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 Notices and Trouble

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PostSubject: Notices and Trouble    Wed Oct 17, 2012 2:42 pm

So my ugly, stupid, horrible Choir Teacher.
Where to start?
Maybe where she annoyed me so much this week I wanted to change schools.
Maybe where she hurt me bad enough that I cried in school.
Maybe where I'm still bursting into tears at some pretty random times.
I hate her. Okay, so I was told I have a beautiful voice in First Year. And my fave teacher then went on to say I could do Voice Lessons.
Made my freaking day, it really really did. It made my whole LIFE. All I wanted was to be told I could do the voice lessons. Its something incredibly special to me. I love to sing. Its my passion, because I just love music.
And then, first day into Second Year, I was kicked out of Voice Lessons because I didn't pay straight up. So I dealt. Sure, I cried. I felt bad. But course, with Choir still very much apart of my life, I got over it.
Then after Christmas that year, I was told I could take them up. I should have said no. No no no no no no. But did I? Nope. Stupid me jumped at the chance to get back into Voice Lessons.
And for half a year I was blissfully happy. It didn't bother me spending an hour AFTER school for them, singing till I was hoarse. All I wanted was them.
Recently, My Great-Uncle died. Five weeks, give or take, And I gave a note the day afterwards, saying I would be out. That annoyed her, but oh well.
When I got back from England, things went downhill. She wanted money for this, money for that, money money money. Then stupid criticism that made me feel like crap. STUPID UGLY TEACHER.
But then I went and told my Mom about this money that needed to be in. And she rang the school. And wackiness ensued. For days there was crap back and forth.
And then to get my Mom annoyed? How do I know, she told my Mom that after this exam I'm out. Out of Voice Lessons.
I cried when the teacher told me. My Mom left it up to her. I didn't cry in front of her. No. But I did. I felt like giving up everything I want. To move as far away from her as possible. Because despite that, she wants me to work hard, to keep up the "Recent good work". Like she hasn't given me notice about being out.
So, rant over. Tears shed, and all that. Won't seem like such a big deal to others. But I feel that little bit better now.


throw ( roses ) into the abyss and say:
here is my thanks to the monster
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Notices and Trouble
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