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 LoneWandering17 Checking in (re-submission for being inactive for so long)

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PostSubject: LoneWandering17 Checking in (re-submission for being inactive for so long)   Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:06 am

To anyone who knows me or REMEMBERS me...I feel horrible that I've missed so much of this site because my computer has been on the fritz for so long. I'd like to re-submit myself into starting off fresh and new. Down below will be my character that needs to be approved so I can come back to this site new and start over so I can get back into the groove of roleplaying Percy Jackson.
P.S. If accepted could someone send me a PM catching me up on all I've missed?

~Birth Certificate~
Name: Joel Savidis
Nickname: Joe
Gender: Male
Age: 18 Born on June 25th, 1994
Place of birth: Lower-East Side Manhattan
Godly Heritage: Athena
Mortal Family: Lance Savidis
Claimed: Yes

~Camp Life~
Year Round/ Summer: Year round
Years in camp: 5

History: Joel was raised in a rough neighborhood in the lower east side of Manhattan with his father Lance Savidis who is currently a professor of English Literature at Columbia University. Joel learned to be smart but act tough. During Joel's school years he was told he had ADD and ADHD so naturally Joel acted out in school. After countless school transfers because Joel would fight or something 'strange' would happen and a hole would be blown into the side of the school or something of that nature etc. Joel's father had enough of it after Joel turned 13 and had 'caused' several explosions because of malfunctioned science project. Lance explained to Joel of whom his mother was; the goddess Athena and then drove Joel to Camp and left him at the bottom of the hill. After Joel came to camp he was 'claimed' by his mother after a few days and he was sent to Cabin Six to start his training as a demigod.

Personality: Joel is a kindhearted guy but he can be very stubborn at times when there is a problem that he can't solve. Friend-wise Joel is fun to hang out with and laid back, deciding to read manga or other comics or just hang out. Joel considers himself as the smart kid that doesn't know why to care. Reason being that Joel feels like he shouldn't have to show off his smarts at camp and he chooses to have more fun with life other than keep his head stuffed in many books and blueprints. When Joel does want to put his mind to something he goes in ten-fold and uses every ounce of his abilities to either help or create things that some would say unbelievable.

Fatal Flaw: Joel has an extreme case of Hubris; he thinks he can do anything better and when confronted he will try to best Anyone even if it would kill him.

Appearance: Joel stands a 5'10 and has a runner's build for quick fighting and agile movements. His gray eyes always have a look of an intensity of a person with passion life and whatever he does. Joel has short cut blonde hair and keeps it trimmed short.When Joel moves he trained himself to be silent and he can barely be heard so it helps in either fighting or sneaking away. Joel usually wears his orange camp shirt and an open hoodie over it that has an quote running along the backs of the arms and back that says "Θα σφυρηλατήσουν τον κόσμο και στα δύο μάτια μου και τους νοιάζει για." Which stands for: "I will forge the world in both my eyes and those I care for." Joel uses that as a sort of memento to keep himself engaged into whatever he does. Joel wears dark jeans and tennis shoes with good grip on the bottom for running on any terrain. Joel wears a small cross-sword necklace which hold his two celestial bronze swords he uses in combat.If you see Joel either training or in actual combat you will see his face, a small grin always on his face whenever he fights because of his intense concentration looking for any opening.

Talents: Joel has the innate ability to see 'everything' whether it be the smallest detail or a plan played out through his head to create strategies on the spot.
Swordsmanship/marskmanship: Joel excels in dual wielding two celestial bronze swords and is better than average with a bow.

Weapons: Two magic Celestial bronze short swords that are concealed in a small cross-sword necklace that Joel wears. Joel keeps a bow in case he is in need of it but prefers his swords.

Pets: Joel has a pet falcon named "Mordecai' (borderlands reference ;) ) that fights with Joel in battle.

(Hope to get back into the swing of things and be able to post regularly)

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PostSubject: Re: LoneWandering17 Checking in (re-submission for being inactive for so long)   Wed Oct 24, 2012 8:52 am

Joel is

Great character and welcome back!
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LoneWandering17 Checking in (re-submission for being inactive for so long)
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