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 if you don't know where you're going (any road will get you there)

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PostSubject: if you don't know where you're going (any road will get you there)   Wed Oct 17, 2012 12:31 am

the puppet master:

name/alias: Rui or mimicry, either is fine :) My initials are C.R.Y., and some people call me Mimi :S Go figure.

interests: drawing and playing video games c:

how i found the site: Cher recced this site to me a little more than a year ago, but obviously, I ended up not really joining, so basically? Inactive account for a year. Now I'm back, so, yay~?


Raelyn Renée Arceneau


14 years old. Raelyn was born in February, on Friday the 13th. Before you ask, no, Raelyn is not superstitious. All the bad luck that has crossed her are mere coincidences . Yes, Lady Luck seems to mislike her, but Raelyn doesn't believe in those sort of things.


God Parent: Hermes- god of roads, thieves and messengers

Claimed: Yes- Raelyn was claimed soon after she entered camp territory.

Family: Mal Arceneau, Raelyn's mother (deceased). Raelyn's mother died when she was 10. Her half-brother, Zekeal Arceneau (who is also a demi-god), disappeared after Mal Arceneau's death.

Years in Camp: two long and tantalizing (Raelyn has seen priceless jewellery, and her fingers just itch, but she'd rather not face the gods' wrath) years.


sometimes i wonder, what would be of me, had i chosen the road not taken?

Mal Arceneau fell in love with Hermes one year after she was raped and gave birth to Zekeal. She brought her two precious children up in difficult conditions. Raelyn's mother never had enough time to be there for Zekeal and her. Zekeal had never liked Raelyn, and he didn't show any care for their mother. He and Raelyn would constantly fight in their rented apartment. Mal would helplessly watch her children fight.

Growing up in such a dysfunctional family, Raelyn got into trouble frequently. She's never been a social girl, and besides, all the friends she had, she'd leave them without a goodbye within a year. Raelyn's been to schools across America.

Raelyn has never been to one school longer than a year. The teachers could never understand why she wasn't able to spell at all. No matter how hard she tries to write and read (all languages excluding Ancient Greek, of course), she always messes the letters up. The kids at her former schools would tease her nonstop.

Raelyn shifted in her seat uncomfortably, bored to hell already. She was scowling, looking out the car window. "I hate this. I hate  this. Must we move again?" she demanded, glaring at Zekeal, who sat in the front beside Mom. Zekeal sneered. Mal sighed, not giving her seven-year old daughter an answer. Raelyn huffed, but didn't say anything else. A tree. A car. Another tree. A row of bushes. Car. That cloud looked like a horse. Another car.

"Damn it,
Raelyn, stop speaking!" Zekeal looked exasperated and angry, and the young Raelyn couldn't decipher her brother's look. She didn't even realise that she was speaking out loud. "It's your fault that we're changing schools again." Mal reprimanded Zekeal quietly enough that Raelyn couldn't her words. "No," Zekeal said firmly, and closed his eyes, ignoring Mal.

Raelyn felt hurt. Why was her brother doing this? He'd never been nice to her. Why was he so angry at her all the time? What--did she do something wrong? But she'd done everything so carefully! She'd been silent in front of Zeke's friends, because Zeke said that she couldn't say anything embarrassing in front of them. Why did Zeke have to be so mean to her?

As Raelyn grew up, she was betrayed by many of her 'friends'. Her mother rarely spoke with her (although Raelyn'd always been content when she did- her mother was a wonderful woman, even if she wasn't the best mother), and not having a father figure in her life affected her greatly. Her brother would never say anything kind to her, thus he was part of what caused Raelyn's distrust.

Years later, ten-year old Raelyn and her mother went out to buy medicine for Zekeal. Zekeal was sick with a high fever, you see. Raelyn will forever regret that night. They had been cornered by some guy in black, and he'd pointed a gun at them. "Give me everythin' you have, or I'll make ya regre' it," he had said. The man had eyed her necklace and motioned for her to give it to him. Raelyn had been furious. She had shouted no and-- she really wasn't thinking clearly at the time-- she shouldn't have done so.

