, a grey that rivalled thunderclouds in intensity.

Hastily looking over the rest of the bleachers, Acke was dismayed to find that he - oh gods, of all the people - was the only camper who wasn't practising in the entire arena; as far as he could see, at least.

Well, crap. He'd just been spotted by an Athena kid looking for a duelling partner. Fan-freaking-tastic.
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Bored like crazy (Open)
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