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 Cotton's Charrie's

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PostSubject: Cotton's Charrie's   Wed Oct 24, 2012 5:52 pm



Roxanne Jarrett - 15 - Daughter Of Demeter - Single


Scarlett Delacroix - 16 - Daughter Of Apollo - Single


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PostSubject: Re: Cotton's Charrie's   Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:31 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Cotton's Charrie's   Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:25 am

New Charry waiting to get accepted :)

Name: Scarlett Delacroix

Age/Birthday: 16 / 11 - 21 - 1996
Gender: Female

God Parent: Apollo

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family: Scarlett never knew her parents, she lived in a orphanage but she had a Foster mom named Cassandra and a Foster Dad named Henry.

Years in Camp: 2 Years

Brief History: When Scarlett was only a few months old, her Father, Apollo was forced to leave back and stay in Olympus. Scarlett's mother was very devastated, she didn't think she could take care of a baby by herself. She didn't know what else to do but leave Scarlett at a doorstep of a orphanage. When Scarlett became Five years old, she was still in the orphanage. All of the kids there seemed like Brothers and Sisters to her. There Was Barney Michaels, Barney. Jr (you guessed it, his younger brother), Juley Marks, and little Sophie Burns. Those were the kids who were closest to Scarlett, and most kind. No offence to the other kids. There was a day, once when she was around 8 and a half, when a couple of adorable looking parents had come in. They had asked for a young girl at around eight years old. Taking a guess, the orphanage front desk person must have showed a picture of Scarlett on her computer, since everyone was looking at it. The Woman nodded and they both smiled. Then, over the P.A Speaker the lady spoke "Could Scarlett please come to the front desk. Thankyou." Scarlett's (sorta) sister Juley was the first to hug her, then later they all did. It was pretty sad having to leave my best family (again, sorta) that a girl could get, but this was a chance to get parents! Well, if they liked me of course.

Scarlett made her way to the front desk, she saw the Couple who wanted to see her. She smiled at them and they smiled back. The Woman had her Hands over her hear while smiling, and the Man was smiling too. After a few minutes talking with Scarlett and all, they had decided to adopt her. She gave her final goodbyes to Barney, Barney JR, Juley and Sophie. I promised them I would come and visit, and they all had nodded. After 6 and a half years had passed, things started to go bad in her Parents Marriage. Her Mother, Cassandra was always fighting with Henry, her father. This had all started when Scarlett's last birthday had passed, and had started practicing Archery. She had no idea why but had a feeling it was her fault that they were always arguing. People at her Archery practice were always mean too, well most of the time. They would steal Scarlett's bow or arrows and tug on her hair. She could trust no-one right now.

Finally the Monster's had come. Now that she was fourteen, Monsters could smell her easily. Like all Demi-Gods. Her Cassandra and Henry didn't know that she was a Demigod, so they didn't know what was coming. One day a Monster had attacked their house in the Countryside. The monster had destroyed the house and killed Henry while he was protecting Cassandra, who was badly injured and in the Hospital. As for Scarlett, she had barely escaped the creature and layed next to the Mother in the hospital. While her Mother was asleep, she could hear a voice in her head. It had said that it was Apollo, the greek god and claimed Scarlett. He had then told her where to go and she made her way to Camp half blood.

Physical Appearance: Scarlett has dark, chocolate brown hair color, it's a very close color to black. She had sideswept bangs which falls on her right, covering her eyebrow. Scarlett wears her hair tied, into two sorta twisted ponytails that goes down to her elbow. Her eyes are a dark brown color as well, sitting with her hair and tanned skin tone. For her clothes, she wears the normal Camp half blood T-Shirt, but she wears a white top over it. It has sorta a ruffled part at the top, designed beautifully and at the bottom as well. Scarlett wears a normal pair of plain, white jeans for her legs. In the winter, she wears a big, fat, white coat with fur around the hoodie part. It has no design on it, except for the end of the sleeves which has some stripes in gold. She wears a handmade necklace with Rocks and rope, which she had made when she had first entered Camp half blood.

Personality: Scarlett is the kind of girl who would get distracted easily. Usually when she listens to someone speak, her mind floats in the air. She also isn't the type who likes to fight, she's always wanted to be a normal girl and have a family, go to School and have friends. She did have all that once, but just wished she could have it the rest of her life. Being a demigod can be tiring. Scarlett is a pretty hyper girl, she always wants to see what's up with other people, and run around. Yet she can be quiet sometimes, like when she's tired or reading a book (like normal kids do). It's mostly in the afternoon that she's hyper. Scarlett';s also a generous and sweet girl, but don't get on her bad side or you'l regret it.

Fatal Flaw: Distraction. If she would be in a fight, for example, and she got Distracted it may get her wounded or killed.

Pets: None

Talents: She can heal herself and other people, and hardly ever misses with a bow.

Weapons: Celestial bronze Bow and arrow

Year-Round or Summer: Year Round

Other: No not really ^^

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PostSubject: Re: Cotton's Charrie's   Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:42 am

Scarlett is

Happy roleplaying!
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PostSubject: Re: Cotton's Charrie's   

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Cotton's Charrie's
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