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 Abby's Slaves :p

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PostSubject: Abby's Slaves :p   Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:18 pm

Abryl Simms

Name: Abryl Louise Simms
Age/Birthday: She is 15, born on September 3, 1997
Gender: female
God Parent: Apollo
Claimed: yes
Mortal Family: Amelia Simms is her mother. She is very kind and comes from an old, southern family. Her step-father, Matthew Simms, is a very kind and smart man. He truly cares for Abryl and her mother and is also aware of who Abryl’s previous father was. He is a successful business man and allows her family to live extravagantly. Her stepfather has one son named Edward from his first marriage. He is six with blonde hair and big blue eyes. He is a very sweet and shy boy.
Years in Camp: She has been attending since she was 11, so this is her 5th year!
Brief History: Abryl was raised just outside of Atlanta in Buckhead. For as long as Abryl could remember, it was just her and her mother. Her father never stopped by or called, but she assumed he paid her mother very handsomely because she never had to go to work. Abryl never resented the fact that her father didn’t come around. Her mother never talked about it, so neither did Abryl.
Abryl attended a local private school and spent her free time riding horses at a local barn. When she was seven, her mother met Abryl’s step father and a year later they were married. Their family got along really well; she took to her new family members immediately. Life seemed to be going great for Abryl as she progressed into an excellent rider. She joined the school choir and excelled at playing the guitar. Also, from a young age Abryl wanted to be a doctor. However, if her mother noticed these things, she pretended she didn’t.
When Abryl was 11, she was attacked by a sphinx. She had been at the park with some friends for a birthday picnic. While throwing the frisbee, her friend had accidentally thrown it into a bush. When Abryl went to retrieve it, a sphinx had leapt out at her. She narrowly avoided getting hurt by throwing the birthday cake in the creature’s face. All of her friends thought it was a rabid dog. When she returned home, her mother told her everything. She was immediately sent to Camp Half Blood. Upon arrival, she was claimed by Apollo and moved into his cabin.
Physical Appearance: Abryl is very tall and slender with muscular legs from horseback riding. She has tanned skin that grows to a dark bronze color in the summer. She has large, silvery gray eyes that are always crinkled in a smile. She has dark brown hair, the same color as her mom’s, that falls in neat waves down her back to about her waist.
Personality: Abryl is really a happy go lucky type person. She is just really happy to be alive and loves day to day life. She is rather bubbly and is always talking. She is easy to get to know and is always socializing with her friends or meeting new people. Abryl is also a natural leader and has no problem taking control. Finally, she is EXTREMELY determined and will always get the job done no matter what it takes.
However, Abryl can easily be put off or put into a bad mood. When she gets angry, which usually isn’t too often, she can hold a grudge and stay angry for a while. In most cases though, Abryl will get over her anger in a few days at the longest.
Fatal Flaw: Abryl’s fatal flaw is that she thinks she can to anything. Her mom raised her saying, “you can do anything if you put your mind to it.” However, this causes a problem because there may be times when Abryl can physically not go on any longer, but she will not stop because she is too determined to get the job done.
Pets: An eight year old black Arabian horse named Al, which is short for Aladdin.
Talents: Abryl is good at singing and playing the guitar, riding horses and working with animals, healing, poetry and writing, she is a good leader, and she is very smart and athletic.
Weapons: Abryl is an excellent archer, but she is also handy with the sword her father gave her for her 14th birthday.
Year-Round or Summer: year round
Other: Face claim is Emilia Clarke

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PostSubject: Re: Abby's Slaves :p   Tue Oct 09, 2012 11:29 pm

Good job, a marvelous first character! :)
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PostSubject: Re: Abby's Slaves :p   Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:37 pm

Great Character, wanna rp sometime?
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PostSubject: Re: Abby's Slaves :p   Wed Oct 31, 2012 12:03 am

A rp sounds great:) Awesome!

And my new Charie is.....*drum roll*

Mabry Cain
Name: Mabry Edward Cain
Age/Birthday: He is 17, born on March 3, 1995
Gender: Male
God Parent: Eros
Claimed: yes
Mortal Family: Mabry lives with his mother, Jillian Durrough, and Stepfather, Parker Durrough, in Brevard, North Carolina. He doesn’t really take after his mother much. She is really quiet and gentle and is not very outgoing. However, she is especially beautiful, which was what caught Eros’ eye. Jillian was a rather laid back mother that was willing to let Mabry be what he wanted as long as he was safe and careful. When Mabry was fifteen, his mother married Parker. He is a lawyer, so he is rather loud and talkative. His personality opposes Jillian’s so much, they just seem to work together. He was always a bit more interested in what Mabry was doing than his mother was and was always meddling in Mabry’s business. This ticked Mabry off a bit, but because his mom truly loved Parker, he put up with him. However, Mabry refused to change his last name from his mom’s and he only addresses his stepfather has Parker.
Years in Camp: 3 years!
Brief History: Mabry was born in Brevard, North Carolina. He and his mom lived in a little cabin on top of one of the mountains. They had a spectacular view of the Pisgah national forest that caused Mabry to learn to love nature. His mom, with her gentle ways often took him out into the woods with her. She would paint for hours and he would sit in his stroller and watch her. Looking back, his favorite times were when it was just him and his mom sitting around and she was painting. Mabry always thought Jillian was only herself when she was painting.

