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Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 ·• I'm queen of the world, and these are my peasants. •·

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PostSubject: ·• I'm queen of the world, and these are my peasants. •·   Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:43 pm

show me how to { l i e }
you're getting { b e t t e r } every time。

Hey, hey, hey, I'm Sonica, and you are my peasant. After a year of roleplaying on Tumblr, I've decided to come back to the forums to roleplay, and hopefully, make new friends and wonderful memories. With that said, welcome to the official topic for my soon-to-be muses!~Everything's still a h u g e work in progress, so do me a favor and simply ignore this topic for the time being. Thank. (casually using other topics as a reference, shhh. i'm unoriginal, sorry.)

【 current characters 】
Makoto | Hephaestus. {working on.}
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PostSubject: Re: ·• I'm queen of the world, and these are my peasants. •·   Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:14 am

Makoto Okito. Nicknames include, Koto and Mak.
Age & Birthdate:
She is fifthteen years old, born on May 2nd, 1996.
Godly Parent:
Years at Camp:
Claimed or Not?:
Mortal Family:

Mother; Kyo Okito. Deceased.
↳ Kyo was a proud, single mother who holds her only daughter close to her heart, however, working over time at the hospital as a nurse resulted in becoming an absent mother. Makoto was often left home alone after school, not that she minded all that much, but whenever she did see her mother, it was late at night or at the hospital. Kyo always felt bad about the indirect neglecting of her daughter, so she tried her best to get as many days off as possible to treat Koto out. Niether girls knew about Makoto's actual identity, and they both suffered the consequences on a day out in town. On the way back to the apartment at night, their car was attacked, by an unknown creature. Kyo suffered horribly, dying that night from blood loss. Makoto blames herself for her death, and often reminds herself of that untrue fact on a daily basis.
❝Mother was one of the only people who believed in me. I can't believe I let her die like that.. Its all my fault. I'm so sorry, Mom.❞

Adoptive father; Jack Haloreen.
↳ Jack is the man who found Makoto and her mother that faithful night. Since Makoto had no other relatives she knew of, Jack took it upon himself to adopt her. As time went on, Makoto accepted Jack as her guardian, and soon they both discovered her demigod self together. As a history major, the man was very surprised to hear that these stories where true. He was very supportive of her, always telling her that if the Greek gods were real, that Hephaestus would come and take her back with him. (Assuming that Hephaestus was her father. At the day of the claiming, there was a glowing hammer on her head.) Since Jack is still fairly young, 26, his general personality is friendly and open. He isn't shy about being a goofball, either.
❝If Jack had never found us, I don't know what would of happened to me. I love him as my own dad, but he should really cut down on the corny jokes.❞

Brief History:

Makoto was born in the southern, poorer side of Ikebukuro, Japan, but she and her mother soon moved to the United States, in New York, in hopes of a better future with more opportunities. Kyo went to school for a few months, enough to get her a decent job as a nurse. Makoto, who was only six years old, went to school with a translator to help with her English. Her mother learned decent English, but kept her accent, though Makoto still had to translate a few things over from English to Japanese for her.

When Makoto hit the age of twelve, strange things started to happen to her. She was sure there were people following her home, for one thing. To be smart and avoid unnecessary trouble, she would always change her route and take detours, eventually losing the stalker. Makoto often sighted unreal things; monsters, but her mother never knew of any of this. Makoto didn't want to add worry to Kyo's plate. She was also starting to struggle more with school, and sometimes she was called dumb for getting the wrong answers when called on. This shaped her to be wary and stay away from her peers, preferring to stay at her desk and fiddle with her pens and little scraps of tin.

And then, when she turned the unlucky number of thirteen, (she always hated this number.), her mother was killed. Murdered, even. After a day spent at the movies, the two where driving back to their tiny apartment, talking freely and enjoying themselves, when Kyo suddenly screamed and jerked the car off to the side of the road. An SUV was speeding straight towards them, and they barely missed being run over. Both vehicles stopped. Kyo stormed out and over to the SUV, enraged, demanding to know why these guys where driving on the wrong lane in a flurry of a mix of Japanese and English. Makoto was barely exiting the car, with intentions of stopping this fight, when everything went silent. The demigod found Kyo standing there, in front of the car with an expression of pure terror and wide eyes.

Kyo turned, and walked back to their car, and hissed, "Get in the car," to her daughter. Makoto obeyed, slightly afraid of what was going on. They were putting their seat belts on when the SUV rammed into the little car's side. The two woman tried to flee from the car, but they didnt make it very far on foot. The SUV ran over Kyo Okito, splattering blood all over Makoto's body and the road. For some reason, the SUV didn't run over the demigod. They drove by slowly, and she got a good look at what was sitting in that black car-- Cyclopes.

Soon after, Jack found them, Makoto slumped to the ground, crying her eyes out. It was a gorey scene, but he didn't care. The days following after, Jack asked Makoto, whom was staying at his apartment for the time being, if she minded if he adopted her. "You don't have anywhere else to go, since your family is all in Japan, and orphanages aren't great," Jack had said to her. She said yes, and they went to court. After Jack received full custody of Makoto, they had a proper funeral for her mother. It took a while for them to break the ice, but it finally happened, and Makoto found out that Jack was history major with a job at one of the museums nearby. That meant he knew a whole deal about Greek myths.

