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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 Mari's Charries

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PostSubject: Mari's Charries   Sun Oct 21, 2012 8:10 pm

Quick Info
Name: Marista Donner
Age/Birthday: 13, October 22
Gender: Female
God Parent: Hermes
Claimed: Yes
Years In Camp: New
Depth Info
Mortal Family: Mellisa Donner is Marista's mother. Before Marista was born she made her living doing odd jobs, and barely made it though. She had little money for luxuries and often stole some of the things she needed. When she found out she was going to have a child she begged her sister to allow her to live on her farm. Shortly after Marista was born Mellisa got very sick and died.
Jane Donner is Marista's aunt and legal guardian. Jane and Mellisa had often argued when they grew up and as adults rarely spoke to each other. Jane was very surprised when Mellisa appeared on her doorstep one morning. After hearing her sister's argument Jane allowed her to stay on the farm, with the condition that when the child was older she left. Jane was a very straight forward woman. She liked things she could see or touch. One of the reasons she had never gotten along with Mellisa was because her sister was imaginative and could think things up without hesitation. The sisters were very different. Jane would not stand for foolery. She insisted that Marista maintain a very tight schedule and only leave the farm for school. If Marista was even a minute late she got in trouble. Jane never showed very much affection for her niece. Marista often reminded Jane of her mother.
Brief History: Marista was born on a farm in Alberta, Canada. As a young girl Marista always longed to get away from the boring everyday life her aunt lived. Growing up on the farm she had few friends. The biggest reason was because Jane didn't like her leaving the farm and rarely allowed Marista to have friends over. Marista rarely objected to her aunt's rules and simply hung out with the farm animals instead.
Marista was eight when monsters started appearing. It wasn't often but the first time she saw one she was terrified. When she told Jane what had happened her aunt didn't believe her and told her to stop making things up. Marista was sent to her room. As more attacks continued Marista grew even more frightened. Each time she saw a monster she told her aunt about it and each time she was sent to her room. Whenever she got sent to her room Marista usually cried. When she felt really daring she would climb out the window and go down to the barn. After she was safely locked away in the horse's stall she would tell him everything that had happened. She liked to believe that the horse could understand her. Whenever she went down to the barn to talk to the horse she always looked out over the grass and dreamed of leaving the farm.
On her eleventh birthday Marista was attacked on the farm by a cyclopes. She managed to escape the cyclopes but the house was damaged in the process. When her aunt came home she was very angry and sent Marista to her room and said she wouldn't get lunch or supper. Marista cried in her room for a while. As she cried she thought about running away. Finally she got up and dumped out the contents of her backpack. She grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a quick note saying good bye to her aunt. She put a few pairs of clothes and what little money she had in the bag. Lastly she added a picture of her mother. After taking one last look around her room she climbed out the window and ran to the barn. She quickly saddled the horse and rode away from the farm on him.
She lived on her own for two years. She rode from town to town on her horse. She stole a few things when she needed them and made a pretty good life for herself. Monsters continued to attack her but she always managed to escape. It was a few months after she turned twelve that she met a satyr. IT was an accident. Marista had been running away from a monster when she found the satyr. After helping her defeat the monster the satyr heard her story. He asked her if she wanted to go with him to a place where she would be safe and she agreed. He lead her to Camp Half Blood.
Physical Appearance: Marista has red hair that reaches halfway down her back. Although she enjoys to change thing up she usually has it in a ponytail. Her green eyes betray her trues feelings. She tries to hide her emotions and look happy, and she usually is happy, but her eyes can tell you how she's truly feeling. She wears brightly colored clothes and like things that are comfy over stylish.
Personality: Marista is a naturally cheerful person. As an optimist she can usually find the bright side of things. She is however easily upset. It doesn't take much to make her cry. She's easily scared and can be classed as a weakling or a wimp. Somewhere inside her there is a daring and brave person but it's hidden and takes a lot to draw it out. Living on the farm made her a loner and she never really had friends. She's content to be alone although she loves company.
Fatal Flaw: One of her fatal flaws is that she is easily frightened. Her bravery doesn't come out unless someone else is threatened and she'd rather run than fight or defend herself.
Another of her flaws is that she can;t keep things to herself. She has trouble keeping secrets no matter what it is.
She trusts anyone who has a smile.
Other Info
Pets: Her horse, Snowy, is a pure white except for three of his lower legs. His front right legs is also white. He also has a black man and tail.
Talents: She's pretty good at running away, as well as stealing things.
Weapons: Two daggers, although she's not very good at using them and would much rather just run away.
Year-Round or Summer: Year- Round
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PostSubject: Re: Mari's Charries   Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:20 pm

* accepted!
-----------Nice first character! Welcome to CHB!
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Mari's Charries
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