He grew up a rather quiet life, spending most of his time outdoors. Since it was only him and his mother up on top of the mountain, he would go off on his own a lot. His favorite pastimes were hiking and rock climbing. He developed strong muscles from climbing the mountain so often and an unnatural comfort with nature. He could tell what kind of bird had lived in a tree just by looking at the creature’s nest and could differentiate between hundreds of different animal prints.

Of course, Mabry attended school. Kindergarten through fourth grade passed like any other child’s might. He made friends, excelled at sports, and did fairly well in his classes despite his dyslexia. However, things started to change when Mabry hit puberty, which was very young. All of a sudden, he was getting a lot more stares from a lot more people. Girls would lean over a whisper about him, eyes wandering over to him in class. Their attention made him uncomfortable and he attempted to hide from their notice. He grew quiet, only speaking when a teacher called on him. However, he knew what they were saying. He was beautiful. Stunning. God-like. Of course, at the time, he didn’t know that all this had to do with his true father, but he was very similar looking to Eros.

One day, when Mabry was thirteen, he was walking through the woods like usual. He had followed his favorite trail through the woods until he had come to a small pond with a short waterfall off to the right. This was his favorite place on the earth; somewhere no one could see him or find him. Somewhere he could avoid all the whispers and following eyes. Mabry had stripped down to his boxers and jumped into the icy water when he heard a throat clearing from behind him. Turning, he saw a young man leaning against a tree. His arms were crossed and he was eyeing Mabry with surprise, almost tenderly. With a cold shock, Mabry realized how much the man looked just like him. A conversation had followed in which the man, who turned out to be Eros, explained everything to Mabry. The next day, Mabry and his mom packed and he went to Camp Half Blood.
Physical Appearance: Mabry, as stated above, look almost exactly like his dad. He has short, dark chocolate colored hair. He is always running his fingers through it to keep it from falling into his face and to keep it from growing out of place. He has light bronze skin that grows much darker in the summer and fades gently in the winter. He has a long, boxy frame, towering almost 6’5”. He is muscular, but not ripped like a body builder, due to the long amounts of time he spends hiking and rock climbing. His hands are large and callused from working outdoors and he has a great Chaco tan on his feet. Mabry has a strong jawbone that juts out just slightly. His lips are a light crimson, and are generally stretched in a lopsided, but not unattractive, grin. His eyes are such a dark brown that they almost appear black.

Mabry’s height is the only thing he truly cares about when it comes to appearance. He doesn’t really worry about how he looks, because honestly, he doesn’t have to. Generally there is some stubble on his chin because he is too lazy to shave. Most of the time Mabry just throws on a white t-shirt and some light wash jeans and his Chacos. He doesn’t really care about his clothes too much.
Personality: Mabry is actually a pretty nice guy. For as much attention as he gets, he should be was more self centered than he is, not to say that he isn’t self centered at all. Although he doesn’t talk about it much or show it, he does enjoy the attention he gets from his looks. At first he was uncomfortable with it, but he grew to accept it as a part of himself. However, he is smart enough not to go flaunting about his looks and rubbing it in people’s faces that he is most likely better looking than they are. However, he knows how to manipulate people very well using his looks.

Mabry is pretty good at soccer and discus, but he is terrible at track and football. Also, Mabry is horrible with horses and refuses to participate in chariot races or fly on a Pegasus. When playing sports, he is generally pretty focused and quiet. Unlike his looks, being athletic means nothing to him; he just thinks it’s a bonus that he’s athletic. Mabry’s focused and quiet nature carry over into his everyday life. Although he is very kind and will talk to someone, most of the time you are the one who has to start the conversation. Also, he’s not very good at guessing other people’s emotions, so sometimes he can set them off.

