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 Willows Characters

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Willow Wisp


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PostSubject: Willows Characters   Sun Sep 30, 2012 1:27 pm

Ariel Thompson, Daughter of Apollo, Hunter of Artemis, And General Girl About Town

Ariel Thompson
24th of December
Godly Parent:
Apollo, God of Archery, Poetry, the Sun, Archery, Healing and Music
Mortal Family:
- Hank Thompson [Father, Deceased]
- Livia Thompson [Step-Mother, Deceased]
- Caroline Thompson [Sister, Deceased]
Years in Hunters:
Since 1850
Brief History:
Born into a rich, upper class family, she never knew about her Godly Parentage until the day the monsters came. Hunting her into the woods around Boston, she took a stand, and very nearly died. The Hunter's of Artemis saved her just in time though, and offered the young demi-god a chance at joining Artemis. She chose that option, and never looked back, a loyal Hunter for all her years.
Physical Appearance:
Ariel is blonde, often with some brown streaks. Her eyes sparkle, a dark green color, that are always heavily outlined in make-up. Her eyebrows are perfectly arched, and her style is amazingly bright and colorful. She is average height, thin and lithe, a good runner and climber. Her face is pixie like, pale without foundation.
Sarcastic and loud, Ariel is loyal to only her friends and Artemis. She has no time for any males, and even if they needed her help, she wouldn't offer it. Her humor is dry and sardonic, but she finds herself being laughed with instead of at. She has great sense, eyesight and hearing acute to the smallest sounds. She has great aim, spending her time mostly practicing, and her artistic side is developing perfectly.
- Running
- Climbing
- Winning
- Weapons
- Boys
- Losers
- Monsters
- Death
One thing that can be said about Ariel is that she has one hell of a voice. She can sing the sweetest songs, and can memorize so many that she's been said to be a Child of Athena at times.
She's amazing at archery, and playing instruments, having a natural talent for both. They come easily to her, and she knows that she can beat most in either.
Curses to do with poetry are something she has the potential for, and foresight is something she knows all about. Dreams come to her, showing things that she doesn't want to see most of the time.
A silver bow and arrow, standard to all Hunter's has been her faithful weapon since joining. She also has silver daggers that she keeps by her side at all times
Color is Violet. Credit to Faith Lehane / Vina.

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Sardonic Twin

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PostSubject: Re: Willows Characters   Wed Oct 03, 2012 8:21 am

* pending!
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Willows Characters
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