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 The lost time of Kim

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PostSubject: The lost time of Kim   Wed Oct 10, 2012 4:46 pm

 The dark, cold tight space I've been imprisoned in is driving me crazy. I've been here to long to think. Nothing to think about. It's so cold and dark and...there are spider...loads... coming from the cracks in the walls that don't exist. Where is Chase?

 Where are they? He said they'd come and save me. That everything was going to be okay. Darn Hades. Him and his kidnapping me. Why me? Why not Annabeth? She was Athena's favorite or something right? Right? Why me? I can't take much more of this.

 It's so dark, so tight, so cold. To many ghosts and spirits to trust sleep. And if you do you know the nightmares would only make you wish you'd never fallen asleep in the first place. Where are they?
Where are my brothers and May? Why hasn't Chase spoken to me telepathically? Has something happened?

 How long have I been here? How many days? There is not sun to tell. The only light was the hole in
the door. The small hole keeping me from suffocating. The only thing to keep track of is the times the ghosts bring in the few pomegranate seeds and a tiny glass of water.

 Too dark in here to train. I'd be too weak to anyway. Barely alive. I knew, I knew my mother wouldn't come to rescue me. She's too busy. Once Hades gets what he wants, why keep me alive? Am I really actually important to the next war or was he just joking?

 I can't take to much more of this. Can't stand this much longer. I need to escape. I need to


They're not coming, are they? Are they? Gods, Chase! What happened! Gods... I need to escape. Their not coming. I will have to rely on myself to escape. Unless Nico suddenly appears or something. Ha! Not gonna happen. Escape plan.
Something to think about.
A reason to live.

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Posts : 1132
Join date : 2011-02-01
Age : 18
Location : I don't know.

PostSubject: Re: The lost time of Kim   Thu Oct 11, 2012 12:43 pm

Not completed

It was time. Yep. No way around it. All the calculations had pointed to then. I could do this. I screamed like there was no tomorrow (which there might not have been if my plan was unsuccessful). The guard (an undead soldier) opened the door in a rush, thinking I had seen another spider. When he-she-it-whatever did so I grabbed it's spear and held it to it's head. "You're going to be quiet now ok?" I said. It grunted something. I knew killing it wouldn't do much. It was already dead after all. I took the spear and locked my old cell behind me.
The light outside the cell hurt my eyes but I kept going. Couldn't stop now. Couldn't hesitate for a second. Running down the narrow hall I retraced the path they had used to drag me to my cage.

An alarm sounded. Great, I thought, I've been found out about. I ran harder. No turning back. If I got caught, I'd be killed. No doubt in my mind. I was dead. But no matter. Might as well die bravely right?
A cross road. I couldn't remember which way to go. Wonderful. Suddenly a group of soldiers came running down one of them. That narrowed it down. I ran down the empty tunnel. Mom, if you love me, let me escape.
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The lost time of Kim
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