When she'd waken up, her arm hurt and was so heavy. Everything was white-- she was in the hospital. Her mother was dead, her brother disappeared. Raelyn thinks Zekeal was running away from home-- stupid Zekeal, he was a coward!

It'd been such an easy choice, but Raelyn hadn't done what the criminal had ordered. That had costed her mother her life, and now there was a permanent scar on Raelyn's right arm and her mind.

Raelyn went to her aunt's to live. She lived with Illia Arceneau and her husband for 2 years. These two years had confused her greatly: Illia and Noah were simply too nice to her. They were everything her mother wasn't (caring, caring, caring). If it weren't for them, Raelyn would've probably committed suicide soon after Mal's death.

Then the monsters appeared. At first they were only shadows, but they made Raelyn suspect herself of being psychotic. Weird things happened, and she gained a friend who made strange goat-like sounds. At last, she was attacked.

"What," Raelyn breathed incredulously. "What the," she panted heavily, utterly bewildered. What was that? That thing had obviously been some monster. It had had horns and such an ugly muzzle. Crimson eyes that were sure to haunt her dreams. Raelyn shivered, sliding down the wall and transforming herself into a ball-- it was so cold. Her heart beat rapidly in her. Moonlight drew a glare upon the puddles on the concrete. The crescent moon shone brightly in the cloudless night sky. Raelyn felt like she was falling, with her head hurting and oxygen-deprived, with no ground to support her, no arms to-- "Mom?" she cried out softly, tapping her chipped fingernails on the brick wall behind her. Tears streamed down her face. She didn't cry when she the doctors declared her mother dead of blood loss; she didn't cry when she cited the eulogy at the funeral. She didn't cry two years ago. "Mom...Zeke...?"

Physical Appearance:

Raelyn has wavy, caramel hair up to her shoulder that shines under the sun. Bangs loosely cover her forehead. Her dark grey eyes are just that- grey, void of ire and joy and full of secrets. Raelyn is 5'9'' tall. She usually has her hair up in a ponytail or lets it down free. She isn't skinny, but isn't fat either. She has a bullet scar on her arm, but it is masked by a delicate crow tattoo. Raelyn prefers dark colours to light ones, and baggy jackets to slim ones. Jeans are good. She doesn't put on make-up, for she thinks it very uncomfortable and unnatural.


when the fox hears the rabbit scream it comes running (not to help)

Ever hear of kleptomania? The urge to steal, but not for personal gain? Raelyn had been diagnosed with kleptomaniac when she was young. She doesn't think thievery bad, but obviously the psychiatrists don't agree. Throughout the years, Raelyn's kleptomania faded just until she doesn't have the constant urge to steal. One thing the psychiatrists did well on was helping Raelyn learn self-control. Still, if you observe, Raelyn's eyes light up whenever she sees something worth stealing.

Raelyn is, essentially, a cynic. She believes everyone to be out for something- that everyone has an ulterior motive. Raelyn is a very persuasive and logical person, but she tends to overthink the most trivial motions and neglect the most important things. She believes that no one deserves her trust. She believes that anyone is capable of stabbing you in the back and twisting the knife until it hurts, until she bleeds, until she simply can't feel anymore.

This would not be classified as paranoia, for Raelyn does have evidence to justify her suspicions, and the evidence is more or less reasonable. Her mistrust has saved her life, so she doesn't see a reason to change.

A layer deeper into her mind and you'll realise that what she believes aren't what she truly feels- that they aren't completely true (then again, all of the best lies are half-truths). Raelyn has subconsciouly managed to convince herself that she's the one that doesn't deserve to be trusted by others. She's scared of seeing others' betrayed looks, so why not insinuate it in her words that she shouldn't be trusted, that being her friend is a risk by itself?