Finally, kind of as a byproduct of his childhood, Mabry has to have alone time. He likes people and all that, but there are times when he just needs to be himself and go wander off in the woods. He knows enough about nature and self defense that he isn’t afraid of the woods at camp and will venture into them alone.
Fatal Flaw: Mabry’s fatal flaw is his looks. He can be a bit too self centered mentally, even if he isn’t talking about it.
Pets: none
Talents: Reading (as dyslexic kids go), sword fighting, discus, swimming, and knowledge on plants and animals.
Weapons: Mabry uses a sword and is quite skilled with it, however, he is passible with a spear or a bow.
Year-Round or Summer: Year round except for three weeks that he goes home to visit his mom and Parker.
Other: Face Claim is Asher Monroe
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PostSubject: Re: Abby's Slaves :p   Wed Oct 31, 2012 5:08 am

We have to roleplay some time.
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PostSubject: Re: Abby's Slaves :p   Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:50 pm

Florrie Whitstead

Name: Florrie Jane Whitstead
Age/Birthday: She is 16, born on October 6, 1996
Gender: female
God Parent: Nike
Claimed: yes
Mortal Family: Florrie lives with her father, Jeremiah Whitstead in Madison, Wisconsin. He is a very athletic man due to the fact that he used to play NFL football for the Green Bay Packers. He is one of the most competitive men ever, and in his day he was extremely fast and strong. These features are probably what made Jeremiah attractive to Nike, the goddess of victory, strength and speed. Florrie gets her blonde hair from him, but other than that, she doesn’t really inherit her looks from him. However, she gets many of her athletic attributes from her father.
Years in Camp: 3
Brief History: Florrie was raised on the football field. Her father would bring her to his football practices in a baby carrier, and place her on the bench while he practiced. She was the “team baby” because all of the players liked to hold her and feed her. When Florrie became a toddler, she would stumble along the sidelines, clapping and drinking from all the men’s water bottles. Even the head coach loved her, allowing her to stand on the sidelines during games. Whenever her father came out of the game, he would come over to Florrie and give her a high-five, saying, “How’s my favorite cheerleader?” She would always give him a serious look and tell him what he needed to work on next time he went in. Even from a young age, Florrie understood football perfectly.

When Florrie started school, she immediately did well in her classes. Her teachers thought it was because she was a natural student, but Jeremiah knew better. Although Florrie struggled to read, she would go home and study for hours at a time. When asked why she studied for so long, she would always say, “I have to be the best.” She played several sports, but finally narrowed it down to soccer. Florrie came to realize that in order to be the best, you need to be focused on one thing instead of several. Florrie became fit from working out every day of the week. And even though she was spending most of her time on soccer, Florrie’s grades never dropped.

Her father retired after ten successful years playing for the packers. He was monetarily sound, so Florrie didn’t have to worry. When she was thirteen, Florrie was attacked by a Minotaur. However, by using her amazing speed and by never running in a straight line, Florrie managed to get inside before getting caught. Furious with her father and scared out of her mind, she demanded to know what was going on. Her father explained, and in the next week she was sent to Camp Half Blood. She currently lives in the Hera cabin.
Physical Appearance: Florrie really doesn’t look like her dad, except for the hair color. She has a small frame, just barely reaching 5’5”. Even though she’s skinny, Florrie is one of the strongest and fastest girls you will ever meet. She isn’t ripped, but her body is toned and strong. Florrie doesn’t mind being small as long as it doesn’t interfere with her sports or whatever it is she’s trying to do. Her hair is a shaggy blonde. It has lots of volume with different length layers in it. Florrie’s hair is neither straight nor curly, just slightly wavy.

Florrie’s family is of British descent, so she’s rather pale. In the summer, she will get a little tan, but not very much. She has small hands and feet that are very soft and delicate. She is constantly pushing her hair out of her face or doing something with her hands because she can’t stand still. Florrie has small, pale lavender colored lips. Her teeth are white and small and form a pretty smile. Her nose is little and rounded, and she has light bluish-gray eyes.
Personality: Florrie is one of the most competitive people you will ever meet. She always has to win, whether it is getting the best grade on a grammar test or if there is a competition to see who can score the most goals. In order to win, Florrie will do whatever it takes. Although she doesn’t lie usually, Florrie will in order to win whatever she’s attempting to win.

Florrie is also determined. She is such a hard working person, that through determination, she was able to overcome her dyslexia a little bit. Once she sets her mind to a job, she will always get it done. Because she is so determined, she can be very resourceful in order to do what she wants. Her father is also very determined, so Florrie thinks she gets it from him.

Finally, when she’s not in a competition, Florrie is actually really nice. She has one of the bubbliest personalities, and is always giving people her cheeky little smile. If she does end up losing, which is pretty rare, she’s going to be a really good sport about it. Also, she is outgoing and quick to make friends with other people. Florrie is definitely not afraid of anyone else, despite her rather small size, and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She can get mad though, and when she is, you better steer clear of her.
Fatal Flaw: Florrie’s fatal flaw is her competitive nature.
Pets: none
Talents: Reading and schoolwork, swordsmanship, archery, running and soccer, and making friends.
Weapons: Florrie uses a custom bronze broadsword that has been shortened to fit her size. She also has an oak wood bow that was a gift from her mother.
Year-Round or Summer: year round
Other: Face claim is Florrie Arnold
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PostSubject: Re: Abby's Slaves :p   Mon Nov 12, 2012 1:57 am

i love all of your characters. good job!
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Abby's Slaves :p
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