Months passed, and Makoto became quite fond of Jack. She loved his knack for bowties and suspenders, his corny jokes, the museum outings. He was like a real father to her, and she appreciated that. Jack learned that Makoto had troubles in school, with fitting in and being the new kid. He urged her to talk to her classmates, saying that not all people where bad, but Makoto didn't follow his advice. She continued what she used to do, sitting in the back and fiddling with scraps of metal. Jack noticed this habit of hers, and would go out of his way to give her her own set of building supplies for Christmas.

Sadly, their fun only lasted a little over a year. Before turning fourteen, a satyr followed her home. That same day, she was claimed by Hephaestus. After explaining and receiving explanations, Makoto had to say farewell to Jack for the summer. The two left to Camp Halfblood, leading up to the present.

Physical Appearance:

Being fifteen, Makoto hasn't grown very much. Standing at the height of 5'4, she weighs around 115 lbs, and has a petite body with small muscles and baby fat here and there. (After the attack on her and her mother, she does her best to box often so she can hold her own in a fight.) Makoto has her share of development, giving her a decently sized chest and curves.

Her face doesn't have much to it. With onyx eyes and hair, pallid skin, and a single dimple on her left cheek, Makoto considers herself quite plain. Though, her eyelashes are long and make her eyes just p o p. Her nose is small, and her cheeks aren't very chubby. She doesn't have cherry red lips, but somewhere close to that. Chapstick is often glazed over them. The only thing distinguishing about her facial area, in her opinion, is her elfish ears. She is unaware where they come from, but she adores them, nonetheless.

Makoto maintains her straight black hair in a low ponytail. She doesn't do much with her hair, to be honest. Just a simple hair tie with a bow attached to it. The bow color often varies, depending and reflecting on her mood. If she felt nice and happy that day, maybe a bright purple or yellow bow would appear. If mad, red. Sad? Dark blue, and so on. There are times where Makoto's in a mood for something new, and she'd style her hair differently for that day, like letting her hair down or pigtails, for example.

Makoto isn't picky about her fashion choices. In fact, she enjoys both Asian styled and American clothing. Jack is such a great dad that he orders clothes from Korea or Japan, whatever's in style, and mails them to her at camp, along with a few other items. Most days, she wears a simple yellow and black striped tunic, with black shorts that stop at her kneecaps and a pair of grey Chucks. On hot days, she wears a simple sleeveless T shirt with a hoodie. Other days, she wears a simple dave strider-type of shirt, just without the symbol, with a pair of jeans and gym shoes. If there was anything she really liked, it was clothes. Her pants always need to have pockets, though. Makoto needs places to put her scrap metal.


Makoto would describe herself as a reserved, quiet girl with skillful hands. She considers herself to be boring, too, but she isn't aware of how witty she actually is. Being an introvert, she tends to keep to herself and stay away from others.

Although Makoto may seem like a realistic thinker, she's actually not. Her imagination is wild, but she doesn't let that side show to anyone other than those she trusts fully, which is only Jack. Though she may have a tough time learning, reading stories and fables were never a problem. Her wish is to build a time machine and travel through time.

Makoto is considerate of other people's feelings. She hates bullying, and does her best to be nice to anyone around her. If they approach her, anyway. If someone is nice enough to sit down and chat with her, Makoto isn't one to shy away. She'll talk, if she has something to say.

The demigod is very open minded and tolerant, and she understands that other people will always have opinions that differ from her's. Observant can be added to this list, as well. Makoto sees everything around her, nothing going unnoticed. That Aphrodite kid's habit of curling her hair between her fingers? She saw that. How that Ares child made faces at the Athena passersby? Oh, yeah, she saw that. She also has an excellent memory, too. Makoto is kind enough to remember your birthday and remember that you don't like to talk about gore.

The negative side of her, is that she can be very wary and untrusting at first. A wall has been built around her, for her own protection, in fear of getting hurt. It would take effort to take that wall down, just for her to trust someone. To add to the wall, Makoto bottles up her emotions, thinking that they'll only get into trouble. The pain she felt when her mother was killed was like nothing she's ever experienced before, so she doesn't want to ever go through that again.

Fatal Flaw:

Makoto's fatal flaw would be how she bottles up both her positive and negative emotions until she can't take it anymore, and explodes. She may crack a smile or laugh once in a while, but she tends not to do that. If she's angry or sad, she'll distract herself with her tinkering. Makoto just doesn't like her emotions.


× Makoto's a great tinkerer, but not by her choice. She isn't fond of her talent, however, its more of a habit she does when she's not paying attention.
× She's a decent athlete. She's the best at baseball, though.
× She has a knack for getting lost.

Weapon choice:

Makoto doesn't like weapons. If necessary, she'll use any object around her to defend herself.
Year rounder or summer?:

Extra facts:
× Makoto believes keeping promises, no matter how small.
× She hates taking pictures of herself.
× One day, she wants to go back to Japan and meet her other relatives.
× Her only fear is being left alone and abandoned.
× Her voice is slightly monotoned.
× Just because she tries to be expressionless, doesn't mean she's good at it.
× She considers Jack to be her bestest friend.

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* accepted!
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·• I'm queen of the world, and these are my peasants. •·
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