Say, if you managed to somehow convince her to at least try to let go of her past, to move on, you would find that she has a soft heart. You would laugh with her when she would miss something completely obvious. You would be surprised by her carefreeness. She would play with her food when she eats in front of you, and make ridiculous jokes in front of you. You would unravel her and see her childish side, the curious child in her that never got to come out and play. You would find out how bad she is at playing I Spy, how she would not be able to find the objects right in front of her. She would break down and cry on your shoulder, recounting stories of her past. She would reluctantly reveal how many wrong choices she has made. Then, you would know the person that she has left behind.

But only if.

Apart from Raelyn's open skepticalness and constant questions (she is curious), she's overall rather polite. She dislikes noisy and nosy people, and is annoyed by those who are untidy and disorganised. Raelyn frowns at what she doesn't like. When she first meets someone, she analyses their personality and immediately assigns them a 'flaw' and a 'why I shouldn't trust this person' reason.

Her past experiences have caused traumatic stress on Raelyn's mind, and she is even aware of it. Raelyn doubts her actions frequently. She's tentative and self-doubts.

Fatal Flaw:
When in combat, Raelyn often panicks and is willing to leave her allies for the sake of her own safety. Raelyn has issues with trusting people, thus it is difficult to make her reveal her true thoughts, opinions, and basically anything about her.


Raelyn has a crow (not a raven, but a crow). Its name is just Crow. Crow assists Raelyn in thievery.

She sighed, looking outside. It was like a painted picture, and all she wanted to do was to ruin the picture, to smudge the paint. This picture conveyed her life perfectly- all shades of grey, leading to only more grey. She touched the cool glass, running her hand down the smooth window. The rain sang an inharminous melody with the wind; the leaves fell from the trees- spinning like nature's staircase- swirling towards the concrete ground. The branches clacked against the window, scratching the glass. It was making a repititious noise, like the drums in a band. Unconsciously, a frown made its way to her face, creasing her eyebrows. Grey, grey, grey. Sere leaves, somber shadows, All grey. Everything was so dull. A dry laugh broke her composure.

A tapping sound interrupted her lines of thought. She looked around, and saw a black blur. Rubbing her eyes to mollify her tearing eyes, she saw a black bird. A crow with brilliant red eyes was drumming the window with its beak. Its feathers looked so soft. "Qu'est-ce que c'est..." she trailed off, amazed. "C'est un collier, n'est-ce pas?" she murmured to herself in French. In the crow's talons was a golden necklace with a ruby in the middle. "C'est la couleur." It was colour. This crow had brought colour into her life. Along with a rather precious piece of jewellery.

Raelyn smiled as she let the crow in (however unreasonable it was), regardless of the heavy rain.



Raelyn has an eye for valuable objects (unfortunately, this often ends up with her getting in trouble) and can easily tell if, say, a painting is the real thing or a forgery. Raelyn is agile, as most children of Hermes are, and she has good reflexes.


Raelyn is partial to daggars, but she uses most weapons fine. Daggers are small and easy to carry, while they deal an effective amount of damage. She has her own set of weapons, which consists of a pair of Celestial Bronze daggers. She is absolutely vulnerable when left without a weapon-- hand-to-hand combat is not her thing.

Year-Round or Summer:
Year-rounder-- after all, she doesn't wish to bother Illia and Noah any longer.

Notes: I'm using British English for everything to do with Raelyn, since she's French. France is in Europe. British English is used in places other than America, so I guess Raelyn uses colour instead of color, realise instead of realize, et cetera. Also, thanks to whomever checking if Raelyn Renée Arceneau is accepted-- is this a long bio? I think so...
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PostSubject: Re: if you don't know where you're going (any road will get you there)   Wed Oct 17, 2012 1:03 am

* accepted,
-----------WELCOME BACK!
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PostSubject: Re: if you don't know where you're going (any road will get you there)   Wed Oct 17, 2012 1:07 am

Thank you, Cher :)
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PostSubject: Re: if you don't know where you're going (any road will get you there)   

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if you don't know where you're going (any road will get you there)
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